Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The APPT or the Asia Pacific Poker Tour was started six years ago in 2007, and is considered to be the pioneering poker championship series in this part of the world. It was based on models created by the European Poker Tour, the North American Poker Tour and was followed by the Latin American Poker Tour. It is similar to these other big-ticker poker championships and the amount of money involved, as well as the level of competition, is quite amazing. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is in its eight seasons and is really taken as hardcore among professionals well as amateur poker players in the region.

Countries Involved:

The championship is sponsored by the Poker Stars and it is one of the most popular poker championships in the world. The participating countries include the Philippines, South Korea, Australia, China, Japan, and Tasmania and so on. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour has spread out across a number of cities in just a single season. The first season saw the participation of many countries and was held across four locations including Manila, Macau, Seoul, and Sydney. The first season saw only five events being held under the banner of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour but later seasons have seen far more range in the kind of events held.

Tourism Prospects:

There are many kinds of perks that come along with the Asia Pacific Poker Tour. Players can experience the luxury and exoticism which are part of this tournament. Some of the biggest hotels in the region host this championship in some of the most picturesque places in the world to make these events unforgettable and also to make gaming a way for making big money. The Asia Pacific Poker Tour is known for the high level of competition it attracts and it has grown into one of the most viable and well known poker championships in the world.

Thus, with the development and rapid growth of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, the game of poker has got a much needed boost in the Asia Pacific region, where it had not been very popular before.


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