This August is Going to be the BEST with 25 CR GTD in Winnings!!

Dive into the world of INCREDIBLE WINNINGS as WPT is back again on Adda52.

History repeats itself and so it's happening on Adda52 with the World Poker Tour 2021 starting yet again for the second time after witnessing the tremendous success last time!

This time, It’s a Poker call for ALL with a massive prize pool of 25 CRORE GTD starting from 1st August.

Now everyone can be a winner because this is a #KhelFameKa.




The One Month Long Poker Extravaganza will feature 233 Mega & Mini events with 21 Daily Micro Events to offer exciting guarantees and formats with buy-ins ranging from as low as Rs.25 to Rs 1,07,000! with Leaderboards to win up to 1 CR GTD.

Satellites to enter the Main Event, up To 15 Lac Freeroll Tournaments, Side & Marquee Events, SNGs, Highrollers, and a TROPHY, get ready to play your #KhelFameKa with a lot to Grab!!!

TOURNAMENT Schedule     Micro TOURNAMENT Schedule  

Download WPT Online India Schedule here.


Trophy Events

Date/DayEventTournamentsTimeBuy-inPrize Pool
1st Aug Sunday4WPT Kickoff6:00 PM300015,00,000
1st Aug Sunday7WPT Super Stack7:30 PM550030,00,000
1st Aug Sunday8WPT India 6 Max Championship9:00 PM1100030,00,000
2nd Aug Monday16WPT Monday Feature 6 Max8:00 PM350015,00,000
3rd Aug Tuesday25WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max8:00 PM440022,50,000.00
4th Aug Wednesday33WPT Wednesday Rush8:00 PM275020,00,000
4th Aug Wednesday35WPT Deepstack9:30 PM750017,00,000
5th Aug Thursday43WPT Gladiator8:00 PM5,50030,00,000
5th Aug Thursday45WPT India Mini Highroller9:30 PM2750060,00,000
6th Aug Friday52WPT Superstack Classic8:00 PM770030,00,000
6th Aug Friday54WPT Bounty Classic PKO9:30 PM450015,00,000
7th Aug Saturday61WPT India PLO Championship8:00 PM1100020,00,000
8th Aug Sunday68WPT 30006:00 PM300015,00,000
8th Aug Sunday71WPT Super Stack7:30 PM550030,00,000
8th Aug Sunday72WPT India Bounty Championship9:00 PM7700+2600+70020,00,000
9th Aug Monday80WPT Monday Feature 6 Max8:00 PM350015,00,000
10th Aug Tuesday89WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max8:00 PM440022,50,000
11th Aug Wednesday97WPT Wednesday Rush8:00 PM275020,00,000
11th Aug Wednesday99WPT Single Shot (FO)9:30 PM750015,00,000
12th Aug Thursday107WPT Gladiator8:00 PM550025,00,000
12th Aug Thursday109WPT India Super High Roller9:00 PM1070001,00,00,000
13th Aug Friday116WPT Friday Feature8:00 PM660020,00,000
13th Aug Friday118WPT Mini PLO9:30 PM750010,00,000
14th Aug Saturday123WPT Saturday Special8:00 PM250015,00,000
15th Aug Sunday128WPT India - Independence Day Special9:00 PM770030,00,000
15th Aug Sunday131WPT India Mini Main Event9:30 PM99950,00,000
16th Aug Monday139WPT Monday Feature 6 Max8:00 PM350015,00,000
17th Aug Tuesday147WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max8:00 PM440022,50,000
18th Aug Wednesday154WPT Wednesday Rush8:00 PM275020,00,000
18th Aug Wednesday156WPT Deepstack9:30 PM750017,00,000
19th Aug Thursday163WPT Gladiator8:00 PM550030,00,000
20th Aug Friday171WPT India High Roller9:00 PM5500080,00,000
21st Aug Saturday178WPT Saturday Special8:00 PM250015,00,000
22nd Aug Sunday184WPT 30006:00 PM300015,00,000
22nd Aug Sunday138WPT Quad 911:00 PM99991,00,00,000
23rd Aug Monday192WPT Monday Feature 6 Max8:00 PM350015,00,000
24th Aug Tuesday200WPT Tuesday Feature 8 Max8:00 PM440022,50,000
24th Aug Tuesday201WPT Wednesday Feature8:00 PM275020,00,000
25th Aug Wednesday203WPT Deepstack9:30 PM750017,00,000
26th Aug Thursday210WPT Gladiator8:00 PM550030,00,000
27th Aug Friday218WPT Friday Feature8:00 PM660020,00,000
28th Aug Saturday6WPT India Unreal7:00 PM4991,00,00,000
29th Aug Sunday1853Cr WPT India MAIN EVENT10:00 PM165003,00,00,000

