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The trend of playing online games is picking up fast pace, mainly due to the increasing use of Internet, lack of time, hectic daily schedule, addition of more & more games on various social networking sites etc. which has taken the online gaming business to a whole new level. Though there are innumerable games available online like action games, adventure games, first person shooter, strategy games etc. but it is the traditional card games like Rummy that is making its presence felt in the online gaming arena, in the recent past.

Rummy GamesRummy is one of the most popular card games in India and is played by people from all age groups. The most exciting thing about rummy is that though it is a highly skill based game; it is very easy to learn. In India, Rummy is the only card game that is legal to play for real money. One such Rummy site where you can play thrilling rummy games for free as well as for real cash is This website offers unlimited practice games that can be played for free so that users can get accustomed to the online version of the traditional and very popular card game of Rummy.

You would be surprised to see an amazing website that offers 13 cards Rummy online where one can play free rummy as well as rummy for cash. The best part is that you can invite your friends, relatives and family members to play with you. There is also an exciting bonus for referring your friends. Playing Rummy on is a wonderful experience altogether because the site has a rich and colourful interface and all the necessary information including the tip & tricks and the strategies are present to assist a beginner level player.

Among all the card games, available for Indians, Rummy holds the top position. This is because Rummy is a game with which majority of Indians are familiar with. Moreover, it can be played with only two players whereas other card games like court piece, dehla-pakad, twenty-nine etc. need at least three or four players to play the game or to make it more interesting. When it comes to online gaming arena, here too Rummy wins the race because now-a-days there are dedicated websites like which offers you to play free online rummy as well as cash rummy. So, when you have an option to play Rummy for free as well as for real money; why not play this exciting card game on


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