How to Play Cheat Card Game With Rules

Cheat Card Game

Cheat card, also known as liar, bluff, bullshit & so on, is a very exciting card game. To win & master this game, players need to finish their cards as soon as possible. Skills and memory are the two things which play a vital role in this cheat game.

Apart from skills, another major helping tool to win this card game is bluff. The more you are good at bluffing, the more hands you can lose in the game.

How to Play Cheat Game?

A Cheat card game is played between 2 to 10 players. If there are 4 players playing, then an ideal deck of cards will be sufficient for the gameplay. And if there are more than 4 players playing, then more than one deck of cards will be needed.

Now after having the cards, there will be one dealer who’ll deal the cards equally to all the four players. There are chances that one or more players gets one additional or a lesser card while the distribution of cards. But this doesn’t affect ‌gameplay in any respect. After dealing the cards, the one who sits just left to the dealer, will first put a card in the center of the table.

So when the first player drops the card on the table, he/she has to tell the other players what value of card he/she has dropped. As suits were not considered at all in this Cheat card game, so only the value of cards are ‌important . After hearing the card value from the first player, the next has a choice of whether to believe his call or ask him/her to show the card. If the card value was the same as the player said, then the one who asks to show him/her card will have to take that card in his hand. And if that card is not the same as he/she told to other players, then the one who dropped that card on the table, has to put it back in his hand card.

Here’s how the Cheat card game takes place on the table. During the gameplay the one who finishes all his/her cards will be declared as winner.

Cheat Card Gameplay

Cheat card game is a card game of how you fairly lie while playing. And to more understand this here we mention below the proper gameplay of this Cheat card, through which you can get to know how property play cheat game.

Suppose there are four players playing a Cheat card game on the table- A, B, C & D.

So here A will be the dealer and B is sitting on the left side towards A. C is sitting right to B and D is sitting right towards A. Now A dealt the cards to all the players. After dealing the cards, B will start to drop his card first as he is sitting left towards A. After dropping, no one has any doubt on B and then the whole cycle keeps moving till A. Now again, B dropped his card, but this time C has a doubt on it. So here C asks B to show his card, and after B exposes his cards, it comes out that B is lying. Now B has to pick all the cards which are dropped down in the center of the table.

By this the whole game will commence, and the one who finishes his game first, will be declared the winner.

Cheat Game Rules

In the Cheat card game, there is no such specific game rule as we discussed above, but that doesn’t mean it carries no rule. The only main rule to master in this game is bluffing.

Bluffing plays a very vital role in Cheat card games. This is the weapon through which players can lie with each other, which they have to do to win the game. Through the game, the more smartly you bluff all the players, the more your winning chances arise.

Strategies of Cheat Card Game

Here below we mentioned a few strategies to apply, through which you can master this cheat game.

  1. After getting the cards from the dealer, position them in your hand in the sequenced way. This makes your mindset more clear while playing the game.
  2. Don’t bluff again and again. Bluffing is an important and core aspect of the Cheat card game, but it doesn’t mean that you keep using it unnecessary. Use bluff till it is needed, apart from that save your smart bluffy skills for the remaining gameplay.
  3. A sharp & good memory also helps you to recall those cards that had been already dropped. As if you know that the card which a player calls while dropping, had already dropped earlier, so here it will become your chance to win the game.

Cheat Game Vs Poker

Cheat game is an exciting card game, which gives you lots of joy and fun. But when it comes to earning real money, then cheat games are not that place you are searching for.   

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Cheat Card Game FAQs

How can a player win in a Cheat card game?

To win the Cheat card game all you have to do is lose your cards as much as you can. The earlier you finish, the more early you will win.

How many players can play the Cheat card game?

Cheat cards can be played between 2 to 10 players.

Can we make money while playing the Cheat card game?

You can play a Cheat card game for just fun, but there is no money winning concept. To win real money you can play Poker game on Adda52, where you can get multiple card games & also can earn a real amount of money at the same time.

Can we play Cheat card games online?

There are many online apps & websites where you can play Cheat card game online. And if you want to play a type of card game which gives you excitement, then play Poker on Adda52. Adda52 is the best poker site where you can play real cash games and win from your skills.

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