Road to Vegas – An Adda52 Initiative to Send Its Winners to Las Vegas

So far 2014 has been a great year for’s Poker players and before the year ends, India’s leading Poker site has launched the biggest promotion of Road to Vegas. By participating in this event, Poker players can win a chance to be the a part of World’s Largest Poker event at Las Vegas. Las Vegas is globally famous for its Casinos where World’s largest Poker tournament is held every year. The Main Event of this series declares a winner, who receives multi million dollars with the most prestigious title of ‘World Champion of Poker’.

Poker players all over the World aspire to participate in this event so that they too can have a chance to become World’s best Poker player. The tournament runs for 5 weeks in Las Vegas and has main event of $10,000 and is giving the ticket of this main event for which it has launched Road to Vegas event.  The main entry criterion to be the part of this biggest Poker carnival at is Loyalty Points for which the events have started from 28th December’2014.

However, the prominent events will be starting from 2nd week of January’2015. On 16th January’2015, the first event called Vegas 2L Satellite will start at 9PM wherein the entry criteria is 2L Loyalty Points on VIP tables and 35K Loyalty Points on Non-VIP tables. The prize pool for this event is 2 tickets for Road to Vegas Finale. The second event in this series is Vegas 4L Satellite, which again is on 16th January’2015 at 09:30PM. The entry criteria for this second event are 4L Loyalty Points on VIP tables and 75K Loyalty Points on Non-VIP tables. However, if you have UCBs as well then surrendering 50K UCBs will get you to this event.

The Road to Vegas Finale will be on 17th January’2015 at 10PM, which will have direct entry with Rs.25K, 8L Loyalty Points on VIP table, 2.5L Loyalty Point on Non-VIP tables, 2L LP and 4L LP Satellite Winners, and 1.5L UCBs. The prize for the winners of this event will be ticket worth $10,000 for World’s Largest Poker Tournament’s Main Event.

So, don’t waste your time just by wandering around other different websites to play Poker!!! Just login to and start playing this tournament as you never know that you can be the winner of $10,000 ticket to the richest Poker tournament at Las Vegas.





Vegas 2L Satellite

16 Jan @ 9 PM

– Earn 2 Lac LP’s on VIP Tables

– Earn 35K LP’s on Non VIP   Tables

2 TKT’s for Road to Vegas Finale

Vegas 4L Satellite

16 Jan @ 9:30 PM

– Earn 4 Lac LP’s on VIP Tables

– Earn 75K LP’s on Non VIP   Tables

– 50K UCBs

3 TKT’s for Road to Vegas Finale

Road to Vegas Finale

17th Jan @ 10 PM

– Direct Entry with Rs. 25K

– Earn 8 Lacs LP’s on VIP Table

– Earn 2.5 Lac LP’s on Non VIP   Tables

– 2 Lac and 4 Lac Satellite   Winners

– 1.5 Lac UCBs

Main Event Ticket Worth $10000 for World’s Largest Poker Tournament



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