Online Spider Solitaire Card Game, Rules, Points System & Variants

Spider Solitaire

What Is Online Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular two-deck solitaire titles and its rise to fame came on the back of Microsoft Windows because the game came preloaded with the operating system since the late 1990s. 

However, the game originated in the year 1949 and the overall difficulty of the game varies on the number of suits you utilize. The significance of the game's name comes from the 'eight legs of the spider' as a player needs to fulfill the game's eight foundations, to obtain success & thereby win.

Spider Solitaire Online Game Rules & Regulations

The primary objective of the spider solitaire game is to eliminate all the available cards from the table and then assemble them in the tableau, before finally removing them. The player has to eliminate all the cards in the least possible moves, thereby racking more points in the process.

Since solitaire card game online is a two-deck game, the first deck will contain 54 cards. At first, the player will be given 54 cards to deal with – available in ten different piles. The cards will be put face down, except for the topmost cards of each pile. The piles assembled in the tableau should be ranked in their respective order and only in-suit sequence cards can be moved from one pile to another. Out of the ten piles, the first four piles will have 6 cards each, with the 6th card of each pile face up. The rest six piles will have 5 cards each, with the 5th card of each pile face up. 

The second deck will contain 50 cards, with each pile having 10 cards each – thereby having 5 piles. When opting for spider solitaire to play online, these 50 cards will be dealt with ten at a given time and will be used as stock cards. Stock cards should only be used when all the available face-up cards on the first deck are used up.

How To Play Spider Solitaire Game?

In case you’re wondering how to play Online solitaire, then you must know that the gameplay of spider solitaire is very simple. The aim of the player should be to build card piles in descending suit sequences – from the King to the Ace – within the columns already present on the tableau. When the above-mentioned sequence is created, the pile of cards will then be eliminated to one of the eight foundations. Finally, when all the 104 cards will be played and eight foundations will be created (each foundation containing cards from the King to the Ace), the player will win the game. 

The sequence of the cards in spider solitaire game online will be as follows:


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Spider Solitaire Game Online Scoring System

The traditional scoring system:

  • 10 points are awarded when a face-down card is turned face up in the tableau.
  • 15 points are awarded when all the cards in a column are turned face up.
  • 2 points are awarded for creating a descending order.
  • 50 points are awarded when an entire column from the tableau is eliminated.
  • A maximum score of 990 points can be reached.
  • If the player wins the game with four or more completed suits still present in the tableau, then two points will be awarded for each after the first three suits. Hence, when a player wins with all eight suits, a total score of 1,000 points is obtained. 

The Microsoft Windows version scoring system:

  • The total score will be calculated from 500 points.
  • For every move, one point will be deducted.
  • For every undo, one point will be deducted. 
  • 100 points are awarded for eliminating a pack of 13 cards belonging to the same suit in descending order.
  • A maximum score of 1254 points can be reached.
  • Additional 100 points are awarded for creating four cards of similar colour.

Different Variants Of Spider Solitaire Game

Variant Name Description
1-Suit Spider Similar to traditional spider solitaire Card Game, except played with one suit instead of four (generally spades).
2-Suit Spider Similar to traditional spider solitaire, spider solitaire 2-suits except played with two suits instead of four (generally with hearts & spades).
4-Suit Spider Similar to traditional spider solitaire, spider solitaire 4 suits are played with all four suits (hearts, spades, clubs & diamonds).
Relaxed Spider In this free spider solitaire variant, all the spaces don’t require to be filled before redealing.
Spiderette Plays in a Klondike layout where there will be seven stacks with 1-7 cards in each stack.
Spiderwort This variant will have three decks instead of the traditional two decks.
Will o’ the Wisp Similar to spiderette, except 21 cards are segregated into seven columns of three where the top card of each column will be face up.
Simple Simon One of the popular one-deck variants of the traditional spider solitaire game.
Mrs Mop In this variant, all the cards will be dealt face up.

Tips & Tricks For Playing Spider Solitaire Game Online

  • Always try to plan your moves concurrently, so that you don’t get stuck later on.
  • Try to play solitaire online with a purpose and avoid making any move just because it looks obvious. 
  • Instead of wasting vacant columns, try to purposely move your cards, so that you can utilize the columns to your advantage. 
  • In case you get stuck when playing free online solitaire, don’t forget to shift your strategy. 
  • If possible, try to always build card sequences of the same suit, so that you can gain bonus points.

Spider Solitaire Vs Poker

The primary difference between poker game and spider solitaire is the social interaction aspect of both games. Usually, spider solitaire is played without any opponent, while in poker you have to play against other players to win, by utilising various poker rules. Hence, the potential to meet and greet new players - whether you’re playing poker online or live - will be much higher than spider solitaire. Furthermore, playing with other players will bring out the competitive feeling in you. 

There’s also the added benefit of winning massive rewards and prizes when you play poker hands for real money, while also improving your decision-making & problem-solving skills. Thus, poker is undoubtedly the better choice out of the two, even when compared to other money earning games like Call Break or 3 Patti. Hence, learning how to play poker will be worth it in the long run than playing games like Spider Solitaire or Teen Patti Game.

Spider Solitaire Online FAQs 

How many decks of spider solitaire can be played in?

Usually, spider solitaire online can be played using two full decks. However, some spider solitaire variants play with one or three decks.

Why is the game called ‘spider solitaire’?

The game is called spider solitaire because of the spider's eight legs and its relevance in building eight complete sequences for winning the game.

What is called the ‘foundation’ in spider solitaire?

In spider solitaire online, the foundation is defined as a type of pile of cards. Foundations stay empty at the start and fill up with a successful pack of 13 cards – from the King to the Ace.

Note: Adda52 does not host any spider solitaire game in any format.

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