Welcome to July's Ultimate Hand Challenge!

Complete 500 hands before 31st July’24 to win assured ₹1000 and a Jackpot spin with rewards up to ₹50,000!


Are you up for it? Here's how it works:


1 - Play as many hands on Adda52 to unlock rewards. The more hands you play, the more you win.

Depositor's Hand Challenge

No of Hands


Milestone 1


₹50 IB

Milestone 2


₹150 IB

Milestone 3


₹300 IB

Milestone 4


₹500 IB


2 - To win the jackpot spin, you must play 500 hands within the month of July.

3 - Spin the wheel to win incredible rewards, with the jackpot prize reaching up to ₹50,000!


It's your chance to showcase your poker prowess and win big. Get started now and embark on an exciting journey with us!


Ready to test your skills? Let's deal!


Terms and conditions:

        • The hand challenge is open only for users who have deposited on Adda52.
        • The timeline to complete the complete challenge is 31st July’24.
        • The player will be gratified basis the number of hands played across all tables 
        • If a player completes the max limit of 500 hands within July, they get a Jackpot Spin comprises six segments offering varied rewards
          • ₹100
          • ₹500
          • ₹1,000
          • ₹5,000
          • ₹10,000
          • ₹50,000 
        • Jackpot Spin will be credited within 24 hours of completing the hand challenge
        • Only Post Flop hands played will be considered in the contest. Hands played in the tournament, SnG tables & Private tables  will not be considered for this contest. 
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