Power Up Your Game

Poker is known to be a mental game equivalent to physical games like football or cricket in terms of competition. Even in poker mind and body needs to be in sync to play at your peak. In simple words, the poker game rules make more sense and you can concentrate higher when you are not distracted by pain or struggling with a clouded mind. Following are some tips that you should follow to power up your mind and body and ultimately your poker game:


Meditation may seem to you as made especially for flighty spiritualists, but it is the best way to train your mind. Just as busy minds cannot concentrate on the current task and negative emotions mislead your judgement, they can also affect your poker game drastically. So, if you meditate daily, even for 10 minutes, it will help bring calmness, clarity in thoughts and enlightenment that is essential to stay active and neutral in stressful situations.


Breathing is considered to be an effortless and painless way to calm yourself when the environment around the poker table is tensed and mounting above the level. Generally in tense situations, people tend to take rapid breaths which hampers the functioning of the mind and body. Thus, a poker player should take deep breaths in stressful situations to stay calm and composed, and take control of the situation.


Poker is a game that requires long hours of play which results in prolonged pain in the shoulders, neck, wrists and back. This further becomes an annoying distraction whether you are playing poker online on computer or in a casino. The best option available to rest the muscles is self-massage if playing at home, while table massages are already common in casinos around the world. Massage because it reduces stress and relieves the pain-stricken muscles thereby bringing a fresh-energetic feeling.


Playing poker either sitting on chair in a casino or sitting in front of a computer for long hours can leave you grounded, tight and in pain. Yoga has always been considered as a better and faster way to exercise than gymnastics. It is an easy way to deal with physical stress which leads to improved sleep, better-eating habits and increased self-awareness. So, practising yoga for just 15 minutes daily can help you a lot.

Fresh Air

There is always a time to take a break, that is, whenever you are in a groove, it’s better to get up and move your mind and body. While playing poker if at any time you are unable to concentrate on your play, just realize it’s time to get some oxygen flowing into your body. All you need to do is, go for a walk for better blood circulation as it keeps your body active for a long.


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