“You Too Can Be A Legend” – Akash Malik

Hey players,

There is good news for you!

The much-awaited clash between the fearless Poker warriors is up!

Join the battle on the virtual felt at 2.68 CR GTD Series of Legends to compete with the Pros and showcase your talent in front of the world.

And…of course…I will be at the table to confront your challenges, in the 15 Lac GTD ‘Profish Malik’ Poker tournament.

Knock me out in the game and win the bounty of Rs. 5000!

Yeah, it’s that simple!

However, playing against the masters of Poker is not the same thing as playing against your friends.

They are bold. They are fearless. They are deadly.

They are the ‘sharks’.

Therefore, you have to go beyond the Poker rule books to explore ideas and devise powerful strategies to outsmart them at the tables.

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If you really want to learn how to defend yourself from their attack in the game, I have something for you.

Here are some simple tips to follow to ensure that you don’t blow your chip stack off in the game –

Don’t rush!

Playing a hand without a plan, even if you win, is considered a poor strategy as it can become a habit and ruin your chances of making profits in the long run.


NEVER get involved in a hand until you properly analyze the table.  Take your time to study your opponents carefully. If you pay attention, you can easily find players who are there just to be a part of the action.  These players make most decisions incorrectly due to a lack of focus and confidence. The sooner you identify them, the easier it becomes for you to develop a strategy to knock them out.

Keep experimenting!

Experiment with your strategies to determine which are most viable to implement at the real tables. You must know how to do research and analysis to predict your opponent’s hand strength and decide your next move.

Money matters!

Play only with what you can afford to lose. Your bankroll is your lifeline and it should not be used to shop online or to pay electricity bills. This money should be dedicated to playing Poker only. Whenever you lose money due to downswings, your bankroll saves you from facing financial troubles. Set realistic goals and play only those games that suit your bankroll. Determine your financial limits to ensure the best possible use of your money at the online poker tables.

Stay cool!

Things cannot always go as planned – the sooner you accept this fact, the lesser effect your feelings will have on your game.  Whenever you fail, consider it an experience and move forward. Your decisions must be based on facts, not sudden emotions. Rather than wasting time thinking about your losses, re-evaluate your strategies to find out your weaknesses and identify the areas in your gameplay that require grooming.

It’s your turn now!

Playing Poker is the real art. It is easy to learn but demands focus and patience. Join Series of Legends to exhibit your extraordinary Poker techniques and skills and take home mesmerizing rewards!

See you at the tables!

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akash malik

Akash Malik – An entrepreneur by profession, a Poker player by passion. Akash, who runs a commodity trading company in Delhi, is one of the most prominent Poker Pros with several big scores at live and online felt to his name.

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