Can You Win Poker Without Creating A Strategy? Know More

Introduction When we think of professional poker game players, the following set of adjectives come to our mind – emotionless, cool and highly dedicated to...

The Similarities Between Online Poker & Esports

Introduction Back in the day, video games and poker were only played by a very small group of people. As a result, the overall competition...

Learn To Master These Crucial Things Before Playing 3 Patti

Introduction In case you’ve decided to become a better poker player, then you’re not alone. Real money games like 3 Patti or poker has been...

Fantastic Facts That You Didn’t Know About Poker

Introduction Poker is the most popular card game across the globe. The game has a massive player base – either online or live – where...





Thrilling Rummy Games at

The trend of playing online games is picking up fast pace, mainly due to the increasing use of Internet, lack of time, hectic daily...

Rummy – 13 Card Game

Rummy is the most popular card game in India and 13-card Rummy game is the one that most Indians learn to play normally in...

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