Bluff Card Game


The Bluff Card game, known by various names such as Cheat, BS, and Doubt It, is globally recognized and easily accessible. Branded as a lively party game, Bluff involves players attempting to outwit their opponents by skillfully lying to dispose of their cards without being caught.

With varying roots in different cultures and communities, the game remains a favourite worldwide.

In this blog, we will get into the Bluff Card game, explore its rules, variations, and the practice of strategic deception.

What Is The Online Bluff Card Game?

Also known by the names ‘Cheat’ and ‘I Doubt It’, the Bluff Card game online is a game of deception where players lie about their cards to the other players.

The main objective of this card game is to get rid of all your cards before your competitors.

While the game might look easy, it's certainly very challenging to master. Players have to be experts at bluffing so that their opponents don't become suspicious of their bluffing activities. In case a player gets caught bluffing or lying, then the entire current stack of cards will be included in the hands of the bluffing or lying player.

  • Objective: The object of the Bluff game is to get rid of all your cards as fast as you can and before all the other players.
  • Number of Players: 3-10 players
  • Number of Cards: 52 deck cards + Jokers
  • Rank of Cards: A (High), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2
  • Type of Game: Shedding-type
  • Audience: Family

The Objective of the Bluff Card Game Online

In case you’re unaware, the Bluff Card game online is one of the easiest and most recognized card games in the world. In this game, players try to lie or bluff their opponents so that they can get rid of their cards without getting caught by others. Generally, the Bluff Card game is considered a party game because multiple participants can play & enjoy the game at the same time. 

The Bluff Card game goes by a lot of different names across the world – modified based on the cultures & communities. It's also one of the most-played card games in the world, and once you understand the rules & regulations, you can start playing it too. So, without further ado, let's dive in-depth into the Bluff game of cards.

How To Play Bluff Card Game Online?

  • Objective: The main goal is to eliminate all your cards before other players. The first to pass cards or discard the pile wins
  • Player Count: For 2-4 players, a standard 52-card deck is sufficient. For five or more players, use multiple decks shuffled together
  • Dealing: Distribute cards evenly; some players may have more but can rearrange them.
  • Gameplay: Players discard cards by calling out their ranks. Only cards of the same rank can be played in one turn
  • Bluffing: Players can lie about their rank, discarding higher or lower-ranked cards. If caught, the bluffer picks up the stack; if not, the caller picks it up
  • Winning: The game continues until a player successfully discards all cards, declaring them the winner

Bluff Card Game Rules

Before you decide to indulge in playing, you must understand the various bluff game rules first. By learning the rules, you will be able to master the art of playing this card game quickly.

  1. In case you want to lead as a player, then you have to nominate yourself
  2. Players have to play till the end when all the cards are eliminated
  3. A Joker acts as a wild card in this game. For example, you can proceed to utilise a Joker and then call it a King
  4. In case a player is having a turn, then he or she has two choices – either to play the hand or pass the turn
  5. Bluff Card game rules state that the first player who finishes all the cards in his or her hands will win
  6. In case you feel that your competitors are bluffing or lying, then you can simply call out the player by saying ‘bluff’ out loud. Once done, the questioned card will be shown to everyone
  7. In case the player that you accused is found to be lying, then he or she has to include the whole pile of cards in his or her hands
  8. However, according to the Bluff Card game rules in India, if the player that you accuse is found to be not lying, then you have to take the entire pile of cards in your hands

Bluff Card Game Variations

Mogeln (Germany and Austria)

  • Originating in Germany and Austria, this version involves fraud, deceit, and mistrust
  • Players receive an equal number of cards, and extras are placed face down on the table

Ne Verish’ Verish’ (Russia)

  • Also known as Russian Bluff, this game revolves around trust and mistrust
  • The number of cards varies based on the players, and the game starts with one card face-down


  • Originating in Fujian Province, this variant has loose rules, allowing players to discard any rank
  • Players can throw multiple cards of the same rank, with the game continuing until the last two players remain

Canadian, Spanish, or Australian Bluff

  • Widely played in Canada, Spain, and Australia, this version uses two decks and allows Jokers as wild cards
  • Players choose specific ranks before dealing, and the game continues until the last two players are left

China (Alternative Version)

  • This Chinese variant allows players to discard as many cards as they want of the same number
  • The winner is the player who discards all their cards the fastest


  • Known as Bluffstopp, the Swedish variant involves players starting with only six cards
  • Bluffing penalties include picking up three or six cards from the pile and challenging players to discard quickly

British (Cheat or Bullshit)

  • In this version, players are allowed to cheat, with the dealer dealing fewer cards if not caught
  • Tricks like hiding cards in sleeves are permitted, emphasising fast card discarding as the key to winning

Acquire The Skill of Bluffing

Learning to bluff in the Bluff Card game is like mastering a tricky skill. In this game, players pretend and lie about their cards to trick others. It's not as easy or straightforward as it appears. If someone catches you lying, you end up with the whole deck of cards.

