Refer-A-Friend Program

When your friend signs up using your invitation at, you are eligible to receive 'Promotion' bonus subject to the following terms and conditions in addition to Adda52's Terms of Use.

The following definitions shall also apply: "Referrer" is the person who sends the invitation and "Referee" is the person who receives the invitation to join

  1. The offer is valid only towards creation of a new "Referral" sign up. Creation of multiple accounts by the same player will lead to immediate blocking of the accounts and Adda52 reserves the right to take any action as deemed necessary.
  2. Referee must sign-up on Adda52 as per Adda52's Terms of Use.
  3. Deposit amount is cumulative and not necessary be the first deposit amount. Bonus will be credited when deposit amount meets the Bonus Criteria mentioned below.
  4. Bonus Criteria-
    1. Total bonus value per Referee is 750 Instant Bonus + 1050 Booster Bonus + Tourney Tickets worth Rs. 200.
    2. Minimum amount deposited by Referee should be Rs. 250.
    3. In addition to (b), Referral Bonus will be released when referee plays certain Non-Heads Up & Post-Flop Hands as per below table:
    10th Hand100th Hand250th Hand500th Hand
    250 IB + 500 200 IB + 250 150 IB + 200 150 IB + 100
    BB + Ticket BB + Ticket BB + Ticket BB + Ticket
  5. Rolling month is defined as: Starting from the date when any referee reaches first cumulative deposit of Rs. 250. e.g. If out of all Referees who sign up on 5th of June, any one of them make cumulative deposit of Rs. 250 on 11th June. Then the rolling date will start from 11th June and end on 11th July.
  6. Referrer can receive maximum bonus amounting to 15,000 IB for a rolling month.
  7. The Bonus credited can not be redeemed for any cash or be converted to other type.
  8. Adda52 reserves the right to cancel, postpone, change or suspend the Refer & Earn offer at its sole discretion and at any time Our decision is final on all matters relating to the awarding of the bonus and shall not be subject to review or appeal by an entrant or any third party.
  9. By entering the Refer & Earn Program, each player unreservedly agrees to these terms and conditions which govern the Program and the awarding of the bonus.
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1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

Terms of Use

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