Meet the winner of Jan Edition of Adda52 Millions

Adda52 has once again created a buzz in the poker community. With the succesful launch of Fly to Vegas (FTV) and Deltin Poker Tournamen (DPT), India’s largest poker site is also running 2016 Player of the Year (POY) Leaderboard Series providing Indian poker players another chance to grind and flaunt their skills and set a benchmark in the online poker game. Climbing the POY leadearboard is ‘pornoveloO’ aka Pranav A who has earned 113 points in the leaderboard, thanks to his recent winning of Adda52 Million tournament.

Q – Hi Pranav (pornoveloO), thankyou for your time. First, congratulations on winning ‘Adda52 Millions’ Tournament. Tell us about your poker journey so far in 2016.

A – I have been playing poker online for 10 years now. Though I am a regular online poker player on, I have not played much of poker this year due to time constraints. Adda52 Millions is the first big tournament I have player so far in 2016.

Q – How do yo feel right now – excited, intimidated, terrified?

A – I am really happy to win Adda52 Millions- the biggest ever online poker tournament, and plan to devote more time to poker in coming months.

Q – What extra efforts you put in to win Adda52 Millions?

A – The game was quite normal as I play regularly on the site. Moreover, I didn’t play satellites and directly buy-in to play the tournament. However, I played cautiously and calculatingly till the end of the tournament.

Q – In Adda52 Million Tournament, you have been a tough performer. Which hand was your turning point in this tournament?

A – When I reached the final table, I was short on stack and was folding most of the hands. During the game, I was dealt this hand J-J, and played it till the showdown. Though the players on the table fold their hands after flop, the heads-up game continued with my opponent ‘Orayan’. He is a good player as I have played against him earlier as well. He was dealt K-Q off-suit and had a bigger chip-stack. However, the card on board ran in my favor and I won. My stack was doubled-up after winning this hand.

Q – How was your heads-up match against ‘madanmohan’? Could you share the final hand which won you this tournament?  

A – The heads up match with ‘madanmohan’ saw a healthy competition. Being an aggressive player, he played loose aggressively throughout the game. My final hand was Q-Q, and got lucky when Q fell on board and I hit the full house.

Q – Are you playing other big tournaments like Fly to Vegas?

A – Presently, I play less of cash games and prefer playing big tournaments basically with prize pool of 2 Lac and above.

Q – Have you used our Adda52 Mobile Poker App?

A – No, I have not yet tried your poker app, and personally prefer playing on PCs.

Q – Do you like our new game lobby?

A – The new version has been designed quite well with optimized features. But I still play poker on classic version. I switch to old version as I am used to it.

Q – Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve game playing experience for poker players or online game lobby? 

A – should value their loyal players. Though the site run loyalty promotions, but it should provide more perks and benefits to loyal players.

Q – Is poker a long-term or short-term grind for you?

A – I used to play poker full time but have recently switched to part-time poker as I have joined a start-up company.


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