Bluff Card Game Online

  • Objective: The object of the bluff game is to get rid of all your cards as fast as you can, and before all the other players.
  • Number of Players: 3-10 players
  • Number of Cards: 52 deck cards + Jokers
  • Rank of Cards: A (High), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
  • Type of Game Shedding-type
  • Audience: Family

The Objective of the Bluff Card Game Online

In case you’re unaware, the bluff card game online is one of the easiest and most recognized card games in the world. In this game, players try to lie or bluff their opponents so that they can get rid of their cards without getting caught by others. Generally, the bluff card game is considered a party game because multiple participants can play & enjoy the game at the same time. 

The Bluff card game goes by a lot of different names across the world – modified based on the cultures & communities. It's also one of the most played card games in the world, and once you understand the rules & regulations, you can start playing it too. So, without further ado, let's dive in-depth into the bluff game of cards. 

What Is The Online Bluff Card Game?

Also known by the names ‘Cheat’ and ‘I Doubt It’, the bluff card game online is simply a deception game where players will lie about their cards to the other players. The main objective of this card game is to get rid of all your cards before your competitors. 

While the game might look easy, it's certainly very challenging to master. Players have to be experts at bluffing so that their opponents don't become suspicious of their bluffing activities. And in case a player gets caught bluffing or lying, then the entire current stack of cards will be included in the hands of the bluffing or lying player. 

How To Play Bluff Card Game Online?

Knowing how to play the bluff card game will be crucial in ensuring the success that you can gain against your competitors. The primary aim of the bluff card game is to get rid of the cards in your hands before the other players. The player who can pass his or her cards to the opponent players or can discard the pile first will be able to win the game. 

The bluff card game can be played by two or more players. If the player range is between two and four, then the full deck of 52 cards will be required to play the game. However, if the player range is between five or more players, then two or more decks should be shuffled together – based on the total number of players that are playing the game. 

The game asks the dealer to distribute the cards as evenly as possible. One or more of the players might get more cards in their hands compared to the other players. Players are also allowed to look through the cards in their hands and even rearrange them if they want – based on their preferences.

Players in the game are supposed to get rid of several cards from their hands by simply calling out their ranks. For instance, the first player to put down a card or more than one card (face down), should say out loud what card he or she is putting down (the rank of the cards).

A player will only be able to discard cards of one rank in a single turn. The player can also lie and discard lower or higher ranked cards irrespective of the cards he or she discards. Such a process is known as "bluffing."

If the bluff gets caught, then the player who is caught should pick up the whole stack of the discarded cards. However, if a bluff is called out and the cards are properly in tandem with the rank that was previously said out loud, the player who calls out the bluff will have to pick up the whole stack of discarded cards instead. The game continues until one of the participating players proceeds to discard all of his or her cards successfully. 

The player who can discard all the cards in his/her hands will be the winner. 

Bluff Card Game Rules & Regulations

Before you decide to indulge in playing, you must understand the various bluff game rules first. By learning the rules, you will be able to master the art of playing this card game quickly. 

  1. In case you want to lead as a player, then you have to create a nomination because that’s necessary.
  1. Players have to play till the end until all the cards are eliminated.
  1. A joker acts as a wild card in this game. For example, you can proceed to utilize a joker and then call it a king.
  1. In case a player is having a turn, then he or she has two choices – either to play the hand or pass the turn.
  1. Bluff card game rules state that the first player who finishes all the cards in his or her hands will win.
  1. In case you feel that your competitors are bluffing or lying, then you can simply call out the player by saying ‘bluff’ out loud. Once done, the questioned card will be shown to everyone.
  1. In case the player that you accused is found to be lying, then he or she has to include the whole pile of cards in his or her hands.
  1. However, according to the bluff card game rules in India, if the player that you accuse is found to be not lying, then you have to take the entire pile of cards in your hands. 

Bluff Card Game Scoring Systems Or Hand Rankings

Number of cards: 52 deck cards including Jokers

The rank of cards: A (High), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

Number of players: 2 to 10

Bluff Card Game Vs Poker

Even though both online poker and bluff are card games, they are played differently. In poker, players are encouraged to have the highest poker hand ranking using the various cards in the deck. However, with the bluff card game online multiplayer, the primary concept of deceiving prevails, where players have to get rid of the cards, and the first player to do the same will win.

Moreover, poker and bluff require different types of skill-sets to win the game. For instance, in poker, you have to properly judge the body language of your opponents to obtain important clues regarding the cards that they're playing. Such a skill-set is non-existent in the bluff card game.

Bluff Card Game Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q - How do you play the card game bluff?

Ans - The bluff card game can accommodate two to a maximum of ten players. In this game, players are free to bluff and thereby discard the cards they think won’t be fruitful in the game. The primary aim is to discard all of the cards quickly without getting caught by the opponent. 

Q - Is poker the same as a bluff?

Ans - No. Poker is an entirely different game compared to bluff. 

Q - How do you win the game bluff?

Ans - Winning the bluff card game is easy. All you have to do is to discard all the cards in your hands before your opponents. 

Q - How do you bluff?

Ans - Bluffing in the bluff card game is about tricking your opponents into believing that the card you’re playing (face down) is the same card that you’re calling out loud. 

For instance, if the current rank played by the lead player is 'Queen' and all the players need to play 'Queen', then you can bluff your opponents by saying out loud that you're playing a 'Queen' when in reality you're playing a 'King'. 

Q - How to play the bluff card game?

Ans - Playing the bluff card game is straightforward. A set of cards will be allocated to you (based on the number of players playing), and you have to get rid of those cards more quickly than other players playing beside you. 

Q- How to play bluff card game rules?

Ans - In the bluff card game, a leader is first selected at the start of the game. The leader releases his or her card and thereby declares the rank. The rank declared can be right or bluff. Every player in this game will have the chance to get rid of the cards in his or her hands. Other players will also have the chance to call a ‘bluff’ based on whether the card played by other players is correct or wrong. 

In case a player gets caught lying, then the player must include the center stack of cards in his or her hands. 

Q - How do you always win in the bluff card game?

Ans - Winning in the bluff card game depends on how well you can bluff or deceive your opponents. Hence, you have to master the trick of deceiving, which is why it's recommended to play the game with good players at all times. 

Q - How to play a bluff card game in Hindi?

Ans - Nowadays, most bluff card games online as well as via apps can be played in Hindi, by selecting the Hindi language when setting up for the first time. 

Q - What are the rules of bluff?

Ans - The bluff card game has very simple rules. For instance, you can lie about your card ranking or even boast about your hand. You also have to make sure that other players don't catch your lie or bluff. But, if other players do catch your lie, then the current discarded pile of cards will be added to your current hand. 

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