The Ultimate Rakeback

What’s more festive than playing to earn a flat 50% rakeback?

Truly, nothing!

August has brought for you - The Ultimate Rakeback contest! Play on BB 500 or above tables from 6th to 27th August and stand a chance to claim 50% rakeback!

How to avail?

Starting from 6th August and right till 27th August, get 50% flat rakeback on earning more than 15K PGP and 40% flat rakeback on earning between 10K-15k PGP during the weekly cycle, by playing on big blind 500 and above BB tables (Texas Hold’em & PLO). Once you cross the threshold in a week (6:41 AM Sat to 6:40 AM Sat) you become eligible to get a flat 40% to 50% rakeback on the rake earned during that week on big blind 500 and above tables.

What is the promotion period?

The promotion period starts from 6th August, 6:41 AM, and ends on 27th August, 6:40 AM. This is a weekly promotion, and the week dates are given below.

WeeksStart Date/TimeEnd Date/Time
Week 16th August, 6:41 AM (Sat)13th August, 6:40 AM (Sat)
Week 213th August, 6:41 AM (Sat)20th August, 6:40 AM (Sat)
Week 320th August, 6:41 AM (Sat)27th August, 6:40 AM (Sat)

How will the Payout get credited?

You will receive your regular rake back amount based on your loyalty level every Saturday (like you currently get). We will add the differential amount on Monday for everyone who crossed between 10K to 15K PGP (40% rakeback) and above 15K PGP (50% rakeback) in the week as per the table above.

Payout = (Rake Generated x 50%) – Payoff* already received through the loyalty program (for more than 15K PGPs)

Payout = (Rake Generated x 40%) – Payoff* already received through the loyalty program (for PGPs between 10K to 15K).

Where can I track my PGPs in this contest?

You can track your updated Poker Game Points (PGPs) in this contest from this link Ultimate Rakeback PGP Tracker anytime.

Terms & Conditions

  • *Payoff Received in the formula indicates all the manually claimed or system given Rake back for the promotional week

  • The additional payoff will be made on the first Monday after completion of the payoff cycle.

  • PGPs earned on big blind 500 and above tables only will be considered for this promotion.

  • Rake and Rakeback calculation will also happen on the rake generated and Rakeback received on big blind 500 and above tables.

  • The additional Payoff will be given as Real Cash like a regular rake back.

  • While calculating the ultimate rakeback payout,  booster bonus released alongwith the payoff will also be considered.
  • All other standard gameplay terms and conditions apply.

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