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One of the most popular online games is a free poker. While word games, number games, and trivia games are very popular, card games such as poker happen to be among the most widely played. Poker is a game that needs the player to develop strategy and skill, and even understand some amount of human psychology.

The number of people that play free poker online (an estimated hundred million people play globally) is a testament to the game’s enormous popularity. Players today play free poker as well as poker for money, where anyone can earn real money in prizes. As for the big international poker tournaments, the multimillion-dollar prize money attracts the world's most talented players as well as millions of spectators online and in person.

Now that so many people have access to handheld devices and good internet connections, it has become very easy to play free poker online. There are apps designed for the respective operating systems as well as online games that let you play instantly, requiring no software or app installation. With so many available resources for playing online free poker, the player has plenty of choices to play on their desktop or on the go.

Rules of Free Poker Game

The poker online free game rules are much the same as other platforms where you have to play. Here as well, the Royal Flush represents the most coveted poker hand for instance. With free poker also, when players place their bets blind, as in before they are dealt their cards or after depending upon the rules of the particular game. Players will place bets based on what they perceive as the worth of their own hand. The amount they bet is, as importantly, also based on their assessment of the cards the other players have.

It is a good idea to start playing free online poker games, to begin with. This will help you learn poker if you don’t yet know how to play it. Not only does this help you learn the game, but it also helps familiarize you with the terms and rules of the game. This will also help players understand the bewildering number of poker variations out there. With each variant, there are different rules to grasp and differing aims of each game to play for. It can take time, but most platforms offer free poker video tutorials, articles, and other resources to help you get started.

Understanding the different hands and card sequences is the first step toward how to play poker. Having understood this, we understand the aim of the game – i.e. to create the best possible hand and to win. One player/ dealer deals the cards around the table to the players as per the rules of that particular variant. The cards may be dealt face up or down and will have varying numbers of community cards depending upon the type of free poker being played.

The players then make their bets blind or after seeing their cards. Some bets are mandatory while in other cases they are voluntary. The poker game then proceeds and players may get additional cards or they may replace some of their cards. Additional bets may be placed to up the ante; these all go into what is called the ‘pot’.

The players may choose to ‘call’, they may ‘fold’ depending upon how they gauge their own or their opponent’s cards. There can be a ‘showdown’. In poker there is a great deal of bluffing as well; it is important to practice one's poker face when one is playing face-to-face. In free poker as well as in poker with big cash prizes, terms and poker rules are typically the same, though features, functionalities, and prizes will vary significantly.

Understanding The Ranking of Hands in Free Poker Game

To understand how to play free poker it is important to understand the aims of the game. Poker hands are ranked as listed below: from the most valuable to the least desirable; keeping in mind that the Ace is the highest card and Two is the lowest card:

  • The Royal Flush consists of a card series including an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of the same suit (diamonds or hearts or clubs or spades). This is said to be the best possible hand in poker
  • The Straight Flush in a free poker game consists of a sequence of any five cards of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind is the hand that has four of the same value cards (numerically) out of the hand of five cards
  • A Full House consists of a hand where three cards are of one kind and there is another matched pair in addition
  • A Flush is a hand that consists of five cards of the same suit in a free poker Here it is the suit and not the sequence that is relevant
  • A Straight hand is one where the player has cards in sequence, though not of the same suit
  • Three of a kind is a hand that has three matching cards (numerically) regardless of suit
  • Two pair is when the player has a hand with two matching pairs of cards, not matching suits
  • One pair is when the hand has one numerically matching pair
  • High card is the highest of the free poker hand that the player has.

From the foregoing, we see that poker hands and their values are largely standardized whether we speak of free Indian poker or any of the other paid sites elsewhere in the world.

Free Poker Games Online – Terms to Know and Understand

If one is playing free poker to learn/practice or wants to start playing seriously, the terms commonly used in the game are important to know and understand. These are terms that experienced players will instantly understand, but for the rookie, they can be puzzling. It is also interesting that so many of the words that we use in common parlance are actually poker terms.

