DOPT(Deltin Online Poker Tournament)

This festive season, Deltin Online Poker Tournament is back with a massive prize pool of 5 CR GTD along with 10 lac+ in additional rewards in the form of Leaderboard prizes, Adda52 Goodies & Bubble Insurance!

Deltin Online Poker Tournament is one of India’s most-talked-about Poker events. After the overwhelming response it received this year, the highly-anticipated tournament series is all set to mesmerize you again with several exciting mid to high buy-in events!

DOPT is scheduled to take place on the website from 7th to 14th Nov on the website.

Join the tables and you could be taking home the lion’s share of the gigantic prize pool.

Date/DayEvent #TournamentsTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
7th Nov Sunday1DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
2DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
3DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
4DOPT Grand Duke6:00 PM1950700000
5DOPT - Epic7:00 PM45002000000
6DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
7DOPT - Highroller9:00 PM275005000000
8DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
9DOPT Royale PKO11:00 PM850+300200000
8th Nov Monday10DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
11DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
12DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
13DOPT Jaqk7:00 PM1250300000
14DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
15DOPT - 6 Max Monday Feature8:00 PM37501500000
16DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
17DOPT Frenzy9:30 PM2750700000
18DOPT Royale11:00 PM950250000
8th Nov Tuesday19DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
20DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
21DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
22DOPT Jaqk7:00 PM1250300000
23DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
24DOPT - Tuesday Feature8:00 PM40001500000
25DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
26DOPT Ultimate10:00 PM2750800000
27DOPT Royale PLO11:00 PM950200000
10th Nov Wednesday28DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
29DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
30DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
31DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
32DOPT - Wednesday Feature8:00 PM27501700000
33DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
34DOPT PKO9:30 PM5000+15001250000
35DOPT Palms10:00 PM1100350000
36DOPT Royale11:30 PM950200000
11th Nov Thursday37DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
38DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
39DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
40DOPT Jaqk7:00 PM1250300000
41DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
42DOPT Main Event 1A8:00 PM11000-
43DOPT - Thursday Feature8:00 PM58003000000
44DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
45DOPT Royale PKO11:00 PM850+300200000
12th Nov Friday46DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
47DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
48DOPT Deep Dive4:00 PM1000220000
49DOPT Jaqk7:00 PM1250300000
50DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
42DOPT Main Event 1B8:00 PM11000-
51DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
52DOPT - PLO Special9:30 PM75001500000
53DOPT Royale11:00 PM950250000
13th Nov Saturday54DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
55DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
56DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
42DOPT Main Event 1C8:00 PM11000-
57DOPT Classic8:00 PM27501250000
58DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
42DOPT Main Event 1D (Turbo)10:30 PM11000-
59DOPT Royale PLO11:00 PM950200000
14th Nov Sunday60DOPT Daily Kickoff1:00 PM660150000
42DOPT Main Event 1E1:00 PM11000-
61DOPT Warm Up2:00 PM1500300000
42DOPT Main Event 1F4:00 PM11000-
62DOPT Sunday Special7:00 PM27501500000
63DOPT Flint7:30 PM550100000
64DOPT Suites9:00 PM750150000
65DOPT 6 Max Showdown9:00 PM78502500000
42DOPT Main Event Day 210:00 PM1100015000000
66DOPT Madness9:30 PM1250500000
67DOPT Royale PKO11:00 PM850+300200000

Highlights Of DOPT


  • 1.5 CR Main Event: Whoop with delight as 1.5 Crore GTD is up for grabs! Gear up for the craziest rewards with the DOPT Main Event.

  • 50 Lac High Roller: You can’t miss the chance to win your massive share from a total prize pool of 55 Lac GTD.

  • Bubble Insurance for all tournaments of DOPT: Can’t make it to the winning list? Bubble insurance is here to reward you with the buy-in of the tournament.

  • 10 Lac+ in the additional prizes : Win from 70k in the leaderboards prizes daily & 2.5 lac from the Series Leaderboard. Additional goodies & chipsets also to be given to the series Leaderboard Winners.


What is Bubble Insurance?


Protect your Buy-In with the Bubble Insurance. For example, if 15 places were to be paid in the tournament but you were the 16th player, then the buy-In amount will be refunded to you as a part of Bubble Insurance.




Get high on your winnings with DOPT Highroller. Don't miss the chance to grab a massive share from a whopping total prize pool of 50 Lac GTD.


1.5 Crore GTD up for grabs! It's time to relish the rain of rewards with the DOPT Main Event.

Leaderboard : Play More Win More


Daily Leaderboard : Players will get a chance to win from 70,000 prize money by playing daily. Points will be accumulated on a daily basis & top 15 places will be paid.


Series Leaderboard : Play any tournament through out the series to accumulate points for the Series Laederboard. Top 40 players will get a change to win from 2.5 Lac of prize money and additional Adda52 Goodies & Chip Sets.



Terms & Conditions

  • reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

  • All ticket holders will be auto-registered before the start of the tournament. In the case of a multi-day Tournament, ticket-holders will be auto-registered. (ex. ticket to DOPT Main Event 1A; auto-registered to A, Ticket to DOPT Main Event 1B: auto-registered to B and so on.

  • Points Formula for leaderboard = SQRT {Unique Entries/ Your Rank x Sqrt (buy-in)}. In the case of multi-day tournaments, Unique player count will be considered across all flights & Final Day rank will only be considered.

  • All the Leaderboard payouts will be given in the form of Instant Bonus/Tourney Bonus. Daily Leaderboard payout will be credited on daily basis (except Sat & Sun). Series Leaderboard payout will be credited with 5 working days.

  • To avail the bubble insurance, players need to register themselves before the start of the tournament. Only one buy-in will be refunded to the bubbled-out player.
  • By participating in the tournament, players consent to provide their image, name, interview etc., to be used as promotional content by and its media partners.

  • Satellite tickets can only be used for designated Tournaments and unused Satellite/Tournament tickets will not be refunded or exchanged with another tournament. Auto-Registration will be done 15 mins prior to the Tournament.

  • All Main Event Satellite/Step Satellite ticket holders will be auto-registered.

  • All Final Table player names may be revealed and used for marketing purposes.

  • For Multi-day events, players are allowed to fire multiple entries, with the largest stack moving to Day 2.

  • To withdraw the amount deposited using the bonus code, the user needs to attain 7.2 RU.

  • For any further queries please write to or call 1800-572-0611

Customer Care
1800 572 0611
10 AM to 7 PM | All Days