PLO 6 Card Game

What is 6 Card PLO?

6 Card PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) or PLO 6 is a Poker variant and is one of the most thrilling and popular games among Poker players. Coming from the Omaha family ofPoker variations, it is different from PLO 4 & PLO 5 in only one way - the number of hole cards given to the players. In the PLO 6 card game, there are six-hole cards, from which the players must take two & three from the community cards to make the best possible hand to win the game. Just like other PLO games or variants, PLO 6 game offers high chances of winning as with six-hole cards, the players are presented with more number outs and better chances of hitting top-hand rankings.

Rules of the 6-Card PLO

To play PLO 6 Poker, there are some basic rules you must be aware of. As the name suggests, players get six-hole cards in the 6-card PLO. The players have to make their hands with two of their hole cards and three from the community cards. The best hand on the table wins the pot. Rest, all the rules related to the PLO 6 hand rankings, bets, and raises are the same as the other PLO variants that you can read about here.

Gameplay in PLO 6 Poker Game

The gameplay in PLO 6 is almost the same as the other PLO variants. But for a better understanding of the game, we will bifurcate a proper way of PLO 6 gameplay.

  • Pre-Flop

This is the first round in the Real Money Poker variant of PLO 6, where the hole cards are dealt to the players and the first betting round takes place. The betting structure is the same as Texas Holdem Poker with only one difference - the bet or raises by any of the players cannot exceed the Pot amount.

  • Flop

In this round, three cards are dealt on the table, also known as the community cards. The second betting round takes place.

  • Turn

The fourth card is dealt on the table and the second-last betting round takes place.

  • River

In the River round, the last community card is dealt on the table, followed by the last round of betting.

  • Showdown

After all the betting rounds are completed, the remaining players show their hands and the player with the best hand ranking takes the pot.

6 Card PLO Strategy

We have covered the rules & basics of the PLO 6 card game. Now, let’s take a deep dive into the best strategies to keep in mind while playing PLO 6.

Bankroll Management

While playing money earning games, especially card games like PLO 6, it is very important to maintain your bankroll. In PLO 6, you get six-hole cards to make your winning hand. While the chances are high to make a good hand, you should play smart and keep your bankroll healthy. This habit will help you in the long run and keep you in the game even when you don’t hit the right cards on the table. Hence, you should always adopt a good PLO Bankroll management strategy.

Patience matters

In PLO 6, Patience is the key. Even if you think that you don’t have good odds with your hole cards, try to stick into the game until the Flop. As we know, PLO 6 is a high-variance game and if you are patient enough, you can make your way out from the worst of the hands with smart gameplay.

Bluff, but smartly

Bluffing is an essential part of Poker. Overdoing it is not. It doesn’t matter how excited you are after winning two back-to-back hands by bluffing your way out of the betting rounds, overdoing it will reveal your gameplay and hurt your bankroll in the long run. Hence, bluff but always stick to the basics, i.e. play with the cards in hand.

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PLO 6 Card Game Related FAQs

How can we make the Poker hands in PLO 6?

You need to take two of your hole cards & three of the community cards to make your hand in the PLO 6 game.

How is PLO 6 different from PLO 4 & 5?

The only difference between PLO 6 and other PLO variants is the number of hole cards given to the players in the beginning. In PLO 4, there are four hole cards given to the player while in PLO 5, the number of hole cards is five. In PLO 6, there are six-hole cards given to the players to make their hands.

What is the order of the Poker hand rankings in PLO 6?

The poker hand rankings are the same as the other game variants.

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Straight Flush
  3. Four of a Kind
  4. Full House
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three of a Kind
  8. Two Pair
  9. One Pair
  10. High Card

How can we win in PLO 6?

You can win in PLO 6 by making the best possible hand on the table with the help of your hole cards and community cards. You must take two cards from your hole cards and three from the community cards to make the hand.

What is the advantage of playing PLO 6?

The main advantage of playing the PLO 6 is that you get six hole cards, which in turn, gives you a higher chance of winning the hand.

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