Digital Working And Hiring In The New Normal

The world is passing through a difficult time of lockdowns and restrictions due to the unending fear of pandemics. Still, the day-to-day business is being conducted as usual sans traveling. Adding to it is the uncertainty of getting the vaccination shot which has become quite a challenge. Corporates are wondering how to find candidates for an interview and assess their qualities to enable them to decide to select a candidate. 

Most of the organizations have already adopted a flexible way of working with distant employees who are connected virtually to their companies. Also, people have adopted a habit of playing a few money-earning games online. People play and win cash through games such as Poker. Human resource management has developed itself to adapt to this change. Cloud platforms have facilitated the companies to enable them to recruit new talents even if they live in other countries. This is the time of transition from in-person to virtual interviews. Though difficult to assess a candidate’s fitment to the company, it is the only way the process can be expedited on time. This will also give rise to new techniques to select a candidate through virtual mode. 

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Data privacy of candidate

Here the onus lies with the company as they must have a privacy policy as laid by the law in their jurisdiction. A candidate expects the company to keep his data private as it may lead to other complexities if leaked. On the other hand, an organization must ensure the identity of the candidate to make sure if they are dealing with the same person who has expressed interest. That so happens in online card games as well where the data of every player is kept confidential. one solution is to adopt digital modes of identification such as biometric voice and face match. 

Orientation and training 

Once the recruitment process is done the candidate needs to be trained and kept engaged in orientation activities. The organization should try to replicate the same model adopted with their existing employees through a virtual medium. Fortunately, with the presence of online meeting applications such as zoom call, google hangouts, and many more it has become quite normal to attend meetings and other interactions virtually. An organization can also have informal internal social media where employees can share their moments to develop a more personal connection such as already happening in online gaming platforms where people play Texas Holdem poker.  Initiatives and volunteer activities can also be addressed through these social handles, thereby fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities of an organization. This will enable the recruits to understand the organization and have a sense of belonging to their organization.

Through responsibility, we can make diversity a living reality.

Because of the nature of remote employment, talents have taken precedence over other considerations when evaluating candidates. In the middle of all the dread and gloom, the sector is demonstrating its resilience. For workers and job seekers, the HR department represents a beacon of optimism and certainty. In these uncertain times, new-age digital hiring platforms are breaking the suffocating shackles of uncertainty. Employee recruiting has improved, and new-age digital service providers are capitalizing on the trend by offering a revolutionary employee experience. Because of virtual hiring solutions, firms and employees may breathe a sigh of relief during these lockdown periods. They can work from home as well as enjoy their favorite poker tournaments while being at home. 

Future of virtual recruitment

The Recruitment process has evolved rapidly compared to what it looked like a few months back. The evolved process of recruitment has been successful and advantageous. Companies are looking forward to targeting new pools of talent to propel organizations to new heights. The organizations are future-ready. 

Bhupendra Chahar
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