Hey, it’s Novem-brrr!! This festival season brings a lot of surprises and thrills for all the Poker lovers at Adda52!! With a total of 12.5 CR GTD in winnings, Non-Stop November is going to be a rollercoaster ride for you all.

Highlights Of The Month


With 5 CRORE GTD in winnings & 10 Lac+ in additional rewards, the Deltin Online Poker Tournament series is going to be the spotlight of the month. Conquer the world by participating in the event from 7th - 14th November.


1 CRORE GTD in winnings with buy-in as low as Rs.110, Nano Poker Series will bring out your inner Poker pro at the tables!! It’s your time to reveal your wild side and take home mind-blowing cash prizes and an additional 5 Lac in Leaderboard winnings!


Woohoo! Fridays are going to be more awesome than ever! We are excited to announce Bounty Fridays with some exciting bounty variants

Here's also a whimsical treat for thrill-seekers! Every week, numerous marquee events will be held on the site to make the 'Poker-party' even more spectacular!


Thank God It’s Bounty

Woohoo! Fridays are going to be more awesome than ever! We are excited to announce Bounty Fridays. This month, partake in the bounty events every Friday and win from the prize pool of 16 Lac GTD!

Adda52 Champions Leaderboard

You can’t resist this! Rank on the top of the leaderboard and win a share from the colossal 2 CR GTD prize pool!
Let’s make this November unforgettable! You are just one click away from fulfilling your dreams! Join the tables NOW!
Stay tuned for more updates!

28.5 Lac In Leaderboard Winnings

Forget the cold nights with the hottest rewards in additional prizes up to 28.5 Lacs!!

  • 10 Lac+ DOPT Leaderboard & Additional Prizes

  • The 8 days long series will hold up to 70,000 in daily leaderboard prizes & 2.5 lacs in the series leaderboard with additional goodies, Poker chipsets & Bubble insurance for every tournament. Participate NOW & let the pro player in you shine.

  • 5 Lac NPS Leaderboard

  • Along with the cash prize pool, Nano Poker Series also has an impressive leaderboard to win from 5 Lac additionally. Get ready to bag some extra rewards.

  • 13.5 Lac ACL Leaderboard

  • Ace like a champion in the 13.5 Lac ACL monthly Leaderboard. Mark your share from the 4 uniquely designed leaderboards in the ACL championship.

    • Freeroll Leaderboard

    • Low Buy-In Leaderboard (10 - 499)

    • Mid Buy-In Leaderboard (500 - 1999)

    • High Buy-In Leaderboard (2000 & Above)

It’s a Non-Stop Poker ride for unlimited rewards & winnings.

See you at the tables.

Terms & Conditions

  • Adda52.com reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

  • All ticket holders will be auto-registered before the start of the tournament & satellites events.

  • To withdraw the amount deposited using the bonus code, the user needs to attain 7.2 Release Units.

  • By participating in the tournament, the Winner consents to provide his image, interview, etc., to be used as promotional content by Adda52.com and its media partners.

  • All tournament tickets of Buyin 1000 or above (Except Bounty Tournaments) will be auto-registered, 15 minutes before the start of the tournaments.

  • Tournament tickets (Deposit, Discount, Adda52 Store, or Satty) will not be refunded or exchanged with another tournament. The ticket needs to be utilized within the same week of the purchase.

  • This game may be addictive and subject to financial risk so please play responsibly.

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