  1. Action refers to any player making a move, placing a bet, or otherwise proceeding in a game
  2. Aces up is a poker hand in which there are two pairs of cards in which one is a pair of aces
  3. A game in a free poker game or any other type of poker game refers to a player playing at their highest possible level (‘bring your A-game’ as we say colloquially.)
  4. Ante is the required bet or amount of chips each player has to place in the pot. ‘Upping the ante’ is a phrase commonly used to indicate an escalation of any sort
  5. All-in refers to when a player places all their chips into the pot either because they have a really good hand or as a strategy
  6. Backing in business as in poker, is when an investor lends money to a poker player with the understanding that the player will share a percentage of their winnings
  7. Bankroll may not apply to free poker, since this refers to the amount that a player sets aside to play poker with. Players are always cautioned to add only recreational or discretionary money to one’s poker bankroll
  8. Blind or betting blindly is when players are required to place bets before the cards are dealt or ‘blind’ without seeing their cards
  9. Bluff refers to a player who indicates possessing a better hand than they actually have. The aim of a bluff in free poker is to scare one’s opponent into folding even if they have a better hand
  10. Buy-in means the price to enter a tournament or game that requires upfront payment as specified by the rules of the particular online free poker platform
  11. Call means to match a bet or a raise. The player wins if no other player calls their bet or raise. The phrase ‘call one's bluff’ rings a bell here.
  12. Cash games are a format where cash amounts are represented by chips. Here players can join or leave a table when they want
  13. Cold call if regular parlance means those pesky telemarketer calls, but in poker, it simply means a player’s first action or a call made on the first round.
  14. Community cards are the shared cards that all players have in common, dealt face up in the center of the table.
  15. Dead man's hand is a very specific hand in free poker: it is a hand containing a pair (spades and clubs) of black aces and a pair of black eights.
  16. Downswing is basically a player's bad phase that could last a few weeks to months when the player suffers bad form and repeatedly keeps losing.
  17. Draw is when a player draws more cards to complete or improve their hand
  18. Flop refers to the second round of betting in community variants of poker
  19. Fold refers to when a player gives up their hand and relinquishes their claim to the pot. In poker as in life, to fold is to give up in a sense.
  20. Freeroll is a type of free poker tournament that has no entry fee and a freeroll hand is one where the player can expect to share the pot
  21. Jackpot is the big prize of the game and the bad beat jackpot is another type of prize in poker
  22. Heads up poker is when there are only two players in the game: when waiting for some of the other players to arrive or when the other players are out of the game.
  23. Hole cards are the opposite of community cards; they are private cards that only the player can see
  24. Kicker is a side card, something that may be used as a tie-breaker in IRL or when playing on a free poker/ for cash platform
  25. Limit refers to a fixed amount beyond which players cannot bet
  26. Mark is usually the weakest player at the table and the better players may often target this one player to improve their own chances
  27. Monster is a very strong hand in free poker, one that could be difficult or even impossible to beat
  28. No limit means that there is no ceiling on how much players can raise over the minimum; this is also called an all-in bet
  29. Nosebleed is a very high-stakes poker game… so high that it can cause the proverbial nosebleed for the winner or loser
  30. Off suit means two cards of different suits in a free poker game
  31. Pot simply means the prize money, which is collected when players place their bets. Splash the pot, pot limit, side pot, and chop the pot are some other free poker terms players may come across as they play more and become more familiar with the game
  32. Raise means increasing the bet in the same round whereas re-raise refers to the subsequent raise
  33. Read refers to the assessing skills of a player: how well they ‘read other players, deduce the cards they are holding, analyze betting patterns, recognize their ‘tell’, and so on
  34. Scare card is used as an intimidation tactic, to scare one’s opponent into acting a certain way.
  35. Showdown is the final confrontation in a sense. It happens when the last two (or more) players are left in the game and they show their cards to see who is the winner.
  36. Tell is a habitual or characteristic gesture that a player may display when they are bluffing. It can also be subtle body language cues or certain repetitive behaviors that players display; which gives their opponents a clue about the kind of hand they have
  37. Tie is a situation when two or more identical hands are revealed at the showdown, in which case the players would split the pot.
  38. Under the dog is the player that is perceived as weak or may be seen as unlikely to win the game
  39. Up the ante to raise the stakes. This can make a game more interesting while also increasing the possible winnings and losses
  40. Variant refers to the many different types of free poker online. Some of the most popular variants for beginners are Texas Holdem, Ohama Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, Crazy Pineapple, and many more.

