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Poker Game Points (PGPs) is a point system based on the user’s gameplay. PGPs can be accumulated when you play on the cash tables and generate rake. 
Formula: 1 PGP = ₹0.10 rake generated

PGPs are calculated monthly for categorizing the user’s club level. Monthly PGPs signify level-up and stay criteria and get reset on the 1st of every month at 6:30:00 AM. 

Note: Month is treated as Day 1, 6:30 AM - Day 1 of next month 6:30 AM.

Clubs are different levels of Adda52 Rewards program. There are total of 5 Clubs in Adda52 Rewards program - Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court & Acers Adda. Rookie Club is the first tier level of the Adda52 program and players can move up to the highest tier viz. Acers Adda.

When you sign-up, you are automatically a member of the Rookie club. Basis the PGPs earned on a monthly basis, you can upgrade your club level. Your monthly PGPs gets reset on 1st of every month at 6:40:00 a.m.

As soon as you achieve required PGPs in a month, you are upgraded to the next level. Please see the table below:

ClubsPGPs required to level up
Rookie Club 60,000
Jacks Den 16,00,000
Queens Haven 70,00,000
Kings Court 1,15,00,000
Acers Adda NA

Every month you need to earn PGPs which is 20% of your club entry requirement. For example: To stay in Queens Haven, you will need to earn atleast 20% of 16,00,000 = 3,20,000 PGPs

In case you are not able to earn PGPs required to either stay or upgrade your level for 3 consecutive months, you will be dropped to a lower club.

Adda52 Store is an exclusive online store where you can redeem crowns for some exciting rewards like - eVouchers, Tourney tickets, Instant Bonus, Gadgets and much more!

All unused crowns expire if the user does not login to Adda52 for 90 consecutive days.

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