Play for a Cause

Be a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative directed towards the COVID-19 second wave relief. Adda52 has decided to extend the necessary aid to the Hemkunt Foundation and ACT Grants.

To our Players community -

Participate and play in as many tournaments as you can between May 17 to May 23. We will donate all the tournament revenue generated during this week, in addition, Adda52 will add an amount equivalent to the tournament revenue generated & donate it to both these foundations so we can fight the tumultuous war against covid-19 together.

Every hand makes a difference - it’s time you unleash the Hero in You by playing more and making an impact!

If you believe it is time to unravel the generous side of you, even more, you can make an additional donation in the form of crowns. Donate your Adda Crowns to wear the ‘invisible crown’ of a Superhero because the more you contribute, the more you impact the community affected by COVID-19.

5 crowns are equal to INR 1. All proceeds from this contribution will also be donated.

These two Adda52 initiatives - “Play for a Cause” and “Adda Crowns” are directed towards contributing to society and actually making a difference in people’s lives by doing our bit. Our primary reason for choosing these two foundations is that they are directly impacting people’s lives and making positive changes in society and through them, you and I can do the same.

The Hemkunt Foundation is an NGO that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society. In order to beat the pandemic, the volunteers of this organization are working round the clock to provide oxygen concentrators, medical manpower, and vaccination support all across the country. Similarly, ACT Grants is committed to providing oxygen supply, medical manpower, and hospital beds across India. A coalition by India’s startup ecosystem, this not-for-profit organization is leaving no stone unturned in bringing about a social change in the world.

It is quite commendable that everyone is doing their bit, as a collective community, to make a difference in these unprecedented times, that have indeed brought all of us together. If you, too, want to help the world become a better and safer place, we encourage you to instead of playing for your personal winnings, this time, play more and more to make everyone win. The more you play during this week, the more the revenue, and the more lives you can impact and that too, just by sitting at home because at the end of the day, no matter who wins the game, it is all about WINNING TOGETHER.

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