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Introduction To UNO

UNO is a very fast-paced car game that plays similarly to Crazy 8s, where players utilise special cards for ramping up the enjoyment factor. UNO is a game that's primarily made for ages 7 & above, but it can also be played with younger kids. The game of UNO cards is a great way to introduce small children to numbers & colours.

Playing UNO Games/Cards is very simple because the rules are easy to understand & learn. Hence, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you play the game in the best possible manner.

The Objective

The primary objective in UNO online is to be the first player to get rid of all cards in your hand. The sole enjoyment of playing the game is to say ‘UNO’ before you get rid of your last card. In case you’re playing multiple rounds/games, then the winner will be decided based on who has the highest score. 

The Set-Up

Before you start to play the game, the following UNO cards rules must be followed to set up the game:

  • Firstly, every player will draw a card from the deck and the player having the highest value card will become the dealer. In case any player draws a wild card or a special card, then the same must be returned to the deck and a new card should be drawn. Lastly, if two players have the same value card, then both cards should be returned to the deck and new cards should be drawn.
  • The dealer will then shuffle the deck and every player will be given seven cards.
  • The remaining cards should be kept face down to create a draw pile and the top card of the pile should be taken to create a separate discard pile. In case the top card turns out to be a wild card, then the same must be returned to the deck and a new card should be drawn.
  • The player present on the immediate left side of the dealer will start the game so that the game proceeds in a clockwise direction.

The Special Cards

Card Name Function
Reverse Card The reverse card in UNO game online will change the order of play – either from left to right or right to left. Reverse cards should be colour matched with the top card of the discard pile.
Skip Card The skip card will force the next player to lose his or her turn. Skip cards should be colour matched with the top card of the discard pile.
Draw 2 Card The draw 2 card will force the next player to draw two more cards from the draw pile. Draw 2 cards should be colour matched with the top card of the discard pile.
Wild Card The wild card allows the player to change the colour of the discard pile and the next player will use that chosen colour to play.
Wild Draw 4 Card The wild draw 4 card will force the next player to draw four more cards from the draw pile and thereby skip the turn.

How To Play UNO?

Now that you know the basics of the game, it’s time to start learn how to play UNO cards. 

The player present to the left of the dealer will start the game. The player has to play a card that matches the colour/word/number on the top card of the discard pile. 

For instance, if the discard pile's top card is a Green 7 card, then you can either play any green coloured card, wild card or a 7 card of any other colour. In case you don't have either of the above-mentioned options, then you have to draw a card from the draw pile. If the card drawn from the draw pile is playable, then you can play it and complete the turn. Otherwise, the card will get added to your hand and the turn will be shifted to the next player.

Once you're ready to play the last card, you have to call or say 'UNO'. If you forget to say or don't say UNO, and another player corrects your mistake, then you have to draw four more cards from the draw pile. But, if no player corrects your mistake or you correct yourself before others, then you don't have to draw any cards and still win the game. 

At the end of the UNO online multiplayer game, all the points will be tallied for each player and the game restarts. Do remember that if your last card is a special card or wild card, the next player still has to follow the rules and perform the action as the card says. Such cards will be counted when all the points will be totalled.

The Scoring System

When a player gets rid of all the available cards in his or her hands, he or she will obtain points based on the cards that are left in his or her opponents' hands. The scoring system, when playing UNO online, is as follows:

Every Number Card The score is equal to face value
Draw 2 20 points
Reverse 20 points
Skip 20 points
Wild 50 points
Wild Draw 4 50 points

The player who reaches 500 points first will win the game.

UNO vs Poker

The UNO game rules revolves around luck and chances. There's no skill involved in the game. Furthermore, the game is directly aimed at children & being a family-friendly game, which is why there's no monetary compensation involved. 

On the other hand, poker is a skill-based game that involves the use of real money. Moreover, playing poker games requires a lot of practice, research and guidance. Even though the poker rules are easy to learn, the game is very difficult to master. Hence, if you want to be good at playing poker hands, you need to spend time, effort and money on the same. 

Besides, playing poker doesn’t get old or boring, unlike UNO or Teen Patti game, because you get to meet new people and even use tactics like bluffing. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that poker is easily the ideal card game to play out of the two and a much better option when compared to other money earning games like Call Break or 3 patti. So, what are you waiting for? Start learning how to play poker today.

UNO Cards Game FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What to do if the last card in hand is a wild card?

When playing UNO online with friends, if your last card in hand is a wild card, then you should play that card just as any other card, after saying ‘UNO’.

How does the ‘reverse’ card work when two players are playing?

In case two players are playing, then the reverse card will work as a skip card. Hence, after playing the reverse card, you can play another card immediately.

How many players should ideally play UNO?

Ideally, UNO should be played by any number of players, as long as the number of players is four or less than four.

Note – Adda52 does not host any UNO game in any format.

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