Adda52 Advantage Program Is Here To Mesmerize Poker Players

The biggest surprise of 2018 has finally been revealed!

Adda52 has introduced an innovative and exceptional loyalty program – Adda52 Advantage to acknowledge and commemorate the loyalty of its frequent cash players. It is our way of expressing our sincere appreciation for the unwavering support of our highly esteemed users.

The moment you place a wager on a cash game on the website, you automatically become a member of Adda52 Advantage club.

There are five levels of the program i.e.

  1. Rookie Club
  2. Jacks Den
  3. Queens Haven
  4. Kings Court
  5. Acers Adda

When you start your first game at the cash tables, you become a Rookie Club member and as you keep playing more, your levels keep increasing. There are 4 crates – also called Mystery Boxes- in each level which are filled with fabulous surprise benefits. The player needs to meet certain criteria at each level to open these crates. The more you play, the more crates you unlock and the bigger benefits and rewards you receive.

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Click here for more details about Adda52 Advantage Program. You can get all the information about your current loyalty level status by clicking the Adda52 Advantage icon in the game lobby.


  • Adda52 Advantage’s exclusive benefits include:
  • Crown (Adda52 Currency which you can redeem at the Adda52 store. Every 5 crowns are equivalent to 1 Instant Bonus)
  • Great Bonuses
  • Tickets to major Live poker tournaments.
  • Poker & Travel Packages

Below values are the maximum rewards a player can earn per club through the crates every month –

Club Instant Bonus Crowns Tournament Tickets Poker & Travel Packages
Rookie Club 1k 2K 20K 55K
Jacks Den 2.5K 12K 30K 100K
Queens Haven 10K 35K 50K 200K
Kings Court 20K 75K 70K 300K
Acers Adda 50K 300K 100K 10L

Locked Bonus Release

It is Adda52’s unique rakeback program. A player earns the locked bonus (bonus chips) by using bonus codes when he makes a deposit on the website. Locked bonus releases on every wager of Rs. 999 on the cash tables. The maximum value of locked bonus release depends on the table stakes and the current club of the player.


Clubs Low Stakes (1/2 to 25/50) Mid Stakes (50/100 to 100/200) High Stakes (200/400 & Above) Monthly Locked Bonus Release
Rookie Club Rs. 8 Rs. 3 Rs. 2 Rs. 5K
Jacks Den Rs. 9 Rs. 4 Rs. 3 Rs. 30K
Queens Haven Rs. 11 Rs. 5 Rs. 4 Rs. 60K
Kings Court Rs. 13 Rs. 6 Rs. 4 Rs. 1L
Acers Adda Rs. 15 Rs. 6 Rs. 5 Rs. 1.5L

Crate Opening Criteria 

Each club has 4 crates of surprises! To open a crate of a specific club, player needs to play the required number of hands, tournaments, and streaks. A steak is when the player plays at least one postflop hand on a ring table for “x” number of days continuously. For ex.- if a player plays for 2 days consecutively, it is called a 2-day streak.

Here is the criteria of opening crates at each level of Adda52 Advantage program –

Rookie Club –

Level Hands Tournament (Min Buy-in 100) Streak
Crate 1 20 0 0
Crate 2 200 0 3
Crate 3 700 1 3
Crate 4 1500 1 3


Jacks Den –

Level Hands Tournament (Min Buy-in 100) Streak
Crate 1 800 0 0
Crate 2 2500 0 5
Crate 3 5000 1 5
Crate 4 10000 2 5

Queens Haven –

Level Hands Tournament (Min Buy-in 100) Streak
Crate 1 4000 0 0
Crate 2 8000 0 7
Crate 3 12000 1 7
Crate 4 16000 2 7

Kings Court –

Level Hands Tournament (Min Buy-in 100) Streak
Crate 1 7000 0 0
Crate 2 10000 0 7
Crate 3 14000 1 7
Crate 4 18000 2 7

Acers Adda –

Level Hands Tournament (Min Buy-in 100) Streak
Crate 1 9000 0 0
Crate 2 12000 0 7
Crate 3 15000 1 7
Crate 4 20000 2 7

Commenting on Adda52 Advantage program, Mohit Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder of Adda52 said, “The need of the multidimensional program arose when our research showed that each user has unique playing style in terms of hands they play or the stakes they choose. Thus, it was imperative that each be rewarded appropriately for the effort they are putting in. We have made use of complex algorithm to factor in the playing style, thus, keeping the distribution of points or bonus and rewards as seamless as possible.”

As per Kapil Arora, Product Head at, “We have both rake-back and rewards stitched together in our new loyalty program. This combination gives players maximum benefits (cash bonus & rewards) and flexibility to open as many crates based on the volume of their game play. There are a lot of other cool gadgets like Smart phones, Speakers, Headphones, Laptops, Watches, Motor-bike and Luxury Car in Adda52 store which can be purchased by redeeming crowns earned from the crates. Adda52 Advantage is full of surprises & benefits and an ultimate destination of exciting rewards for all the players”.

Adda52 is dedicated to providing India’s best online gaming services and user appreciation programs to ensure that every player has a positive and exceptional online gaming experience and the satisfaction levels always remain high.


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