3 2 5 Card Game

3 2 5 Card Game


The 3 2 5 card game, also known as Teen Do Panch, is a popular trick-taking card game in Southeast Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Played with a 30-card deck, each of the three players aims to fulfill their specific trick quotas to gain an advantage. The game is similar to Sergeant Major and is enjoyed for its easy rules and engaging gameplay. Explore this page to discover detailed rules, tips, tricks, sequences, scoring systems, and hand rankings for a fun 3 2 5 gaming experience.

What Is Online 3 2 5 Card Game (Teen Do Paanch)?

The 3 2 5 Card Game, otherwise known as the Teen Do Panch card game is played using a deck of 30 cards. The participants have a certain quota of 3, 2, and 5 tricks to fulfill. The main objective of the game is to fulfill the quota and then proceed to win additional tricks. The player who has the most additional tricks on top of his or her fulfilled quota will win the game.

The 3 2 5 card game is very similar to the 52-card game known as Sergeant Major, which also goes by the name of 3 5 8 or 8 5 3. The card game will exclude all the cards having values which are less than 8. Only the 7 of Hearts and 7 of Spades will be included. Deals and plays are mainly done in a clockwise fashion. 

Cards used in 3-2-5 game:

  • 4 Aces 
  • 4 Kings
  • 4 Queens
  • 4 Jacks
  • 4 Tens
  • 4 Nines
  • 4 Eights
  • 7s of Hearts
  • 7s of Spades

The game ranks the 7 of Hearts higher than the 7 of Spades. The cards are therefore ranked in the following manner:

Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7 (ascending to descending in terms of in-game ranks)

Every player participating in the game will have a certain quota of tricks or hands to fulfill. For instance, the dealer has to win at least two times, the player to the dealer's left has to win at least three times, and the player to the dealer's right has to win five times.

3 2 5 Card Game Online Variants

Explore online variations of the 3 2 5 card game, including the 3 5 8 variant with different trick quotas, a streamlined 7 8 version for two players, and engaging rule twists such as unique trump selection methods and additional point systems, adding depth and excitement to the traditional gameplay.

3 5 8 Card Game Online Variant

A more flexible adaptation of the 3 2 5 card game, the 3 5 8 variant involves three players with a standard 52-card deck. The dealer aims for 8 tricks, the player to the left pursues 5 tricks, and the last player strives for 8 tricks out of the total 16. It introduces a dynamic twist to the classic gameplay.

7 8 Card Game Online Variant

Similar to the 3 2 5 card game, the 7 8 variant is designed for two players using a 30-card deck. Over 15 hands, the dealer must secure 7 tricks, while the opponent aims for 8 or more victories to claim the match. This variant maintains the essence of the original with a streamlined two-player format.

Variations in Online Play

Explore diverse approaches in online play, such as clockwise rotations where the left player chooses trump and leads the first trick or inventive trump selection methods like revealing the 7th card or drawing from the trump maker's hand. Embrace unique rules, like Sevens serving as permanent trumps, adding strategic depth to the traditional 3 2 5 card game experience.

Additional Point System Online Variant

Some online players incorporate an extra 5 points (totalling 15) for a player achieving a remarkable feat – winning all 10 tricks. This variant adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the scoring system, rewarding skilful gameplay and strategic prowess.

Deal Rotation Online Variant

Certain online games adopt a loser-deals-next-hand approach. The player most below quota in the previous deal becomes the dealer for the next round. If everyone meets their trick quotas, the deal shifts clockwise or in the anti-clockwise direction, providing a fair and dynamic distribution of dealing responsibilities.

How To Play the Online 3 2 5 Card Game?

Step 1: Select the Dealer

Choose a dealer from the three players. The dealer shuffles the deck, and the player to their right cuts the cards. The dealer then distributes five cards to each player in a clockwise direction.

Step 2: Trump Suit Selection

The player to the right of the dealer selects the trump suit. The dealer then deals three cards to each player, followed by two more, resulting in each player having a total of ten cards.

