Concentration Card Game


What is Concentration Card Game

Concentration card games are one of the most popular games when it comes to house card games. Apart from concentration, it is also known as Memory, Match and Mexico card game. The game is very easy and loved by many people around the world. Even the kids can play this game to sharpen up their memory skills. 

Card games of concentration is a fun game that can be played between two or more people. You can also play concentration games online by inviting your friends and family members on the platform.

Rules of the Concentration Card Game

The rules of the Concentration card game are quite simple and straight.

  1. You need to put all the cards face down in four rows; each row consisting of 13 cards. If you want to add the Jokers in the game, then you can form six rows of 9 cards each. 
  2. Any player can start the game by turning two cards face up. If the value of the turned cards match, then the cards will become his/her hand.
  3. More pair structures can be added to make the game trickier. For example- the cards of the same color or suit could also be considered as a pair. 
  4. If a player turns a card of a different rank from the previous card he/she turned, then both of the cards will remain face up for the next player to make a pair with these cards on their  respective turns.
  5. The players will keep turning two cards at a time until all of the cards are put in a pair. The player with the most number of hands becomes the winner of the game. 

Variations of the Concentration Card Game

To maintain the simplicity and fun of the game, not many variations are introduced in the Concentration card game. Here are a few popular ones:

  • One Flip- In this type of variation, the one who got the match hand, will not be allowed to pick another card to match, as he/she has to wait till his/her next chance. 

Ex- If there is 4 players are playing and 3rd player make the match, then he/she have to wait till didn’t get again his/her chance.

  • Any Colour-  It is one of the simplest and the most played variation among every age player. In this variation the card which  has the same will be considered as the match. The value of ranks are not important to make the match. 

Ex- J of spades can match with any card which consists of any value, but the colour card should be black. 

  • Zebra-  In this variation, the colour of both cards must be different and the rank should be matched. 

Ex- 6 of hearts can match with 6 of Clubs, but not with 6 of diamonds. 

Strategies to win the Concentration Card Games

The memory card game is so simple and easy to play, but again there are such strategies which makes this card game more easy to win. 

  • Concentration is all about how much you memorize the cards which are present on the table. So try to memorize the positions of as many cards as you can. 
  • It is very important to remember the moves of your opponent which create a direct impact in your game. While playing the player should be attentive about all the moves which are taken by his opponent.
  • Before turning any card on the table to make the match, be very wise to flip up the card. As your move will define your opponent's next move. If you play wisely, then you can compete with all players, otherwise your bad gameplay will surely make things easier for your opponent. 

Play concentration card games online, as the more you will play the more you will get to know the game.

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Concentration Card Game Related FAQS-

How to play a Concentration card game?

To play the Concentration card game, you have to place the cards face down in 4 rows with 13 cards each. Each player should pick two cards. By picking if both the values of the cards match then it will become a hand for that player. In the end, the one who holds maximum hands will win the game.

How to win the Concentration card game?

To win this match, all you need to be attentive throughout the game. As this game is all about how much you memorize the positions of the cards which are face down. Get the concentration game free download on your device and practice more till you understand and win the game.

How to play concentration card games online?

You can easily play these memory card games on your phone and even on your desktop. In the play store you will easily find many Concentration card games free online where you simply make your account and start playing. Apart from that you can also play Poker on Adda52 where you get more fun and could earn real money.

How will the winner be declared in this match card game?

As we said in the end when there will be no cards on the table, then the one who made more hands will be declared as the winner. There are also chances when two players score the same numbers of hands. In these cases the game was declared a tie between the two.

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