Court Piece Card Game

court piece card game

If you want to learn about one of the most popular card games in India, you have reached the right place!

Playing a Court Piece card game is one of the best forms of entertainment. It is also known as RUNG and court Pees in India.

Playing over the internet is a much more convenient way to enjoy the game than playing offline as the player doesn’t have to ask his friends/family members to join the table with him. You can easily download a gaming app on your mobile device to play the game against other players anytime and anywhere.

Here, you will find all the information about the game including the playing methodology and its history.

What is a court-piece card game?

Card game coat court piece often referred to as court Piece, is a four-player trick-taking card game. Although its origins cannot be determined with precision, experts believe that India is the birthplace of this game.

How To Play?

In the game, each team's goal is to win tricks using the highest card in its suit or a trump card. The group of players or team that earns the maximum points wins the game.

Four players are divided into teams of two at the start of the game. During gameplay, the teammates sit opposite each other. Dealing and playing are done in an anticlockwise direction.

The duration of the game is determined before the card dealing.

Everyone draws one card from a shuffled deck of cards to determine who will be the first dealer. The player who gets the highest ranking card is designated as the dealer, and the player seated immediately adjacent to the dealer becomes the trump caller. After the first round, the dealer and trump caller is determined by winning and losing.

Before the dealer distributes the remaining cards from the deck, the trump caller announces the trump suit for the current round. At this stage, four cards are dealt out in two rounds.

The trump caller now plays any card from his hand to start the game, and the other players follow the suit. If a player doesn’t have the same suit, he can play another card, including a trump card.

If one or more trump cards are played, the highest trump card wins the card game court piece tricks.

The trick winner takes the lead in the following trick. The game continues in this manner until every card has been played.

The team that wins the maximum tricks wins the game.

Court Piece Card Game Rules

You must abide by a few rules and regulations while playing. Regardless of whether you play offline or online, the rules stay the same.

  • In this game, a standard 52-card deck is used. From highest to lowest, the cards in this deck are rated Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, and 2.
  • In each of the two Court Piece pairings, there are four players. At the table, each player is positioned across his partner.
  • The maximum number of rounds or the game's duration limit must be established beforehand.
  • The dealer is selected at random for the first round but is then selected based on the following criteria for the subsequent rounds.
  • The game is initiated by the player to the dealer's right cutting the deck of cards. He calls the trump.
  • If the player who chose trump or his team wins a court, the dealer's teammate will take over as the new dealer for the following round.
  • The same dealer deals again if the player who chooses trump or his team fails to score a court but wins the round.
  • If the dealer‘s team wins, the player who selected the court becomes the new dealer
  • Trump must be revealed following the distribution of the first 20 cards but before the subsequent 32 cards.
  • Each player must get 4 cards at a time from the remaining deck.
  • Scoring doesn't start until every trick in a round has been played.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.
  • If a player deliberately plays poorly, the other team scores a court.

Tips and Tricks

The rules of the game are easy to learn, however, there are a few strategies you can employ to succeed:

  • Use the cards with an 8 or below value in the first few rounds to win tricks.
  • Make your opponents play their high-value cards first by losing the first two or three tricks.
  • If you complete 7 consecutive tricks to score a court, you can choose to keep playing and attempt to complete 13 consecutive tricks. If you win, your team will win 52 courts, which is practically a guarantee of victory.
  • Unless your opponents are already on a winning streak, try to hold off deploying your high-value cards and trump suit until the very end when playing court-piece games online.

The 52 courts, which essentially determine the winner before the game is over, can be used in scoring extra points.

Scoring and Ranking

The card game court piece has a fairly straightforward scoring structure. One team scores a court if its players win 7 consecutive tricks. The participants then have the option of restarting the game or continuing.

The team that has a court can now try to win the remaining 6 tricks as well, bringing the total number of court piece tricks won to 13 straight wins. This unusual event resulted in 52 courts for the team. The court piece or point is carried to the next round to be calculated when the time limit expires if the players reset the game to the next round after one team wins a court.

Card Ranking

Card game court piece regulations state that the order of the cards in a game is Ace to Two. Accordingly, Ace is the card with the highest value, followed by Kings, Queens, Jacks, 10s, 9s, 8s, 7s, 6s, 5s, 4s, 3s, and 2s, with 2 having the lowest value.