As players start to play a  poker game free online and then practice their game, they would come across many more such poker terms. It is actually a testament to how popular poker is and how it can be seen as a metaphor for life itself, that we use so many of these terms in everyday conversation. So the next time you come across these terms you will recall their connection to poker.

Types of Online Free Poker Games

Once a player learns how to play free online poker a vast array of possibilities opens up. There are many poker game variants that can be played.

  • Texas Hold’em Poker is probably the most popular poker online free The game begins with two players placing forced bets or blinds. Then each player is dealt two hole cards (private cards). After the first round of betting, three community cards are dealt (the flop) which the players will try and use to create the best possible hand.
  • Pot-limit Omaha is similar to Texas Holdem in some ways. Here as well, players receive private cards and then use community cards to try and make the best possible hand. They receive 6four private cards and can use two of those along with three of the five community cards to make the best possible hand.
  • Crazy Pineapple is where, like other free poker games, players get hole cards and use community cards to build their hands. Players get three hole cards, one of which is discarded. It follows the same sequence of blinds, flop, turn, and river. What sets apart this game of free poker is that players will discard cards before the betting starts. Variants include regular pineapple, and lazy pineapple as well.
  • 5 Cards PLO is a variant where players receive five hole cards. Out of these, only two can be used in combination with three community cards to make the best possible hand. This is another variant to try if you would like to play free poker
  • 7 Card Stud is played with two cards dealt face down and one card dealt face up before the first round of betting. After this, three more upward-facing cards are dealt with a round of betting interspersing each. Finally, one downward-facing card is dealt and there is one final round of betting.
  • Badugi is an Asian variant of the free poker game where the objective is to try and create the lowest four-card hand with four different suits and no pairs. Players can discard cards from their hands and replace those with other cards from the deck.
  • Chinese Poker is thought to be a beginner-friendly game for those who want to play free poker games to try and build skill. Each player is dealt 13 cards which have to be divided into three hands five, five, and three.
  • Short Deck is a Holdem poker variant that is a no-limit game that is played with a 36-card deck with the twos, threes, fours, and fives removed. In this variant, a flush beats a full house because this is more difficult to create in a reduced playing deck.
  • HORSE isn’t just one game; it stands for a combination of games. It includes Holdem, Omaha, Razz or Stud-Lo, Stud or Stud-Hi, and Eight or Better. This is typically a high-stakes game and is popular in some of the bigger tournaments.

How to Play Free Poker Games

There are plenty of free poker apps available for those who want to learn poker games, play recreationally with friends, or find others to play with. Some of these are simply apps that a player can download onto their phone or tablet in a few seconds.

There are other games that some competitive gamers use; which may also need the download of special software and so on. However, for the most part, you can start playing a free poker game instantly via gaming apps. For iOS devices, there are several top-rated free apps that can be downloaded from the iTunes store to your iPhone or iPad.

Some of these are recommended by players and tech experts. Players can play free poker right away and even set up games with friends quickly and easily using apps with these functionalities. Since these are apps for handheld devices players can practice their skills by playing free poker on the go.

