Did You Know

Interesting facts About Poker Cards

Named as Big Slick because it is a slippery hand for which one can easily lose a fortune over.

Known as Blackjack because it is the highest possible hand in the game of blackjack.

A♠ 8♠
Called Dead Man’s Hand because it was held by famous lawman Wild Bill Hickok at time of his murder.

Termed as Plane Crash as it resembles an airplane with a broken wing crashes.

Also known as Baskin Robbins as it relates to famous 31 flavors of ice cream of Baskin Robin.


Popularly known as Marriage as it symbolizes the union between a king and a queen.


Called Harry Potter because the author of popular Harry Potter series is none other than billionaire J.K.Rowling.

Known as Ladies because they are the only female cards.


Called Tension because this big pair hold a high chance of winning, but is not high enough for clear win.

Tagged as Dolly because ‘9 to 5’ was Dolly Partons biggest hit movie.

Nicknamed as Snowmen because of resemblance of 8s to a snowman.

Known as Gilchrist because of the ability of Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist to always hit 6’s and 4’s.

A♠ A♣
Well-known as Pocket Rockets as the Aces appear like rockets.

K♠ 9♦
Also called Dogs as it sounds like canine.