One popular variation of the game is Double Sir, in which the cards stay on the table after a player wins a particular trick. They only get to keep the cards if they succeed in winning a string of tricks.

The Sir here denotes the hand. Everything stays the same, with the exception that the winner of the hand has no right to keep the cards. He has to keep them in the centre of the table, face down. Only when he wins two consecutive tricks, he can choose the next. The team who wins the 13th hand can take possession of the pile even if they lose the 12th hand.

You can download court piece card game on your smart devices to join the tables anytime and anywhere. The court game can also be played on live tables with your friends and family members. If you are unable to find someone to play with you offline, you can play a court-piece card game online with players from all over the country.

Who is the winner?

The tricks made by members of the same team are calculated after all the cards have been played. The winning team is the one with more than six successful tricks.

In that case, a member of the losing team serves as the dealer and the player seated across from him is designated as the trump caller for the next game. The next game’s rules will remain the same. Only the dealer and the trump caller are changeable.

A court is declared if a team wins 7 tricks in a row, which is defined as not allowing the opposition to perform a trick until that team has performed 7 tricks. A person do a court without first consulting his partner. And if he succeeds, he wins; however, if he loses, it will be considered as the defeat of the team.

There are two types of courts - one that you must complete alone and one that you must do in partnership.

Court Piece Scoring

It is important to state and comprehend the court piece card game rules before moving on to other rules. See below:

  • The dealer is a member of the team that was defeated in the previous round.
  • The player on the dealer's right will start and carry out the next deal when the dealer wins the round.
  • If the player who calls the trump wins the trick but for some reason refrains from scoring the court, the game is won by the dealer, who is already in the house.
  • When a player plays their hand successfully in a round, the scoring begins at that point.
  • The winning team must achieve a high and superior score by utilizing the majority of the tricks in their favor.
  • In the court piece card game online, if any team completes 7 straight tricks, they win the match automatically and without any additional requirements.
  • Any team that completes the first seven court piece tricks successfully may move on to the next round or continue with the remaining hands.

On online platforms, you can play your favorite card game whenever you want. You can participate in competitions, and tournaments, or play at real money tables.

Court Piece Card Game- FAQ

Q. How can I Win the card game court piece?

Ans. The team that wins seven tricks using the highest card in the suit or the trump card wins a round in the game.

Players must choose the highest cards that are less than 10 in value according to the Court Piece regulations. The first-hand winner then commands the following in the line. The play is won by the team with the most points overall or those who have won seven straight hands. A unique designation known as "Kot" is granted after you win 7 hands or tricks in a row. 

Q. How do you play the Court Piece game?

Ans. A French deck of 52 playing cards is used for the Court Piece game, which is played by four players partnered in pairs.  The dealer is selected randomly and the game is initiated by the person seated to the dealer's left. Trump is chosen by the same player. The deck of cards is shuffled. All players are dealt the first five-card trump, which is selected by the trump caller.  The Trump Caller in a court piece card game online must choose one of the top five cards dealt to them as the trump suit. After shuffling the cards, the dealer passes the deck to the player to its right. Each side receives an equal number of cards, and the game is won by the team that wins more tricks than seven. You can ask your friends to join you in playing this four-players play online court piece card game!

Q. How is the dealer selected?

Ans. The first dealer is selected randomly. After that, any member of the losing team can serve as the dealer. The player on the dealer's right will take over as the new player if the team of the dealer wins that round. If the team wins but does not score the court according to the Court Piece regulations; the dealer remains the same.

Q. How to choose the partner for the team?

Ans. Drawing for lowest value cards is one of the more well-liked methods for selecting partnerships and the first dealer among the other methods. In a pair game, the players who drew the two lowest cards would go up against the players who got the two highest cards. Each partnership's members should be seated across from one another at the table. The first dealer is the individual who drew the lowest card overall. Following the first hand, the dealer for the following hand will be a player from the losing team from the previous hand's winner, as detailed below.

You can easily find tutorials to play the Court Piece Card game in Hindi online. So don’t wait anymore! Start playing the Court Piece card game to enter the world of fun and excitement!

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