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Everyone wants to be in shape in today’s world. Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is what most of us dream of. Physical fitness can be achieved easily through gyms and wellness centers and with a normal diet plan. However, what is most important is to take care of our brain as well. Keeping our mind healthy is also a crucial part of growing up in terms of the body as well as intelligence. To achieve a healthy mind one needs to work out for the same and the best way to achieve that is through online gaming. Some people require food for their brain and that is when online gaming comes into play. Online gaming brings a certain level of satisfaction to a player. Continuous exposure to online gaming conditions our brain to multitask as it is a task to coordinate our eyes, hands, and thinking at the same time. With the information available on the internet, one need not question How to play cards. Most of the poker sites provide a manual for fresh players with every single detail required by a player during his initial playing session.

In this new era of technology at your doorstep and fingertips, you can do anything and everything. One of the latest and the most favorite is online Poker that has picked up the Boom during this Pandemic. A huge player base has been created during this time and playing this game as a stress buster as well as earning money out of it. It has, no doubt, gained a lot of popularity over a decade and has now become a Digital workout for many as the mind keeps working for strategies to win. The huge tables have been reduced to small screens, you do not have to see anyone’s face in case you do not like a particular person. No more chips required, of course, you are given virtual chips in the form of digit ones in exchange for your money. Everything is just the same as it was with a little yet a huge change of the medium. As the name suggests it has taken over the online medium completely. Just like a physical workout for the body, our mind also requires the same and the answer to that is Poker, The digital workout. Leave behind the hustle of going to the casinos or gaming house to play a round or two of Poker games.  For players who wish to go for games other than online poker can also play rummy online. Rummy is as interesting as poker and is enjoyed by casino players who are shifting to online gaming.

In this time of the pandemic, when everything has come to a halt, we are sure that online poker is something that has accelerated its pace in this lockdown. Since there is no near possibility of casinos to be opened soon or being populated with the crowd, we suggest you sit back, relax, and keep betting. There are numerous new Poker sites in India which have picked up steam recently. Topping the charts and the oldest in the market is Adda 52 along with many other websites that followed afterward. It is wise and advisable also to switch to online poker as it is safe and saves a lot of time in commuting to an offline casino site. To cash, the opportunity poker sites offer free cash roll to new users to acquaint them with the online poker games. This reduces the chances of a user losing money during his cooling-off period. Ultimately the new user develops confidence and moves ahead and starts playing real cash games. Online teen Patti game is usually considered easy and is suitable for novice players as it requires fewer calculations as compared to other online card games.

An important question that keeps revolving in the mind of the poker players is how long should the poker session lasts long. The answer to this is very simple, it completely depends upon the kind of table you select for yourself and the number of tables you play. Poker can be played just to while away your time or you can also take up as a profession. Since all the Poker websites across the globe are legal, you can anytime create a website of your own for such strategy games for PC and help people with the different tips about the game. Poker has become an entirely different industry. Initially, the sessions may last for about an hour or two for beginners and then increase to seven to eight for trained players. Online poker gaming portals offer numerous tables with different prize amount limits as an option to its players. Poker sites often launch championships and tournaments that run for days making them really engaging and interesting. The online multiplayer game gives online gaming exactly what one would experience in a real casino. Online multiplayer games create competition among players thus pushing the level to game up.

Make sure that you do not exhaust yourself in this entire process as it might take away all your zeal. Giving the right amount of time to this game can be high-yielding provided you follow the correct gameplay. Poker, in the short run, is all about sheer luck but in the long run, it is all about skills. Honing your skills can be in your favor as a lot of people are now earning decent money by playing Poker online. You too can win by just a few simple steps and go for this digital workout and stimulate your brain’s muscles. One should go ahead with online poker if one wishes to earn a handsome amount of money by sitting in the comforts of home munching on your favorite food. Many celebrities worldwide are turning to online poker as a full-time profession.

The corona outbreak is bringing a lot of changes in the poker industry as well as in other e-commerce platforms too. If the situation remains the same, within a few months the poker industry will see a certain tremendous change. Pioneering the change, social distancing being the new norm, it is predicted that many offline poker events will now be moved to online platforms. Many players may switch from offline poker to online poker completely considering the benefits – majorly with access to a 24*7 platform and also not requiring a trip to a casino. Online gaming is going to stay for the long run even when COVID-19 doesn’t prove to be such a threat. There will be a diversification of players from offline poker from the pre-pandemic times to online poker now. However offline poker games will be taking place in the future when things become normal on the global level, but for now, more people will be opting to play poker online.

The whole world is experiencing an unexampled change due to the sudden coronavirus outbreak. Each country is struggling to keep its citizens safe due to the non – availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. Be it nationwide lockdown or imposing new rules of wearing a mask, every country is following some strict guidelines to prevent the disease. To avoid the spread of the disease, people are staying at their homes in lockdown. While being at home, they are looking for some mode of entertainment. As there is a sudden rise in online activities whether it is working from home or playing online games, more people are drawing their attention towards online money earning games which are the best mode of keeping one’s mind fit. The entire process of online gaming is proved beneficial for the brain and hence now considered the best workout for our mind.

As per swings seen on google search, categorically focusing on India, a sudden boost in the search for the terms such as “best strategy games android” & “money-earning online games” between March-May, is increased. This is the clear fact that as India went into lockdown people started engrossing more into online gaming such as poker & rummy. Moreover, as the outbreak of COVID-19 is gripping the eradication of live events and shutting down casinos, it has become more evident that online poker is flashing on a boom as more and more players join the online communities. With this, we can definitely conclude that technology has now picked up the pace and is being more popular amongst each one of us. Technology has now become an important factor to grow in life.

Bhupendra Chahar
Bhupendra Chahar from Agra, a professional with a master's degree in Computer Science. He has over a decade of expertise in the world of poker. As a seasoned poker player, he understands the complexities of the game. Through his blogs, readers can gain valuable insight to improve their card game skills.

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