Cash Promotions

What 2023 got in the box for you is… a surprise!

You may finally win that exciting Goa trip this year 🏖️

That dream bike of yours, could actually be yours 🏍️

Like Ali baba, you may end up in a cave full of money 🤑

Or may get hitched with the one you call honey 🥰😰(however you feel about it)

All these things could happen to you in 2023, but on our cash tables, this one thing is certain - UNLIMITED WINNINGS!

This New Year, join the cash tables to get new surprises and make your 2023 a thrilling roller coaster ride!

Show your best gameplay on the tables and top the leaderboard rankings for cash rewards, rakeback rewards, and 2N/3D Goa staycation packages!

Now, we have only one question for you - Did you claim your surprise yet? No?

Then join the cash tables & start winning now!


 See what January has in store for you -

  • Novice Leaderboard 

  • Advance Leaderboard

  • Elite Holdem Leaderboard

  • Elite PLO 4 & 5 Leaderboard

  • Elite Rakeback Contest
  • Pro Holdem Leaderboard

  • Pro PLO 4 Leaderboard

  • Pro PLO 5 & 6 Leaderboard

  • The Ultimate Rakeback

  • PLO 6 Malamaal Rakeback Contest

BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
1, 2 & 5Holdem12:00 AM11:59 PM25,0005Daily


BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
10 & 25Holdem8:00 AM2:00 PM12,50010Daily
10 & 25Holdem2:00 PM8:00 PM17,50010Daily
10 & 25Holdem8:00 PM2:00 AM22,50010Daily
10 & 25Holdem2:00 AM8:00 AM7,50010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO58:00 AM2:00 PM7,50010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO52:00 PM8:00 PM10,00010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO58:00 PM2:00 AM12,50010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO52:00 AM8:00 AM5,00010Daily


BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
50 & 100Holdem8:00 AM2:00 PM9,800100Daily
50 & 100Holdem2:00 PM8:00 PM14,900100Daily
50 & 100Holdem8:00 PM2:00 AM18,900100Daily
50 & 100Holdem2:00 AM8:00 AM9,800100Daily
50 & 100PLO48:00 AM2:00 PM10,60075Daily
50 & 100PLO42:00 PM8:00 PM15,800100Daily
50 & 100PLO48:00 PM2:00 AM18,600100Daily
50 & 100PLO42:00 AM8:00 AM11,400100Daily
50 & 100PLO58:00 AM2:00 PM9,300100Daily
50 & 100PLO52:00 PM8:00 PM11,700100Daily
50 & 100PLO58:00 PM2:00 AM13,800100Daily
50 & 100PLO52:00 AM8:00 AM8,700100Daily


BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
200Holdem12:00 AM11:59 PM45000300Daily
200PLO 412:00 AM11:59 PM40000300Daily
200PLO 5 & 612:00 AM11:59 PM34500300Daily


The Ultimate Rakeback

The Ultimate Rakeback is here to reward you in December as well. Starting from 7th January and right till 28th January. Get 40% flat rakeback on earning more than 10K PGP during the payoff cycle, on 500 and above BB tables.


PLO 6 Malamaal Rakeback

Yeh surprise kar dega aapko Malamaal! Join the PLO 6 tables and win up to 50% Rakeback.


Hit The Card

Another surprise of the month - Hit The Card. Hit your designated cards on the cash tables and win daily rewards.


Free 2N/3D Stay @ Goa

From every stake, the Leaderboard participants have the opportunity to win a 2N/3D stay at Deltin Suites (Goa). Visit the respective Leaderboard pages for more details.

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