Satte Pe Satta Card Game

Satte pe Satta Card Game


Satte Pe Satta is designed for three to eight players and uses a standard deck of 52 cards. Also known as Dominos, Parliament, and Fan Tan in different regions, Satte Pe Satta shares similarities with the Cheat Card game but adds a unique twist to its gameplay. This card game gained exponential popularity after the release of the Bollywood film "Satte Pe Satta," starring the iconic Amitabh Bachchan.

It's a sequential card game centered around the number seven in each of the four suits. The goal is to construct suitable sequences, discard cards strategically, and be the first to complete your hand to earn the highest points.

As you read the blog, you'll gain insights into every aspect of the game, from set-up to tips and tricks. By the end, you'll not only understand the intricacies of Satte Pe Satta but also be ready for an entertaining session with friends.


Online Satte Pe Satta Card Game Overview

  • The objective of Satte Pe Satta: The objective is to get rid of all your cards before any other player. 
  • Number of Players: 3-8 players
  • Number of Cards: A standard 52-card deck
  • Audience: 12+
  • Type of Game: Card Game

If you’re a fan of card games, then the Satte Pe Satta card game can be a great way to unwind yourself. The game is similar to other card games like ‘Cheat’, but has a very different twist in the way the game is played. The primary objective in this game is to get rid of all cards in your hands before other participants by creating suitable card sequences. The player with the maximum number of points will win the game.

The Satte Pe Satta game rose to prominence in India on the back of a Bollywood film that was released under a similar name. To learn more about this card game, continue reading our insightful guide.


What Is a Satte Pe Satta Card Game?

The online Satte Pe Satta card game is all about players discarding their cards quickly, in a sequential manner. The first person starts the chain, and in every round, each player will lose his or her cards. 

The motive of the game is similar to the bluff card game, where the player has to eliminate all the cards in his or her hands before the opponents by lying or bluffing. But, in the Satte Pe Satta card game, the pot containing the cards will remain open, and every player can see each other’s cards. Hence, there will be no chance to bluff or lie.

It should be known that the Satte Pe Satta game is also known by names such as Dominos, Parliament, and Fan Tan in different parts of the world.


How To Setup Satte Pe Satta?

Setting up Satte Pe Satta is easy and ensures a smooth start to your card game fun. Follow these easy steps:

  • Begin by selecting one person to act as the dealer for the round. This individual will be responsible for shuffling and distributing the deck of 52 cards
  • The dealer distributes the cards face-down, one at a time, to each player in a clockwise direction. As each player receives their cards, they should keep them face-down and arrange them according to suits (hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds)
  • Players need to arrange their cards in chronological order within each suit. Start with Ace and go up to King. So, the order should be: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, and K for each suit
  • The dealer shuffles the deck before distributing the cards. This ensures a random distribution, adding an element of unpredictability to the game


How To Play the Satte Pe Satta Card Game?

Understanding how to play the Satte Pe Satta card game is essential to ensuring that you play to the best of your abilities. 

  • This is a sequential card game that generally revolves around the 7 cards present in the four different suits, using a deck of a total of 52 cards
  • The dealer will first distribute the 52 cards between all the participants equally. The player holding the 7 hearts will start the game by putting the card on the table
  • Players who are going to play the following turns should play cards that are around the same value as the 7 hearts
  • The next player should either play 6 or 8 hearts so that a sequence can be created. The player playing after that should play either 5 hearts or 9 hearts, based on what the previous player played
  • In case the player is short of playable cards that are incapable of creating a sequence, he or she can play a 7 from another suit
  • However, if the player doesn’t have any 7 spades, clubs, or diamonds, then he or she can pass the turn to the next player
  • The game will conclude when one of the players successfully gets rid of all the available cards in his or her hands in sequence. Now that you’ve gained a proper idea of how to play Satte Pe Satta, you can now try your skills against real-life opponents


  • Start with a 52-card deck, each player dealt equally
  • Player with 7 hearts begins
  • Sequence follows: 6, 5, 4 of hearts
  • Players strategically continue the sequence
  • If there is no matching card, play 7 from another suit
  • If no 7, pass turn
  • Game concludes when a player discards all cards in sequences
  • Now, ready to challenge friends in Satte Pe Satta!


Satte Pe Satta Card Game Rules

The following are the Satte Pe Satta card game rules that you have to remember:

  1. The standard 52-card deck should be equally distributed among all the players
  2. A player can only play one card per turn
  3. The ranking of the cards is done from ace to king, which means that the ace is the lowest and the king is the highest
  4. Players can only play a card if they have a playable card that pertains to the consecutive number rule. For example, a 9 card can only be placed after 8 and not after 10 (in any suit)
  5. Every sequence must follow a single digit. Thus, a player can only play 10 spades after 9 spades have been played. Players can’t mismatch the suit, such as by playing 10 spades after 9 diamonds
  6. If a player doesn't have a consecutive card to play, then only seven of any other suit can be played
  7. If a player neither has a consecutive card nor has a 7 card, then he or she must pass the chance and wait for the next turn
  8. In the event that a player completes all the available cards in his or her hands, that player will be declared the winner
  9. The rest of the players in the Satte Pe Satta card game online are scored based on the value of the cards that they will be holding

Note: If there are multiple rounds, then the player with the lowest score will win.


Satte Pe Satta Card Game Scoring Systems Or Hand Rankings

The scoring system in the satta card game is based on the value of every card. 

Ace – 1 point

Numeral cards – Based on their numbers

Jack – 11 points

Queen – 12 points

King – 13 points


Satte Pe Satta Card Game Vs Online Poker

Firstly, the satta game of cards is a sequential card game compared to poker. In Satte Pe Satta, every player will be responsible for creating a continued sequence. For instance, if a player plays 5 hearts, then the next player must play either 4 hearts or 6 hearts, and so on. On the other hand, in poker, players only create sequences for themselves, limited to their hands.

Furthermore, in Satte Pe Satta, the player who gets rid of all the cards in his or her hands will win the game. But, in poker, the player with the highest-valued hand will win. Besides, in Satte Pe Satta, the ace is the lowest-scoring card, while in poker, the ace is the highest-valued card.

Hence, it can be easily concluded that online poker is a much more versatile and enjoyable game than the 7-on-7 card game.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is the Satte Pe Satta Card Game?

Ans - The Satte Pe Satta card game is all about players getting rid of their cards as quickly as they can, by following a consecutive sequential process. The player who gets rid of all the cards in his/her hands first will win the game. 

Q - What is the easiest card game to learn?

Ans - There are multiple types of card games out there that are easy to learn, but out of them, only poker is the easiest of the bunch. It’s more effortless & seamless to play than Satte Pe Satta.

Q - What does Satte Pe Satta mean? 

Ans - Satte Pe Satta" in Hindi means "on the seven." It's a colloquial expression often used to convey a situation or action, gaining popularity through a renowned Bollywood film and a popular card game.



In summary, Satte Pe Satta is a dynamic and entertaining card game that gained widespread popularity, particularly in India, after the release of the Bollywood film of the same name. The game involves strategic card play, creating sequential sequences centred around the number seven, and aiming to be the first to discard all cards.

Through this guide, readers have learned the setup, rules, and scoring system of Satte Pe Satta, gaining a thorough understanding of how to play the game effectively. The blog provides a comprehensive overview, making readers ready for an enjoyable session with friends. So, gather your deck, follow the steps, and get on a table to have fun with Satte Pe Satta!

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