Step 3: Leading the First Trick

The player on the dealer's right leads the first trick. Each trick is won by declaring the highest trump, or if no trumps are present, the highest card in the suit. The winner of each trick leads to the next one.

Step 4: Following Suit

In subsequent tricks, any card can lead, and players must follow suit by playing a card of the same suit or a trump card. Winners keep their cards face down for everyone to see.

Step 5: Calculating Points

After fulfilling their quoted tricks, players tally points from additional tricks. The player with the highest points after meeting the specified quota wins the round. If a player fails to meet their quota, the winning player in the next round can exchange one card randomly with the losing player.

Step 6: Set Rounds and Cumulative Score

Players can decide on a specific number of rounds for added challenges. The player with the highest cumulative score after all rounds conclude is declared the overall winner of the online 3 2 5 card game.

Remember: In the 3 2 5 cards game, the quota for the dealer is 2 tricks, the quota for the player to the left of the dealer is 3 tricks, and the quota for the player right of the dealer is 5 tricks.

3 2 5 Card Game Rules & Regulations

The following are some of the most critical 3 2 5 card game rules that you have to keep in mind:

    • The leading player, who will select the trump suit at the start of the game, should complete at least five tricks
    • The player on the left of the dealer should make at least three tricks
    • The dealer must complete at least two tricks
    • The player who fulfills his or her quota and thereby exceeds the quoted number of tricks can exchange a card with the player who has been unable to fulfill his or her quota
    • The scoring will only begin once the players have fulfilled their respective quotas
    • The deals & gameplay engagement in the 3 2 5 game must take place in an anticlockwise direction/rotation
    • Players will have to follow the suit set by the first player. In case the player doesn't have a card of that particular suit, then another card from another suit can be played
    • The player who has the highest-ranking card in a suit will win the trick
    • If multiple trumps are played in a single trick, then the highest-ranking trump will win the trick

3 2 5 Card Game Scoring Systems Or Hand Rankings

To start scoring in the 3 2 5 card game online, players have to first fulfill their respective quotas. Once the players finish their respective number of tricks that they were to complete (at minimum), they will obtain one point per additional trick that they can win. For example, if a player who has a quota of three tricks wins five tricks, then he or she will earn two points.

Similarly, a player who has a quota of two tricks has to fulfill that number first before they can start earning one point for each additional winning trick.

3 2 5 Card Game (Teen Do Panch) Vs Poker Game

The biggest difference between poker and the Teen Do Panch card game is the inclusion of quotas that the players have to fulfill before they can start scoring. In poker, there is no limit to the number of quoted tricks that the players have to fulfill. But, in the 3 2 5 card game, players will either have to win the quoted 2, 3 or 5 tricks.

Furthermore, the game of poker can be played by a maximum of 14 players, while only 3 players can play in the 3 2 5 card game.

Hence, poker is surely the better card game to play between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for the 3 2 5 card game?

In the 3 2 5 card game, three players use a 30-card deck. Each player has trick quotas (dealer - 2, player to the right - 5, player to the left - 3), and points are calculated after fulfilling quotas, with the highest scorer winning.


What is the 3 2 1 card game?

The 3 2 1 card game may refer to a simplified trick-taking game where players aim for 3, 2, and 1 trick quotas, but specific rules can vary.


What is the 3 5 7 card game?

In the 3 5 7 card game, three players use a standard deck, aiming for trick quotas of 3, 5, and 7. The player with the most tricks above their quota wins the game.


How do you play the card game 3 2 5?

To play the 3 2 5 card game, choose a dealer, distribute 10 cards in batches, select a trump suit, lead tricks, follow suit, score points after fulfilling quotas, and exchange cards if necessary. The player with the highest cumulative score wins.


In conclusion, the 3 2 5 card game offers an intriguing blend of strategy and skill, making it a captivating choice for card game enthusiasts. Its straightforward rules make it fairly simple to play, while the goal of fulfilling trick quotas adds depth to each round. Exploring online variations makes it all the more exciting with diverse gameplay experiences. When engaging online, prioritize safety by choosing reputable platforms and adhering to responsible gaming practices, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all players.

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