To play a free Indian poker game people typically opt for Android apps over iOS. The savvy, price-conscious Indian consumer is known to prefer Google Play over iTunes. On Google Play, players can look for some of the top-rated apps to start playing free poker on their android devices.

The Google Play apps for free poker games are either free to play or have free versions with in-app purchases or a paid upgrade (freemium). Apps have various functionalities such as for playing multi-player games with other online players, playing with the game AI and so on. Free chips, mini-slot games, player leaderboards, and sit-and-go tournaments are some of the features recommended by game reviewers. While some of the free poker online apps have poor odds of winning, others tend to have better odds.

Additionally, free poker can also be played on your desktop, right in your browser without any downloads or app installations. The Instant Play option from Adda52 takes players straight to a list of games with ongoing games such as the Welcome Table, Beginner's Table, Hold’em Pockets, Hold’em Bluff, Omaha Suited Deep, 5 Card Omaha Pockets, Omaha6 Pockets RIT, Crazy Pineapple Pockets and many more.

The game variant, blinds, buy-in, and the number of players are specified on the page. Based on this, you can choose the kind of game you want to play. You can also choose between cash, sit & go, tournaments, and private tables. It is a good idea to learn to play online free poker by watching video tutorials, watching top pro tournaments. Players should be clear about the aims and rules of each game and practice playing strategy well before playing competitively for cash.

Attractive Features of Free Poker Games

A free poker game may appear somewhat limited for more advanced and skilled players but has many benefits to recommend it as well. While free poker game rules may be much the same as cash games, there could be limited features and functionalities. Players may have to make purchases to access the advanced features. The following are some of the benefits of free poker games

  • It is a good way to learn and practice the game. Many online platforms let players set up a game to invite friends and family to play and can be very entertaining and challenging.
  • Many free Indian poker platforms offer a daily payout of free coins each day to get you started. Others offer free coins or chips every hour or every few hours
  • Players can choose to play against real people or against the game's AI. Usually, players can choose the skill level they want to compete against.
  • Some poker apps also create an immersive and lifelike playing atmosphere with great graphics and design that offer a great playing experience.
  • Players can choose to play free India poker games via different platforms such as iOS, and Android, social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and so on
  • Free poker platforms also offer various game modes, along with other fun games such as slots, bingo, and so on.
  • Some games also have social elements to engage with other players so that you can chat, interact, ask for and offer tips. Players can join message boards too, and can learn about the big poker events and tournaments and the star players in advance
  • Some online free poker games also offer the option of offline play. This means that you don’t need a working internet connection to play, so you can still play in airplane mode or when there is a poor signal or no signal at all.
  • You can also choose whom to play free poker You can invite friends or choose the skill level of your opponent – either real players or AI bots. The training mode will help new players understand the rules and aims of the game and develop effective strategies
  • Many free poker game apps follow the freemium model which gives players greater flexibility and choice. Players can play for free and then later they can also opt to play for real money
  • Free poker apps also have a wide variety of games, some with dozens of variants to choose from
  • Some free poker online games have interesting user interfaces with elements such as realistic card shuffling, animations, and so on
  • Online and offline support, and support for different languages are some of the other features that recommend online free poker
  • You can also play free poker live against real people which can really give an authentic feel of playing.

While a free poker game will certainly help you learn the game and practice, it is not a real cash game. So, players cannot participate in the kind of tournaments that have large cash prizes. Poker online free games will also not offer the kind of experience, design aesthetics and sophisticated user interface that the other, established poker platforms offer.

However, even with its limitations, free poker can be a great way to get started on poker; a game that entertains while it improves reasoning, strategic thinking, and understanding of human psychology.

Online Free Poker Game Related FAQs

What is the best platform to play free poker?

There are many websites that help you play poker for free. One of these websites is Adda52. You can play free poker on this platform without any hassle.

What are the best apps on which you can play poker for free?

You can play free poker on the Adda52 app. It is the safest platform to refine your poker skills. You can play multiple variants on this app and earn great rewards.

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