Setting Goals For The Year 2021

The year 2020 might be a pause for many of us with many ups and downs that might have taken up the important things in life. Here we are with few goal-setting tips in general as well as if you are a poker player, these poker tips are going to help you in setting your Poker goals. Waiting for the new year is just an imaginary line. You can start anytime when you want to. First of all, it is important to understand what a goal means and what constitutes a good goal. There are only 25% of people who keep committed themselves to their goals till they reach the month of February. After that, they also quit. Coming to the end of the year, only 8% of people achieve their goals. 67% of People quit in a very few days itself. What is the secret through which this 8% of people end up reaching their goals? Well, there is no secret, it’s just a matter of effective goal setting and discipline.

What Makes a Good Goal?

  • Identify what you KNOW you should be doing but are not doing.
  • You need to discover why you are not doing it at the moment.

One reason subconsciously maybe

  • Your mind protects you from identifying how much you do not know.
  • Fear of the unknown is keeping you from accomplishing something.
  • Need to work through that fear and re-write the program to help succeed.

Make a list of all the things you should be doing but are not doing.

For Example:

  • Meditation
  • Reading
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Studying with other players
  • Developing activities outside of games such as Poker to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

Major tips for setting a Goal:

  • Evaluate your progress and ask yourself 4 ultimate questions


Reviewing the way of working and improving that every day is the core of this tip. Reviewing and analyzing the past performance to make it better in the future. This is also a part of future planning. These are the 4 questions that need to be asked while reviewing

  1. What happened exactly?
  2. Why did that happen?
  3. What did we learn?
  4. How can we improve?

Taking these questions into account, one can easily set the goals effectively. Many successful people are already using these strategies. Ask these questions to yourself and write down the answers for effective goal setting. In your case when setting these goals for the next year, the questions could be:

  1. How was your last year? What all was good and bad?
  2. Why did the bad thing happen and the reason behind that?
  3. What have you learned from the last year?
  4. How can you improve in the coming year and incoming life?

To set a proper goal, it is very important to have clarity which can only be attained through these questionnaires.

  • Set only purposeful Goals

Commonly, most people consider their goals very important while setting up their goals at the beginning of the year. But they end up wasting time and energy on that particular goal realizing that this goal is not that important for them in the longer run. They regret afterward making the wrong goal setting. Hence, do not repeat this mistake and just set the purposeful goals rather than the important ones. Do not make the mistake of setting 10-15 goals at a time and not achieving any of them. Every goal out of 10-15 may seem very important to you but you just have to set 3-5 purposeful goals only. And not more than that. Ordinary goals are those that seem like those important to you but purposeful goals are those that have some meaning behind them that aligns with your long-term goals in life.

  • Be very specific with your goals

You should be very specific to a particular goal while setting it. Suppose if you want to purchase a bike is your goal then just purchasing that is not a goal, but also you will have to be specific about the details of that goal. What model you want to purchase, which brand, the price of that particular bike, the color, the date on which you need that bike, and exactly how you are going to purchase that. You have to specific about each sub-goal of the main goal to get that into action. This will give you more clarity.

  • Set the goals that are achievable and challenging

Most people are not able to achieve their goals because they set their goals either less than their capability or just above the capability. You will only feel motivated towards a goal if you have a practical plan. The small and easy goals can be non-motivating. Big but real goals will only keep you motivated. Too BIG and imaginary goals can be not real will let you not performing the actions and will only dream and stress. The goal should not be that small that it comes under your comfort zone instead it should be a little challenging and in the learning zone.

For a Poker player or the one who plays online multiplayer games, there could be a few Goals that are being split below as

  • Poker Goals

What are the three attributes that you can control for your bottom line?

 1- Volume –

The number of games that are being played by you. How many sessions/week and month can you play? How long do you register per session? OR how many tables do you play at a time?

2- ROI- 

The skill level to get the return on investment. This is the most important level as this is the skill level. Getting the table count and the mental game. The ROI is to improve your win rate.

Means BB/100 – Winning more chips

ICM works – Winning more $ late in the tournament.

3- ABI – 

The average buy-in level is also a skill level. You need to take into account the table count and the Bankroll.

Look to the Past

  • You need to identify what is reasonable for you. If you played 500 tournaments last year. Playing 5000 Tournaments with no lockdown pandemic is probably not realistic.
  • Base your goals for the three levels on past performance and increase 10-20% to make it realistic.


  • It is working backward to see what works. For example, to make 100K, ABI $120 & ROI is 20% with $24/Game, 4166 games played = 347 / month which is very achievable.
  • Play around with the three levels to see what works best for you.

Calculate Tournament variance

  • Play around with different volumes and ROI to see the probability of loss in a month, year, etc.
  • Check and calculate the distribution of all the tournaments.

Monthly Forecasting

  • Play around with different volumes and ROI to see the probability of loss in a month, year, etc.
  • Some months higher volume, some months lower, some more live poker and some online, etc depending upon the schedule.
  • Make a schedule on the 1st day of every month and get-go for 15 days playing with 10 sessions.

Setting up a study system

  • Structured.

Mentioning the clear goals, clear topics, and the clear objective of the day. Example – playing 3b pots oop, BB facing Cbets from the button(Dealer) and UTG(Under the Gun), and defending versus Cbets from the small blind.

  • Scheduled.
  • Efficient.

These are three levels that you can control that can lead to profit. Your Poker goal should be directed around these three aspects. Many best poker sites in India can help you set your poker goal and make you a winner in 2021. Now, let us know your goals for 2021

Bhupendra Chahar
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