The main goal is to get rid of all your cards, and there are two ways to do it: by telling little lies aka bluffing. To get good at bluffing, you need to practise keeping a straight face, watching others closely, and using clever strategies to surprise your opponents.

Understand the purpose of the game

  • The game’s objective is to discard all the cards in your hand
  • Two main strategies– lying and bluffing – are employed to achieve the goal, adding layers of excitement to the game
  • The online bluffing game is not just accessible but also one of the most popular card games globally, enjoyed by players around the world
  • Game Dynamics: Players aim to cleverly dispose of their cards without alerting opponents, employing tactics of Bluff or misdirection
  • With the capacity for numerous players to join simultaneously, the Bluff Card game is often embraced as a lively and entertaining party game
  • Known by various names worldwide, the game reflects local communities and cultures, showcasing its adaptability and widespread appeal
  • Recognized as a potent and engaging card game, mastering its rules is the key to deriving maximum enjoyment from the Bluff Card game
  • Embark on a journey into the world of bluffing, where understanding the purpose and intricacies promises an entertaining and enjoyable experience

How to skillfully play the Bluff Card Game?

Mix Up Cards

  • Don't always stick to having all pairs of ranks to put down
  • Mix cards when putting them down, creating diverse combinations like three sevens or three aces

Maintain a Straight Face

  • When bluffing, try to keep a straight expression to avoid giving away your intentions
  • Emotional reactions like laughter might tip off other players, undermining your bluff. Confidence is crucial

Play Honestly at Times

  • Avoid a predictable pattern by playing some honest rounds
  • Consistent bluffing can make opponents catch on, making it easier for them to call your bluff. Randomly intersperse bluffing to keep opponents guessing

Trust Your Instincts

  • If you sense someone is bluffing, trust your gut feeling
  • Don't hesitate to call out players whom you suspect are bluffing, using your intuition to make strategic moves

Vary Your Bluffing Intervals

  • Prevent opponents from catching onto your bluffing pattern by bluffing at random intervals
  • Randomness adds an element of unpredictability, making it harder for opponents to anticipate your moves

Use Bluff Card Tricks

  • Familiarise yourself with Bluff Card game tricks to enhance your chances of winning
  • Implement these tricks strategically during gameplay to outsmart opponents and gain an advantage

Bluff Card Game Vs Poker

Aspect Bluff Card Game Poker Card Game


Deceive opponents and discard all cards

Create the highest possible hand ranking

Winning Criteria

First player to discard all cards wins

Player with the highest hand ranking wins

Gameplay Focus

Deception and getting rid of cards

Strategy in creating strong hand ranking

Card Distribution

Even distribution to each player

Unique face-up and face-down cards

Skill-Set Requirement

Deceptive skills and strategic play

Reading opponents' body language

Type of Game

Multiplayer party game

Various types, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha, etc.

Clues and Tells

Minimal reliance on opponents' cues

Vital reliance on opponents' body language and cues

Common Objective

Unique to each player - discard cards

Common objective for all - achieve the best hand ranking

Decision Making

Based on deceiving opponents

Based on assessing and predicting opponents' card strength

Popular Variations

Mogeln, Ne Verish’ Verish’, Chinese Bluff

Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is poker the same as a bluff?

No. Poker is an entirely different game compared to bluff.

How do you win the game bluff?

Winning the Bluff Card game is easy. All you have to do is discard all the cards in your hands before your opponents.

How do you always win in the Bluff Card Game?

Winning in the Bluff Card game depends on how well you can bluff or deceive your opponents. Hence, you have to master the trick of deceiving, which is why it's recommended to play the game with good players at all times.


In conclusion, the Bluff Card game, whether it's called Cheat, BS, or Doubt It, has been providing endless entertainment for players of all ages. The online version of the Bluff Card game retains the core objective of getting rid of cards before opponents, turning every round into a test of bluffing skills.

Learning to play the Bluff Card game is not just about mastering rules but also acquiring the art of bluffing. The game demands a balance of deception, intuition, and clever strategy. As we've delved into the various aspects of the game, from rules and variations to strategies and tricks, it's clear that the Bluff Card game offers a unique and entertaining experience for players worldwide.

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