Heads Up with Fly to Vegas Winner- Pranav aka pornovelo0

2015 started with a bang at Adda52.com. With its Fly to Vegas Series, India’s largest online poker site provided Indian poker players an opportunity to be a part of the world’s most prestigious poker tournament. There were four editions in total of this series, and the final edition was won by Pranav (last name withdrawn on player’s request) who had earlier won the 2014 Player of the Year title.

He now gets an all expenses paid package worth INR 800,000 to go and play at the main event of the world’s largest poker tournament. We caught up with him to gauge his excitement and his plans for Las Vegas. Here are excerpts from the interview with Pranav:

Hi Pranav, thanks for your conversation with Adda52. Firstly congratulations on winning the Fly to Vegas Fourth Edition. For our readers who don’t know much about you, please tell us how you got into playing poker?

Ans- Nine years back, I had gone to USA for my further studies. It was there I got introduced to poker. My fellow classmates used to play poker a lot, hence I also started playing poker with them. Every now and then, we used to play live poker at friend’s apartments, poker clubs and small casinos. I gradually got trained in the game, and could easily differentiate between the good hand and bad hand, strong players and weak players. My experience helped me to play tactfully at medium and high roll games. Hence, I started making money in live poker by going to casinos in States. Later, due to time constraints I started playing online poker. In comparison to live poker, I like online poker the most.

How do yo feel right now – excited, intimidated, terrified?

Ans- I am really feeling happy after winning big. I have played all the editions of the Fly to Vegas series starting from January. During this period of 4 months, I took part in ‘Ticket to Vegas’ series, and also won a Hotel Stay + Air Ticket to Vegas. On one side, my hard work and smart play paid off, and on the other side it has increased my confidence level of winning in big tourneys.

How did you qualify for the ‘Fly to Vegas’ tournament?

Ans – I qualified through Loyalty Points. I am a regular player of Adda52.com and have accumulated loyalty points in the course of time.

In ‘Fly to Vegas’ Tournament, you have been a consistent performer. Which hand was your turning point in this tournament?

Ans – The final hand of the game was the turning point in this tourney. I held Pocket 3s and karma123 had A-2. The board ran in my favour Q-5-8-K-4.

How was your heads-up match against karma123 (Urvashi Kapoor)?

Ans- This tourney had strong competition though, it proved fruitful for me. My heads-up opponent Karma123 was the toughest opponent ever as he was hard to beat. I was unfamiliar with him as I have never played earlier. As he was playing tighter than me, so I was able to steal the chips by bluffing at times. Further, during the final hand I was in chip lead with stack of 199404, and he had just 70596 chips. I was holding Pocket 3s and karma123 had off-suit A-2. The flop dealt was Q-5-8. I raised him by going ‘All-in’ and in return he called. Later, hearts of K and Diamond of 4 opened on the turn and river. Hence, Pocket 3s proved fortuitous for me.

Have you prepared your Vegas wishlist yet?

Ans- I have not yet prepared a wishlist. However, my aim is to play smarter and better at the world’s prestigious tournament and make a deep run.

Have you ever played poker at International level?

Ans- I have never played poker at international level. This would be first time, I would be taking part in an International Tournament.

Do you have any suggestions for Adda52 to improve its game playing experience for poker players or online game lobby?

Ans- Presently, Sit n Gos on your site are of low values. I would suggest Adda52.com to introduce 6-handed Sit n Go’s tables with higher buy-in and higher pay-out on the site. Further, the withdrawal process on your site takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it should happen on a daily basis rather.


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