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Adda52 Launched POY – 55 Lacs in Prizes 

Adda52 became a pioneer by launching the ‘Player of the Year (POY)’, which is set to run from Jan’16 to Dec’16 each year. The idea is to award the top 10 players a slice of Rs. 40 lac in prize money. This is for the first time in India that a poker site started the POY to reward its players for their skills and performance.

Started its Association with WPT 

Continuing on its success spree in 2016, Adda52 tied up with WPT back in April 2016 to provide Indian players with an opportunity to play and compete at the select WPT events. Ever since its association with WPT, the poker site has hosted several online satellites and qualified players for the WPT events.

Launched Desktop Software 

To offer poker players a seamless gaming experience, launched a downloadable desktop poker software, which is a quick to install and 100% secure software enabling one-click access to all types of online poker games and tournaments taking place from time to time on

Launched Fantasy Poker 

Adding to the excitement of poker player, launched Fantasy Poker in May 2016. Fantasy Poker give players a chance to create multiple teams of their choice and enter the alternate leagues to win amazing prizes based on the performance points their teams manage to earn in the leagues.

Adda52 Millions Crossed 20 Lacs GTD prize pool Millions, a big money online poker tournament that takes place every last Sunday of the month, proved a landmark event. It attracted a record 206 entries, crossing 20 lacs GTD prize pool for the first time in October 2016, making it the most successful poker tournament for October month.

Introduced New Mobile Browser Software

The October 2016 saw launching a new mobile browser software for use on a mobile device such as mobile phone or PDA. The software promises smooth and secure game play. You can use it to make deposits quickly and safely to play your favourite games online anytime and anywhere.

Adda52 Crossed 9 Lac Userbase 

The most exciting moment, however, came in October 2016 when crossed 9 lack user base, becoming first ever poker website with the largest network of players in the country. This was an incredible achievement for the company in India where poker industry is still in the nascent stage.

Latest Promotions

Freeroll Tournaments

Swing by the tables all week long to experience our freeroll tournaments and win from 6000 GTD prize money.

Big Slick

Play to win from a whooping prizepool of Rs. 15 Lac for just Rs. 2200!


Play every Wednesday at 8 PM to win your share from 10 Lac GTD in 2500 buy-in.

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