Turn your dream into reality!

With “Poker Night with Stars” , Adda52 is providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the Poker players to play the classic card game with their favorite celebrities.

How to Participate



Participate in any tournament and accumulate points to qualify for the Freeroll, Low buy-in (Rs. 10 to Rs. 499) or Mid buy-in (Rs.500 to Rs. 1999) leaderboards. The leaderboards will run during the contest period.

The top 5 players from each leaderboard (total 15 players) will battle it out in the ‘Poker Night With Stars’ Sit & Go tournament for the ticket to play. The winner will get the opportunity to compete with the star in the Sit & Go tournament.


Cash Games

Play cash games on Novice, Advance or Elite stakes. One player with the maximum number of wins(1st rank) from each of these stakes gets to play with the star. In case of a tie in the maximum number of wins on cash leaderboard, the person winning the maximum count earlier will qualify.


Lucky Draw

The first time depositors on Adda52.com can participate in the ‘Lucky Draw’ during the contest period. From this pool of depositors, 2 winners will be selected to play with the star.

Prize Struture

The event offers both new and experienced players an equal opportunity to win from the prize pool of Rs. 5 Lakhs in the Sit & Go tournament with the star. There will be 8 players including the star on the final table and here’s how the prize money will be distributed among the participants:

Rank Percentage Total Amount (in Rs.) = 500000
1 25% 1,25,000
2 20% 1,00,000
3 15% 75,000
4 13% 60,000
5 10% 50,000
6 8% 40,000
7 6% 30,000
8 4% 20,000

Terms and Conditions


  • Discrimination against or harassment of players based on race, color, caste, religion, sex, age, nationality, disability is not acceptable.

  • Use of abusive language is prohibited.

  • Use of drugs, alcohol is not allowed.

  • No clothing with offensive graphics and texts can be worn during the stream.

  • Display Ethical and honest gameplay.

  • Conduct himself /herself soberly while on the Stream, show proper respect and civility to all concerned.

  • Players can not promote other competitive brands on the stream, verbally or graphically.


Cash Games:

  • Only the hands played on Texas Hold’em & PLO on BB 0.25 to BB 100 will be considered

  • Player who tops the ‘Poker night with Pollard’ leaderboard for Novice, Advance or Elite segment gets to play poker(online) with cricketer Salim merchant on 6th November.

  • Players who top the leaderboard must share their shipping address by 25th Oct from their registered email address to deliver the Video Kit for live streaming. In case of no response, the next player will be provided with the opportunity.

  • Only Non Heads Up and Post Flop Hands will be considered for the contest

    • POST FLOP : Actions on the table that happen after the "flop" round

    • FLOP : The first three community cards dealt out on the table put face up.

  • Contest available for both Texas Hold’em & PLO variant.

Lucky Draw:

  • To decide the winner, there will be a 'Lucky Draw' from the Pool of Depositors*.Contest Period- 26th September- 26th October 2022
    (*Pool of Depositors will be defined based on the dates mentioned above.)

  • Winner Announcement Date: 26th November 2022

  • 2 winners will be decided through the lucky draw.

  • Minimum deposit amount is ₹50.

  • Players who are chosen from the lucky draw must share their shipping address by 27th Oct from their registered email address to deliver the Video Kit for live streaming. In case of no response, the next player will be provided with the opportunity.

Other T&C:

  • Adda52.com reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

  • T&Cs apply.

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