How to Deal With The Pandemic Anxiety?

Now that the COVID cases have surged again, people are more anxious than ever. “What is going to happen now?”, “What are the ways to combat so much stress?”, “How will our country build a suitable health infrastructure?”, etc…. These are a few questions that keep coming into people’s minds. We have all heard of and seen people who are dealing with this illness which has made us realize how they truly are ‘COVID warriors’. However, because of so much stress, we are manifesting a lot of negative circumstances in our lives that we might regret in the future. We keep worrying about the ‘what ifs’ as if our thoughts are our reality. But how do you differ? How do you convince yourself that your thoughts are not equivalent to your future? A lot of people play poker, indulge in some other online games, seek social support, watch movies, etc. in order to deal with their anxieties. In today’s time, we must pursue whatever helps us in being happy and healthy but the thing is how to do that? What to do when you have lost all the motivation? How to deal with your anxiety so you can perceive all the situation in a positive light? No matter how lost you are feeling right now, do not worry – here, you will find all your answers. You will know how to lead your life without fear so it stops hindering your daily routine.

The important thing to note here is that the pandemic has become a part of our lives now. The question is – how to adapt to this new normal? We can crib about it, be fearful of it but it is not going to go anywhere, at least for some time. It is easier for some people to learn how to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Talking to friends on phone, playing cash games, doing something productive, etc. certainly helps them become happier and healthier but what is the starting point of all of it? Well, the answer lies in one word – acceptance. Acceptance is of utmost importance if you want to be okay with living in the world in the current situation. You must accept that the pandemic is here and your life is changing and will change further because of it. There is no reason to escape from this reality. Once you accept that the pandemic is real, you will take steps according to that only.

Acceptance is the starting point

When we accept that the world is suffering, we take measures to protect ourselves. We will not take care of our health and safety if we fool ourselves with false assumptions. After accepting the effects of the pandemic, we finally accept that we should and we MUST take ample precautions and safety measures in order to stay safe. Thus, now we will take all the steps we can that are in our control or hands. We must maintain social distancing, wash our hands from time to time, and use sanitizers when out. Moreover, we must not go out without any important reason. When you know that the pandemic is still very much there, true wisdom lies in implementing the steps that are in your control so you can stay safe. You cannot just move around everywhere thinking that the pandemic is not real. It is important to burst that bubble of our illusion so we can stay safe and take things into our control.

Dealing with stress

Another important thing to note here is that stress will not help. When you are anxious about something, you are already living in your worst fear even when it has not happened yet. So, how many times do you want to live your fear? So, it is vital to eliminate or reduce your stress levels so you can take better decisions and also better care for yourself. Some people seek social support in order to reduce their stress levels. For example, they can just talk to their loved ones or indulge in some group activity with them, they even learn to play online multiplayer games with them so they can distract themselves from their stress. Another way to beat stress is to watch a light movie or a TV show or even read a book – this way, you will experience an alternate reality where everything is fine and different. It will help you get distracted from the source of stress too. Moreover, you can even indulge in some meditation or yoga to combat your stress levels because they will help you elevate your mood and enhance your awareness of your present moment.

On being more mindful every day

One of the best ways to deal with the stress of the pandemic is to become more mindful. As discussed above, meditation and yoga are great and really useful in enhancing your mindfulness. Mindfulness is basically being in the ‘present moment’ or being more aware of your present situation and surroundings. It helps you stay grounded in reality and not pay heed to your thoughts that are in no way real. Mindfulness is enhanced when a person is participating in an activity that requires a lot of focus and concentration. For example, if a person is playing a musical instrument, indulging in some online strategy games, or writing a journal, etc. These are a few ways in which a person can elevate his or her awareness levels. When someone is mindful, they stop worrying about the future or their past.

Final thoughts

The pandemic is taking a toll on everyone’s health, physical as well as mental. More and more people are getting so anxious thinking about the impact the pandemic is having on them. The future seems uncertain and scary. Everyone keeps wondering – what next? This is the reason it has become so important to keep your calm during this time so you can make wiser decisions and stay happier and healthier. We hope this article helps you learn how to deal with anxiety, stress, and fear because of the pandemic. And everything said and done, always remember – we are all in this together!


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