Hey Poker Spree, We are bringing up with some interesting low-stakes tournaments for you all only on Adda52 this October.

From Nano Buy-ins to massive payouts, Tune in to the Nano Poker Series from 12th-18th Oct to Win from 1 CRORE GTD prize money for all Nano featured tournaments.

Engrossing the series with 35 lac GTD main event (multi-day) and 17 lac GTD High Roller events. Buy-in starts at just INR 110. Join NOW to win from a prize pool of up to 1 CR GTD.

Download the complete schedule : Click Here
DateTournamentTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
Mon, 12-OctNano Monday Adda2:00:00 PM25075000
Mon, 12-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Mon, 12-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035000
Mon, 12-OctNano Inception7:30 PM350150,000
Mon, 12-OctNano ME 35L 1A8:30 PM1650-
Mon, 12-OctNano Crack Jack9:30 PM350+10075000
Mon, 12-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Mon, 12-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Tue, 13-OctNano Tuesday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Tue, 13-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Tue, 13-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Tue, 13-OctNano Mint7:30 PM385150,000
Tue, 13-OctNano ME 35L 1B8:30 PM1650-
Tue, 13-OctNano Crack Jack9:30 PM350+10075,000
Tue, 13-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Tue, 13-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Wed, 14-OctNano Wednesday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Wed, 14-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Wed, 14-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Wed, 14-OctNano Maverick7:30 PM250150,000
Wed, 14-OctNano ME 35L 1C8:30 PM1650-
Wed, 14-OctNano Crack Jack11:30 PM880150,000
Wed, 14-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Thu, 15-OctNano Thursday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Tue, 15-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Thu, 15-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Thu, 15-OctNano Godfather7:30 PM550250,000
Thu, 15-OctNano ME 35L 1D8:30 PM1650-
Thu, 15-OctNano Crack Jack9:30 PM350+10075,000
Thu, 15-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Thu, 15-OctNano Thursday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Thu, 15-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Fri, 16-OctNano Friday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Fri, 16-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Fri, 16-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Fri, 16-OctNano Ballers7:30 PM750250,000
Fri, 16-OctNano ME 35L 1E8:30 PM1650-
Fri, 15-OctNano Crack Jack9:30 PM350+10075,000
Fri, 15-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Fri, 16-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Sat, 17-OctNano Friday Adda2:00 PM25075,000
Sat, 17-OctNano Siesta4:00 PM550100,000
Sat, 17-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Sat, 17-OctNano Holdem High7:30 PM440100,000
Sat, 17-OctNano ME 35L 1F8:30 PM1650-
Sat, 17-OctNano Crack Jack9:30 PM350+10075,000
Sat, 17-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Sat, 17-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000
Sun, 18-OctNano Sunday Blast2:00 PM250100,000
Sun, 18-OctNano Crazzy 44:00 PM444444,444
Sun, 18-OctNano 35K (R+A)6:00 PM15035,000
Sun, 18-OctNano Highroller6:00 PM250017,00,000
Sun, 18-Oct35L Nano Main Event7:00 PM-35,00,000
Sun, 18-OctNano Monster Turbo8:00 PM550250,000
Sun, 18-OctNano DST11:30 PM880150,000
Sun, 18-OctNano Battleship11:55 PM11030,000


What else one can ask for? Hey Wait, You can ask for additional Rewards also.

Get the doorway to the Nano Main Events & Mega Suits. Yes, that's true!! We are also offering you additional Tickets. Here's the way to make additional Rewards :

Nano Poker Series


Not only this, but we also have an additional nano 5 Lac leaderboard for you to bask in. Hit the tables & join the unlimited Nano action on Adda52.

It takes a drop by drop to fill a jar. So, Gear up to fill in your Jar & Win Enormous.

Nano Poker Series

Terms & Conditions

1. reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

2. All ticket holders will be auto-registered before the start of the tournament. In case of multi-day Tournament ticket-holders will be auto-registered in the last flight.

3. To get eligible for BUBBLE INSURANCE, player must join the "Nano Featured Tournaments" (Mon-Fri 7:30 PM) before the start time of the tournament.

4. Irrespective of the players total no. entries in the tournament, only 1 "NANO MAIN EVENT" entry ticket will be awarded as bubble insurance.

5. Tickets will credited to the players account on the next before 6 PM.

6. Points Formula for leaderboard = SQRT {Unique Entries/ Your Rank x Sqrt (buy-in)}. In case of multi-day tournaments, Unique player count will be considered across all flights & Final Day rank will only be considered.

7. By participating in the tournament, the Winner consents to providing his image, interview etc., to be used as promotional content by and it's media partners.

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Customer Care
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