DPT Xpress- 

DPT Satellites and Eventa has been cancelled!


Goa Is calling you! 


Deltin JAQK & Adda52 is delighted to announce DPT Xpress March 2020. 26th March to 29th March is the date where the  DPT Xpress is going to take place in Goa.

Practise your principles on the satellite version of the game to be played from 12th february, giving you plenty of opportunity to master the game & win a package to Goa. The winning package consists of buy-in to all tournaments at DPT Xpress Mar’20.  

Check out the complete schedule and Get Set To GO!

DPT Xpress Schedule 


Satellite Schedule: 



Terms and Conditions 

1. Tournament Directors Decision is Final in all matters.

2. Admin Fee will be applicable on all Re-entries & Add-ons.

3. 1.5% Staff Gratuity will be deducted on the prize pools.

4. Online Satellite Schedules are available at Adda52.com. To create a new account visit Adda52.com. All players must have an Adda52 account to be eligible to participate in the event.

5. Players can pre-register on www.Adda52Live.com for all DPT Events. Those who would like to pre - register can also call the Adda52 Live Poker Room on 90110 13514 or send us an email ad drpoker@deltin.com.

6. Mobile verification is mandatory for participation with satellite.

7. In case of no show for satellite winners, the stack/buy-in will go in prize pool. If only a player is unable to join an event because he/she is playing another event simultaneosly, The unused ticket would be refunded in form of Instant Bonus (100%) or Real Cash post-tax. Satellite winners will have to carry the Adda52 pass to participate in the event. Adda52 Pass will be emailed to the users registered email account.

8. Deltin JAQK -  Adda52.com reserve the right to modify/change or cancel any rule/event/guarantee at its discretion without giving prior notice.

9. On entering an event, you(player) give consent to use of all or any videos, pictures taken during the event for live streaming, marketing purposes in all media forms.


Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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