‘sasikiranx’ Wins Adda52 Millions – June Edition

The June 2016 edition of Adda52 Millions took place on June 26 which saw ‘sasikiranx’ emerging as a winner. After the competent play, he took down the title and took home the prize money of Rs. 4,90,200. The online poker tournament saw 149 entrants and 22 re-entries which racked up the prize pool of 15 Lacs to Rs. 17 Lacs. The deep structured tournament which starts with 300 BB stack took 7 hours 34 minutes to crown the winner.

After over 7 hours of playing poker online, the final table was formed by the following nine players: sasikiranx, Aceleration, showflopper, rockeritza9, aggtarun, madsysman, Saurav, pokerfac, yasir1986.

At blind level 12000:24000, rockeritza9 was the first casualty on the final table as he went all-in with 330423 chips from mid position when sasikiranx shoved his entire stack while others folded. At the showdown:

rockeritza9: 8♠ K♠

sasikiranx: J♠ A♣

sasikiranx hit straight when the community cards ran Q♠ K 2♠ 10♣ 4♥ and led to the elimination of rockeritza9. moto007 bagged Rs. 36,000 in the 9th place.

Five minutes later, Aceleration called the pot, and showflopper went all-in while the other players folded.

Aceleration: A A♠

showflopper: Q♠ A♣

Hitting the full house, Aceleration went on to win the hand as showflopper failed to improve with the community cards K♣ 9♥ 8♥ 9♣ A♥. showflopper placed 8th in the tournament for R.s 48,000.

As the blind level changed to 20000:40000, madsysman was the 7th finisher in Adda52 Millions. He went all-in pre-flop with his stack of 479949 and got called by aggtarun.

madsysman: 4♣ 4♠

aggtarun: 6♣ 6

madsysman’s pocket fours did not hold up against aggtarun as he couldn’t find any help form the community cards – 7♣ Q♣ 2 7♥ 9♣ and got eliminated in 7th place for Rs. 60,000.

sasikiranx called with 40000 pre-flop betting and Saurav followed him calling with 40000 chips. When the flop 9♣ 10♠ J♥ played, Sasikiranx raised 190000, and Saurav called to level the pot.

sasikiranx: 10♥ K♥

Saurav: 8 J

After the turn 8♥ and river hq, sasikiranx hit straight while Saurav got eliminated during the final showdown and took home Rs. 88,000 in cash prize.

pokerfac went all-in pre flop and Sasikiranx called. Flop 10♣ Q♥ 4♥, Turn 9 and river 10♠ came on the board.

pokerfac: 9♥ A

sasikiranx: 10♥ 10

At the showdown, sasikiranx got four of a kind and pokerfac gets eliminated at 5th place bagging Rs. 1,20,000.

The blind levels changed to 25000:50000 and the next player to exit the tourney was aggtarun at 4th position with Rs. 1,64,000 who was busted by sasikiranx. sasikiranx went all-in on the pre flop and aggtarun also followed.

sasikiranx: K♠ J

aggtarun: K♣ A♥

sasikiranx hit one pair as the board ran 9♣ 3♠ 5 J♣ 6♥.

In a span of ten minutes, it was yasir1986 turn to exit the tourney next. The action on the table started with yasir1986 when he called and sasikiranx also returned a call.

yasir1986: Q♥ ♠6

sasikiranx: 10♥ 4

The board ran Q♠ J♠ 4♥ 4♣ 6 giving sasikiranx Three of a kind while yasir1986 got eliminated taking away prize money of Rs. 2,08,000.

The last hand of the game was between Aceleration and sasikiranx, holding 2146984 and 3013016 chip stack respectively.

sasikiranx: Q♣ K♠

Aceleration: 7♣ J

In pre-flop betting, while sasikiranx called, Aceleration went all-in and sasikiranx called. The board ran K♣ 9 2♥ A♣ 8♣. The one pair of Kings crowned sasikiranx the winner of the tournament and taking home Rs. 4,90,200. Aceleration took 2nd place and Rs. 3,09,600 home.

Here are the final payouts:

#1 sasikiranx – Rs. 4,90,200

#2 Aceleration – Rs. 3,09,600

#3 yasir1986 – Rs. 2,23,600

#4 aggtarun – Rs. 1,76,300

#5 pokerfac – Rs. 1,39,000

#6 Saurav – Rs. 94,600

#7 madsysman – Rs. 64,500

#8 showflopper – Rs. 51,600

#9 rockeritza9 – Rs. 38,700

#10 Manb21 – Rs. 25,800

#11 traitor– Rs. 25,800

#12 punz98 – Rs. 25,800

#13 priyankgandhi – Rs. 21,500

#14 gudmorning – Rs. 21,500

#15 Grib – Rs. 21,500


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