Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish

Online gaming is one of the best sources of instant gratification, fun, and community building. Playing a card game is an intriguing pastime plus it offers a sense of achievement when you win. Poker, Rummy, and Online Go fish card games have been on the top of the list for online game players when it comes to making good money and having a great, fun time at it. While you can read more about Poker and Rummy here, let's get into the details of the Go Fish card game online and its rules.

How To Play The Go Fish Card Game?

Go fish is a super fun card game you can play with friends - both online and offline. If you have already played card games, understanding the Go fish card game rules will be very easy for you.

To play the game, you must meet these two requirements:

  • A pack of 52 cards (54, including the Jokers)
  • 2 to 6 players (Up to 10)

An individual sitting on the left of the dealer begins the game. Then, the next turn comes and the game moves in a clockwise rotation. Collecting as many books as possible is the only way for a player to win in a Go Fish card game. A book is a set of all the suits of a particular rank, for eg. - Aces of all the four suits.

Go Fish Card Game Rules

The sole rule of ‘Go Fish’ is to form as many groups of four similar cards as he can. This similarity of the cards should be of the same card numbers. A player will get one point when he gathers the card with the number 3 from all the sets of diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs.

A player can ask for any card (considering cards that he already has) from any player. If the second player gives him the card he asked for, he continues asking for other cards from different players. The process keeps going on until the card asked for fails to appear.

Go Fish Card Game Process

  • Begin with shuffling: The group decides on an individual who shuffles the deck of cards and does not try to peep through the cards.
  • Card distribution: The same individual who shuffled the cards, now evenly distributes them among the players. In the game of 2 players - we offer 7 cards to each player while as the number of players increases, we offer 5 cards to each player.
  • Face down the remaining cards: Once the dealer distributes the cards, he puts the remaining cards face down on the table.
  • Play and enjoy: Now that all the players have cards in their hands, they can play. The game continues till there is no card left with the players.

Playing Go Fish Card Online

Playing the go fish card game online with friends is slightly different from the one we play offline. Once the game is set up in a way that all the players have their cards and the deck pile lies on the table, we begin with asking and fishing.

For asking and fishing, the first player is randomly chosen and then other players can choose their turns. For instance, Player A will look at his set of cards and ask any player (say, Player C) for the cards he wants. Do you have any sixes? The condition is that Player A can only ask for a card he has in his set.

Now, if Player C has the card, he would give all the sixes he has to Player A. Then, Player A would ask Player B or Player D (as per his choice) for the next card he wants. However, if Player C does not have the card Player A asked for, he will say ‘Go Fish’ meaning, Player A will have to pick a card from the deck of random cards.

If a card with rank six appears in the card he picks, he would continue to ask for more cards from other players. But, if the same card fails to show up, Player A’s turn will end and the next turn will be of the player sitting on the left.

The game keeps on going till all the books are completed. At times, the cards on the deck get finished and there are no cards left to pick up. In this case, the players play with the cards they are left in their hands. Eventually, the player with the most books leads the game.

The Go Fish card game is a renowned game among amateurs and professionals. However, it is partly based on chance as the player has to be a little lucky to keep getting the books. Unlike Go Fish, other card games, especially Poker, is a skill-based game where you win the game solely out of the sort of game you play and how you play it. If you have the skill, you can win any said game of Poker. Try it today on our platform - Register NOW!

Note - Adda52 does not host any Go Fish game in any format.

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