PLO 5 Card Game

What is 5 Card PLO?

5 Card PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) is a Poker game variant derived from the game of Texas Hold’em. It is not much different from the PLO 4, with the only distinction being the extra hole card that is presented to the players at the beginning of the game. For players who are already well-versed in PLO 4 can easily play the 5-Card PLO game. However, a new player who has not played any of the Pot-limit Omaha variants should understand the game in detail before hitting the felts.

Understanding PLO 5 Card Game

Among the many variations in the poker money earning games, PLO5 is the one where the variance is quite high (like PLO 6), meaning the player has a high number of chances of making the best Poker hand rankings and winning the pot. But just like other Poker variations, the game is a two-way street when it comes to taking or losing the pot as a higher variance could mean even better odds for your opponent. So, to play the game, you will need to have a deep understanding of Poker and good analytical skills.

As we discussed earlier, 5 Card PLO rules are almost similar to Texas Holdem Poker. Hence, it is advisable for beginners to play Hold’em Poker first before playing the PLO variants. The game will help you in understanding the basics of the game like hand rankings, best positions to play, etc., which in turn, will help you to better understand the game of PLO5.

Basic Rules of the 5-Card PLO

There are some basics for playing the PLO5 Poker game. As it is a cash game, it's important to keep the rules of this card game in mind to avoid silly mistakes in your gameplay and score a spotless win. 

  1. Five Hole cards are dealt to the player in the beginning and five Community cards are opened on the table during the game. 
  2. It is mandatory to use at least two of your hole cards and any 3 of your community cards to make a Hand Ranking in PLO 5.
  3. Unlike No-limit Holdem Poker, there is a limit to how much money a player can put into the pot while raising it. The said limit is only the amount of money already present in the pot. For example, if the total money within the pot is ₹2,000 in a betting round, a player can only raise up to ₹2,000 and not a penny more.
  4. Hand Rankings are the same as in the Texas Hold’em i.e. High Card, One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, and Royal Flush. 

Besides the above basics, the game unfolds in five rounds of betting. The betting rounds are concluded the same as in Holdem Poker.

  • Blinds

The game starts with the blinds, i.e., the forced bets. The leftmost player to the dealer will bet a small blind and the second-most left player will post the big blind to the pot. Post that, every player will receive their five-hole cards. The first betting round concludes and we move to the Flop.

  • Flop

In the flop round, three cards are dealt face-up on the table and here, the thinking gears of the players start getting accelerated. The second betting round is concluded and then comes the Turn.

  • Turn

The fourth community card is dealt face-up on the table. The third betting round follows.

  • River

After the Turn, the River card comes. The final community card comes up and the final betting round follows.

  • Showdown

If two or more players make it through the fifth betting round, a showdown of cards happens where all the remaining players must opt out of two of their hole cards to make the best possible hand with three of the community cards. The player with the best-ranking hand wins the pot.

Best Strategies for PLO 5

Be it PLO 5 or any other Pot-Limit Omaha game, it is always better to have a few strategies handy. So, here are some strategies that will help you win the game:

  1. Keep an eye on the pot size: Many beginners make the mistake of incessantly calling and raising once they think that they have hit good cards. However, it is wise not to inflate the pot. A pot-size raise may scare away your opponents and will cost you a chance of winning better money. Even if you want to raise, it is a good 5-Card PLO Strategy to not raise more than 2/3rd of the current pot limit.

  2. Keep your bankroll healthy: Your bankroll stats are an indication of the profitability of your gameplay. In a game like PLO 5, it is important to make calculated bets and consider the return on investment or the affordability of the risk in terms of bankroll management.

  3. Patience is the key: Poker is a game of patience and a 5 Card PLO Mastermind knows it. Not every hand will be your hand and likewise; a bad beat once in a while does not mean your chance is over. Stay true to the good practices and wait for the right cards for a big game. Remember, it is important to play the game wisely, not wildly.

You will understand the game a lot better while playing on our Poker app. You will find many variations of the real money Poker games and Poker offers that you can use to play your favorite game - PLO 5.

PLO 5 Card Game Related FAQs

What is 5 Card PLO?

5 Card PLO is a popular variation of card game poker. In this variant, players get five hole cards and five community cards to make the best possible hand and win the pot.

What is the difference between PLO 4 & PLO 5?

There is only one difference between PLO 4 & PLO 5 - the former is played with four-hole cards and the latter is played with five.

What does PLO in Poker mean?

PLO stands for Pot Limit Omaha, meaning a player can’t raise above the total value of the pot.

How to make a hand in PLO 5?

The players must use at least two of their hole cards & any three of the community cards to make a hand in PLO 5.

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