Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Playing Live?

The potential of the poker game industry is reaching new heights every year. Most poker players nowadays are now playing the game via intuitive websites and smartphone apps. As a result, the practice of visiting live casinos is slowly dwindling because the current technology is mature enough to provide poker players with the same level of experience as regular offline casinos when playing poker online.

Online poker has made massive progress over the years and online poker websites/apps are thereby embracing the change that’s coming their way. Hence, with online real money games like poker or Teen Patti game, you can play from the comfort of your home. So, how does playing poker online differ from playing poker at an offline casino? Let’s find out.

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Top Reasons Why Playing Poker Online Is Better Than Live

Online Poker Is Much More Competitive Than Live Poker

If you playing high stakes poker online, then you already must know that online poker is more competitive than live. This is because online poker players are serious grinders who have the strategy to win games and they don’t make many mistakes. Hence, when you play against these players, you’re bound to feel more pumped up and energetic. On the other hand, live games tend to be a lot easier in comparison.

Therefore, if you can master high stakes poker online (or at least partly-master it), then you can easily beat high stake poker players in a live format.

Online Poker Plays At A Faster Rate Than Live Poker

Playing real money games like poker online will prove to be a quicker experience than playing poker live. With live poker games, you’ll only be limited to a single table and the overall pace of the game will only make see 30-40 hands being played every hour. But, with online poker, you can multi-table and can play double the number of hands that you can with live poker.

One of the primary reasons why live poker is a slow game compared to online poker is because of the way the game is played. In live poker, the dealer has to shuffle the cards, collect chips, make calls and so on. Moreover, in live poker, players like to take time to play their cards because they want to inspect the behaviour of their opponents (to detect bluffs). Besides, having fun, talk & laughing is common in live poker.

So, if you’re coming from an online poker playing background, the live format can feel annoying at first. However, that’s the reality of live poker and you must know this beforehand so that you can make the correct choice.

Online Poker Doesn’t Involve As Many Poker Tells As Live Poker

A big part of live poker is noting down the facial gestures, expressions and other body language of your opponents. By closely monitoring the actions of a player, the opponent can determine the quality of the poker hand the player has and whether the player is bluffing. Hence, it’s extremely necessary to maintain ideal body language when playing poker live.

However, in online poker, you don’t have to worry regarding your body language, since online poker games rarely allow you to reveal to your opponents. Thus, inspecting physical behaviour in online poker is close to non-existent.

Online Poker Is More Convenient Than Live Poker

When you decide to attend a live poker game, you need to get dressed, travel to the venue and then find a proper table to play. While following such a process is great for occasional trips to the live casino, it’s not a viable strategy to follow every day because the process gets tedious.

But, with online poker you can play your poker game anywhere, anytime you want. You can either play online poker in your sleepwear or while sitting beside your pool – it depends on your choice. There’s no headache to get dressed or to drive to a particular venue, only to play poker. As a result, you’ll be more focused on playing the game and creating various strategies to overcome your opponents, ultimately winning massive cash prizes.

Online Poker Has More Variety Than Live Poker

There’s no denying that when it comes to the poker variety, online poker triumphs the live version. In live poker, you can only expect to play certain variations of the poker game such as Texas Hold’em or No Limit Poker. But, in the online format, your choices are endless. Don’t like Texas Hold’em? You can play Omaha. And that’s the beauty of online poker.

Online poker provides players with the choices of games they want to play. Hence, you can play the game that’s most suited to your tastes & preferences.

Online Poker Has More Resources Than Live Poker

The online poker community is a very tightly knit community. Hence, if you’re new to the world of poker, don’t worry because there are thousands of guides, tips, tricks and suggestions out there on the internet to help you. As a result, you’ll feel welcomed. But, with live poker, you’ll not have such wide-range community assistance.


From our comprehensive guide, it can be easily concluded that there are quite a few differences between playing a real cash game like poker online versus offline/live. Whether you decide to play poker online or live, it’s crucial to understand & accept the above-mentioned differences, so that you can choose your preferred mode. For example, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the presence of other people around you, then live poker isn’t for you.

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