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The Ultimate Glory of Poker is coming!

And we want to invite you all to be a part of it.

Join us on the Road to World Poker Tour Prime India and win a chance to show your skills at one of the biggest Poker stages in the world. Show your skills at the cash tables and claim your share from UNLIMITED leaderboard winnings!

Wait no more… Join the cash tables to #UnfoldGlory!


 See what March has in store for you -

  • Novice Leaderboard 

  • Advance Leaderboard

  • Elite Holdem Leaderboard

  • Elite PLO 4 & 5 Leaderboard

  • Elite Rakeback Contest
  • Pro Holdem Leaderboard

  • Pro PLO 4 Leaderboard

  • Pro PLO 5 & 6 Leaderboard

  • The Ultimate Rakeback

  • PLO 6 Malamaal Rakeback Contest

BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
1, 2 & 5Holdem12:00 AM11:59 PM25,0005Daily

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BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
10 & 25Holdem8:00 AM2:00 PM12,50014Daily
10 & 25Holdem2:00 PM8:00 PM17,50020Daily
10 & 25Holdem8:00 PM2:00 AM22,50020Daily
10 & 25Holdem2:00 AM8:00 AM7,50030Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO58:00 AM2:00 PM7,50010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO52:00 PM8:00 PM10,00010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO58:00 PM2:00 AM12,50010Daily
10 & 25PLO4 & PLO52:00 AM8:00 AM5,00010Daily

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BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
50 & 100Holdem8:00 AM2:00 PM13,600175Daily
50 & 100Holdem2:00 PM8:00 PM20,500250Daily
50 & 100Holdem8:00 PM2:00 AM26,000350Daily
50 & 100Holdem2:00 AM8:00 AM13,500200Daily
50 & 100PLO48:00 AM2:00 PM14,600180Daily
50 & 100PLO42:00 PM8:00 PM21,800275Daily
50 & 100PLO48:00 PM2:00 AM25,700325Daily
50 & 100PLO42:00 AM8:00 AM15,800200Daily
50 & 100PLO58:00 AM2:00 PM12,900160Daily
50 & 100PLO52:00 PM8:00 PM16,200200Daily
50 & 100PLO58:00 PM2:00 AM19,050230Daily
50 & 100PLO52:00 AM8:00 AM12,000150Daily

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BlindsGame VariantStart TimeEnd TimePrize moneyMinimum PGP RequiredFrequency
200Holdem12:00 AM11:59 PM450001000Daily
200PLO 412:00 AM11:59 PM400001200Daily
200PLO 5 & 612:00 AM11:59 PM345001200Daily


The Ultimate Rakeback

The Ultimate Rakeback is here to reward you in December as well. Starting from 4th March and right till 25th March. Get 40% flat rakeback on earning more than 10K PGP during the payoff cycle, on 500 and above BB tables.

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PLO 6 Malamaal Rakeback

Yeh surprise kar dega aapko Malamaal! Join the PLO 6 tables and win up to 50% Rakeback.


Hit The Card

Another surprise of the month - Hit The Card. Hit your designated cards on the cash tables and win daily rewards.


Free 2N/3D Stay @ Goa

From every stake, the Leaderboard participants have the opportunity to win a 2N/3D stay at Deltin Suites (Goa). Visit the respective Leaderboard pages for more details.

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