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Tournament Details
Tournament Details
Ticket to Rozvadov
Starts28th June
Entry FeeReal Cash
FormatTexas Holdem

Adda52 Cash Game Carnival

There's no better time than right Now, to play cash games on & get rewarded with exciting cash rewards. Simply deposit using the following codes between 7th - 10th July to enter the first of its kind poker fiesta – Adda52 Cash Game Carnival 2016

Code NamesDeposit AmountLocked BonusInstant Bonus
Carnival-35 10000 - 19999 35% | Max Limit 7000 10% | Max Limit 2000
Carnival-45 20000 - 39999 45% | Max Limit 18000 15% | Max Limit 6000
Carnival-50 40000 - 79999 50% | Max Limit 40000 25% | Max Limit 15000*
Carnival-60 80000 -Above 60% | Max Limit 60000 40% | Max Limit 32000**

*10000 instant bonus shall be credited with the deposit for Carnival-50. Player can claim an additional 5000 instant bonus (through customer support) if he loses all the bonus and deposit amount.

**20000 instant bonus shall be credited with the deposit for Carnival-60. Player can claim an additional 12000 instant bonus (through customer support) if he loses all the bonus and deposit amount.

Cash game carnival is only valid for players who deposit using the above mentioned codes. One player should use only one bonus code out of the 4 mentioned above.

The poker fiesta will showcase a pool of exciting promotions like Max Hands Won, Frequent Play Points & VIP Loyalty race, Non-VIP Loyalty race, Deposit Offer, Depositors Freeroll, Run It Up Challenge, Bad beat, Best Hand & No Limit loyalty conversion during the carnival period.

Depositors Freeroll- Rs. 2 Lac GTD 

Deposits = Rewards under cash game carnival. Every player making a deposit for Cash Game Carnival can play 2 Lac Depositors Freeroll on 10th July @ 10 PM & stand a chance to win Rs.2 Lac guaranteed.

Max Hands Won -Rs. 2 Lac GTD

Show your poker skills at the cash tables of 25/50 & above from 11th-14th July to contest in the Max Hands marathon & stand a chance to win from a guaranteed prize pool of Rs.1 Lac. You can also compete for Max hands Won during the entire series from 11th- 24th July and win from additional Rs. 1 Lac.

Frequent Play Points-Rs. 3.5 Lac GTD

Now, every hand played on cash tables (post flop) will be rewarded between 15th -18th July under the FPP promotion. You can win from Rs 50,000 in FPP low category and Rs 1 Lac in FPP High category during these days. An additional prize pool of Rs 2 Lac will be up for grabs for FPP High during the entire series. Only post flop hands will be considered.

Frequent Play Points = Hands Played x FPP Factor

FPPCash TableFPP per post flop hand played (Factor)
FPP Low 25/50 1
FPP Low 50/100 2
FPP High 100/200 4
FPP High 200/400 8
FPP High 300/600 12
FPP High 500/1000 20

Loyalty Race - Rs. 4.5 Lac GTD

Buckle up to run the VIP & Non-VIP Loyalty race from 19th – 22nd July & take a shot at winning Rs.2,00,000 & Rs.50,000 respectively. Moreover, you can also climb the VIP leaderboard series from 11th -24th July to take your share from the guaranteed prize pool of Rs.2,00,000.

Big Sunday-Rs. 20.50 Lac GTD

17th of July will bring loads of money to be won playing on Adda52 cash tables.

1. Bad Beat-Rs. 10 Lac GTD

On the Big Sunday, if you get a bad beat* you'll be entitled to get 1,00,000 and 10 players can claim the Bad Beat Jackpot on Big Sunday.


1.Both the winning and losing hand must use both of their 'Hole' cards to create the highest possible hand.

2.Badbeat is applicable only on 25/50 & above tables.

3.The Badbeat criteria is any quad being beaten by a higher hand.

4.This promotion is valid only for real cash Texas Holdem games.

5.The pot must be at least twenty times the Big Blind to be eligible for the Bad Beat Plus Jackpot.

6.If there are more than two hands involved in a Bad Beat Jackpot then the two highest hands will be considered for the jackpot. The highest hand being the Bad Beat Hand.

2. Best Hand- Rs. 50K GTD

The best hand on the Big Sunday will get Rs 50,000 in prize money.

1. Both the hole cards will be considered only if reaches the showdown. In case of dispute, if two hit the same combination of Best Hand then the one who hits first will be considered as the winner.

2. One Best hand will be picked on Big Sunday.

3. This promotion is valid only for real cash Texas Holdem games.

4. More than two active players should be on the table. Including folded players.

5. Both hole cards of the winner should be included in the winning hand.

No Limit Loyalty Conversion-Rs. 10 Lac GTD

Cash game carnival will culminate with one-day no limit loyalty conversion wherein you can convert all your VIP loyalty points earned on 24th July to bonus in the ratio of 1:25.

Loyalty PointsLocked BonusInstant Bonus
> 50K &< = 1 Lac 50% 50%
> 1 Lac & < = 2.5 Lac 25% 75%
> 2.5   100%

Cash Carnival Payout Structure

7th - 10th Deposit Offer    
10th Depositors Roll 200,000  
11th - 14th Max hands won 100,000 Top 10%
15th - 18th FPP Low 50,000 Top 10%
15th - 18th FPP High 100,000 Top 10%
17th Badbeat 1,000,000  
17th Besthand 50,000  
17th Run It Up - Challenge 1,000,000  
19th - 22nd VIP loyalty Race 200,000 Top 10%
19th - 22nd Non Vip loyalty Race 50,000 Top 10%
24th No limit Loyalty Conversion 1,000,000  
11th - 24th Max hands won 100,000 Top 10%
11th - 24th FPP - High 200,000 Top 10%
11th - 24th VIP loyalty Race 200,000 Top 10%


1.Cash game is valid only for 25/50 and above table

2.Only the players enrolled in cash game carnival by using the deposit codes are eligible for above mentioned promotions,

3.Cash Game Carnival starts from 11th July - 24th July

4.Payout will be credited within 2 working days

5.Total number of players will be announced on 11th morning

6.Users can check their rank under the scoreboard section in the My Account page.

7.Misuse of Bonus is not allowed, deposit using a Bonus Code & immediately file for the Redemption is against the site policy and may lead for following:

A. Either we will cancel the Redemption & post the credit back to your Adda52 account to play.

B. Or we process the Redemption & forfeit the Bonus given to you against the purchases you made. (In case you filed for Redemption & utilised the Bonus then the amount will be deducted from Cash available in the account or from Redemption).

8. Users depositing for Cash game carnival can file for the Redemption post July 24 

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