Say NO to Luck

Luck is very fickle. It knows no boundary and comes and goes as it pleases. It favors some exponentially and others very little. It can either have a negative impact or a positive one. Some don’t believe in it, some believe a little and some believe it too much. This time, we aim to dissuade players to believe in luck and hone only their skills to play online poker. When ‘luck’ no longer exists, only skill is used to win big in poker. Be it your observational skills, analytical skills, conversation skills or mathematical skills, use these qualities to make your name in skill based card games.

Here are our top 10 luck based superstitions to say NO to:-

1. Seven chillis and lemon handing on doors or cars – Probably one of the most used item, these are better used for cooking and not as a way of warding evil.


2. Lizard falling on the head is considered good luck – More unhygienic than luck!


3. Kala-tikka so that nazaar na lage – Black kajal on a newborn’s forehead looks cute but is so not necessary.


4. Black cat crossing the road is bad luck- Imagine the power a small feline has on our lives.


5. Friday the 13th is a bad omen- This combination quakes the hardiest of souls.


6. Re. 1 ka shagun – This little coin comes with a lot of blessings but we can also do without it.


7. Getting a hair cut on Tuesdays or Thursdays – Something bad will happen? Why not on a Monday or a Friday?


8. Offering to God to get your wishes fulfilled – The Almighty will be impressed with our meager offering and give us our hearts desire. Hmm…


9. Walking under a ladder brings bad luck – While practically it makes sound sense, what has luck got to do with it.


10. Broken mirror brings 7 years of bad luck – Wow! That’s a lot of bad karma for being a little clumsy.



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