How to Play 29 Card Games

How to Play 29 Card Games


The 29 Card game is a trick-taking game that uses a standard 52-card deck, excluding the cards below 9 in each suit. Players use cards from 8 to 5 to make trump.

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you understand the game:

How to Play a 29 Card Game?

The objective of the 29 Cards game is to win tricks(hand), a set of four cards, one from each player. The player who plays the highest value card wins the trick and can keep all the cards of it.

Card Values:

The cards in each suit are ranked from high to low: J (Jack), 9, A (Ace), 10, K (King), Q (Queen), 8, 7. The total number of points in the game is 28 with:

  • 2 points for 9s of all suits
  • 3 points for Jacks of all suits
  • 1 point for 10s and Aces of all suits
  • Kings, Queens, 8s, and 7s have no point


A player forms a partnership with the player sitting opposite to them.

Card Distribution:

Each player is dealt 10 cards, and the bidding starts.

29 Card Game Rules:


  • Players bid for the right to choose the trump suit
  • The highest bidder (the one who bids the most points) chooses the trump suit
  • The minimum bid is 15

Game Play:

  • The player who won the bid leads the first trick
  • Players must follow suit if possible, otherwise, they can play any card
  • The highest card in the trump suit or the highest card of the leading suit wins the trick


  • The team that wins the bid must score at least the number of points they bid
  • If they succeed, they earn the points bid. If they fail, those points are subtracted
  • Additional points can be scored by winning specific tricks, such as the 29 point trick (Jack and 9 of the trump suit)

Tips and Tricks:

Master the Trump Suit:

Understand the hierarchy of suits. Knowing the trump suit is crucial, as it determines the most powerful cards in the game.

Memorize the order of trump cards, focusing on high-value ones. This knowledge will help you predict the potential outcomes of tricks.

Point Counting Strategy:

While counting points, prioritize high-value cards like Aces and 10s. However, be cautious of cards with negative points, as they can quickly turn a winning hand into a losing one.

Consider the potential points in your hand before deciding your bid. A strategic bid can set the tone for the entire game.

Leading with Low Trumps:

Leading with low trump cards can force opponents to play their higher trumps, leaving you with an advantage in later tricks. Use this strategy when you have a relatively weak hand in terms of high-value cards but a good number of low trumps.

Observing Discards:

Analyzing opponents' discards helps you make educated guesses about the distribution of cards. If an opponent discards a high-value card, it might indicate a strong suit in their hand. Adjust your strategy based on the discards, and use the information to your advantage.

Strategic Trump Management:

You should save your trump cards for crucial moments. If you use them too early, opponents may play their higher trumps afterward, making it challenging to win important tricks later. Consider the context of the game before deciding when to play your trumps.

Tracking Played Cards:

Keeping track of played cards helps you infer which cards are still in play. This information is valuable for making strategic decisions in subsequent tricks. Develop a mental map of the played cards, especially focusing on key high-value cards.

Bid Wisely:

Avoid overbidding, as it can lead to negative points. Assess the strength of your hand, considering the trump suit, high-value cards, and potential tricks. A conservative bid can keep you in a safe point range, while an aggressive bid may backfire if the cards don't favor your hand.

Effective Communication:

In team play, communication with your partner is essential. Share information about the cards in your hand, discuss potential strategies, and coordinate bids to maximize your team's overall performance.

Variations of 29 Card:

The 29 Card game has several variations and regional types that add unique twists to the gameplay. Here are some types of the game:

Standard 29 Card Game:

This is the most common version of the game, usually played in South Asia. It involves a deck of 32 cards (from 7 to Ace in all four suits), and players bid for the right to choose the trump suit.

Twenty-Eight (28) Card Game:

In some regions, such as Nepal, a variation of the 29 Card game is played with a 28-card deck, excluding the 8s. The gameplay and rules are similar to the standard version, with adjustments for the smaller deck.

Double Sar:

Double Sar is a variation of the 29 Card game played in Afghanistan. It follows many standard rules but may have regional differences in bidding, scoring, and trump selection.

Twenty-Nine (29) in India:

In India, especially in West Bengal, the 29 Card game is played with variations in partnership rules. It is often played with four players in fixed partnerships, adding a layer of strategic collaboration.

Sri Lankan Variation:

Sri Lanka has its own version of the 29 Card game with slight rule variations. The gameplay is similar, but scoring and some rules may differ.

Bangladeshi Variation:

In Bangladesh, the 29 Card game is a popular pastime, and while it follows the basic rules, there might be variations in bidding styles and scoring methods.

Jass (Swiss Variation):

Jass is a Swiss card game that shares similarities with the 29 Card game. It is played with 36 cards and involves bidding for points. While not identical, players familiar with the 29 Card game might find some common elements.

Triumph (German Variation):

Triumph is a German card game that features a trump suit. While not a direct variation of the 29 Card game, it includes some similar elements, such as trump card selection and trick-taking.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you play 29 Marriage?

29 Marriage is a trick-taking card game for four players in two teams. Players bid for the number of tricks they will take, and the game involves trump suits and point scoring.

What are the ranks in the 29 Card game?

In a 29 Card game, the ranks, from highest to lowest, are Jack (3 points), Nine (2 points), Ace (1 point), Ten (1 point), and King (0 points). Other cards have no points.

What is the 7th card rule in 29?

The 7th card rule in the 29 Card game states that if a player declares the trump suit as the seventh card, they can choose any trump suit they desire, providing a strategic advantage.

What is the highest card in 29?

In the 29 Card game, the highest card is the Jack, which holds the highest point value of 3. The ranking, from highest to lowest, is Jack, Nine, Ace, Ten, and King.


A 29 Card game requires a combination of strategic bidding, skillful play, and teamwork. Players bid, choose trump suits, and aim to win tricks with high-value cards. Whether you are a casual player or aiming for a competitive match, you can play 29 online to enjoy a simple yet engaging experience.

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