PRIZE : 25,00,000
  • START TIME14th Jul, 2018

Indian Rummy Challenge Tournament - July, 2018

We Congratulate winners of Indian Rummy Challenge

WinnerTotal Prize amount
Prakash RajaRs 15,00,000
Yandluri SreenivasuluRs 5,00,000
Madhu Sudana ARs 2,00,000
Raghav Nisana SiddalingaRs 1,50,000
Siva Sankar MedidaRs 1,00,000
Arun Kumar Davendra GohilRs 50,000


The wait is over, Adda52 Rummy comes back with another India’s largest offline rummy tournament.

Introducing Indian Rummy Challenge July 2018 – Deltin Royale Goa

Here is your chance to be the best of rummy players in India in Indian Rummy Challenge. The IRC tournament will be conducted at Deltin Royale the biggest ship in GOA. The tournament will happen for 2 days and 40 days of action happens at Adda52 Rummy online satellites. Every day two players get the ticket to final tournament and on Saturday and Sunday we are giving away 3 tickets to the main event. Indian Rummy Challenge will carry a grand prize pool of 25,00,000 and will be battled with 125 players in the main event.

The Final table of Indian Rummy Challenge is Waiting for you. Join Now and Start playing the satellites!

Tournament NameMax PlayersPrizesBuy-in

IRC Turbo Satellite


5 Tickets to Daily qualifiers

Rs 30

Entry Criteria

  • There is only one entry criteria of participating in these tournaments which is playing the online satellites
  • You can also participate in the IRC turbo Satellites happening every 30 minutes starting at 9:15 AM
  • Buy-in for turbo satellites is just Rs.30
  • Players who win Turbo satellites will participate in Daily Qualifier tournament where winners get free ticket to IRC main event 
  • Ticket to Daily Qualifiers will be given based on the player count. 
  • Maximum 3 tickets & minimum 1 ticket will be given in a Turbo satellite tournament

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Every individual player can earn one ticket to the main event of Indian Rummy Tournament
  2. The terms and conditions of the Adda52 Rummy website will override the promotions terms and conditions of the Indian Rummy Challenge satellite promotion
  3. The dates of the satellites and the final tournament are subject to change without prior intimation
  4. Decision about distribution of tickets to players is the decision of the management and binding in case of any disputes.
  5. Players who qualify through satellite promotions to the main event agree that their real name, alias name, images, Quotes and amount won can be used for online and offline promotions of all properties of Adda52 Rummy
  6. Only deposited players are eligible to participate in the Indian Rummy Challenge
  7. If any Daily Qualifier winner is found participating in any upcoming IRC satellite or Daily Qualifier then his candidature for IRC main event will be consider as cancelled.
  8. The tickets to the main event cannot be transferred from one person to another
  9. 21 years will be the minimum age to enter Deltin Royale
  10. The management of Adda52 Rummy reserve the right of distribution of tickets
  11. Cash prizes for the winners are subject to change without prior intimation
  12. Deltin Royale reserve the right to deport any players without any prior intimation to the player. Any misbehaviour or misconduct in the premises of the Deltin Royale ship or misconduct with any officials of Adda52 Rummy or the staff or temporary employees of Delta Corp will not be encouraged under any circumstances and the player/players will be asked to leave the premises of the ship immediately
  13. Two-way flight tickets will be booked from the nearest direct flight location, if not, travel has to be borned by the user
  14. Direct buy-in to play Indian Rummy Challenge is available at the prize of Rs 35,000 / player. This offer is valid till 4th July only
  15. Once direct buy-in is opted & has played any Satellietes or the vice-versa, we will not process any refund
  16. Prize pool will increase only when there are more than 150 participating players. Decision on prize pool is at the sole descretion of management of Adda52 Rummy & is final. 
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1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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