WPT Online India Rewards


Main Events

Following the zest, the game will be leading up to the Main Events for 8 Days, which will take place from 22nd to 29th August. That's true! 10 Qualifying flights with a guaranteed prize pool of 3 CRORE GTD are ready to enter. What will the winner of this event get? Read on to find out:

Prize For The Main Event Winner

The champion of the Main Event would win from 3 CR GTD prize pool, a Hublot watch worth 5 Lac, WPT Passport worth $ 5000, Adda52 Wallet Credits worth 1.5 Lac, and a stunning trophy to cap it off. Also, the 1st and 2nd Runner Up gets a WPT Trophy.

So, wait no more as it is the time for some thrilling action. Register now and save your spot to the WPT.

WPT Unreal

First Time in India, a tour that starts with a Buy-In of just Rs.499 and takes you to the level of winning from a whopping 1 CRORE*. This is going to be the unimaginable and best value poker tour so far. So, Gear up to turn your dreams into reality.


This time we have also included the Sit-N-Go Tournaments for an ultimate thrill. Two SNGs are going to be held as Winners SNG for 7 Lac GTD & Bubble SNG for 3 Lac GTD. As the name suggests, in Sit-N-Go Tournaments, a player pays a fixed Buy-In and gets an equal number of chips to play until he is out of chips in the game. So, Stay in the game & Win!!

Yes, all this is going to happen Exclusively on Adda52. So, Buckle up & Register NOW for the action!


Everthing You Need To Know


WPT, the world's most premier name in the poker industry since 2002 has kindled a global poker boom with its high-stakes tournament series. Broadcasted in more than 150 countries, WPT has organized the first-ever online India tour at History is going to be made and we are thrilled to exclusively hold WPT at our platform, for the first time.

For a complete schedule and other details download the handbook now.




Stay in the game and rank in the leaderboard to make a way for extra Rewards and Tickets.

The tournament will feature Multiple leaderboards with a guaranteed prize pool of 1 CRORE. Daily leaderboards and event-wise leaderboards are going to take place for all segments.

This is going to be a winning chance for everyone with tables to play of your choice. Keep checking the leaderboard.


It’s good to be back and that too with 3 CR GTD WPT Main Event this time!! This month is full of action because everyone can be a winner. The Main Event will be starting from 22nd August - 29th August with 10 Flights which will be running for 8 Days. Embark on a thrilling mission to get the Fame and Treasure on Adda52.

Buy-In with Rs.16,500 to enter the WPT Main Event Directly. Or else, we have made it easy to enter the Main Event for you through various ways where you can avail a FREE ticket also:

Main-Event-Schedule-10-Flights-new-V01 Main-Event-Schedule-10-Flights-new-V02


Along with the fantastic prizes, we'll be hosting daily freeroll tournaments for the WPT Main Event. Imagine being able to enter the WPT Main Event Satty for free! Yes, this is Possible with the Freeroll Tournaments.   Enter with Freeroll Chips and win the game to get a Direct Ticket to the WPT Main Event- Hurry!  JOIN RIGHT NOW!


Looking for a shortcut to enter the WPT Main Event? Satellites are the way! We will be running Satellites and step satellites to award a FREE ticket to the WPT Main Event to win from a whopping prize pool of 3 CR GTD with a Buy-in as low as Rs.66. Join the beeline right away, It’s LIVE!!

REGULAR-SATTY-new-table1 REGULAR-SATTY-new-table2 REGULAR-SATTY-new-table3 REGULAR-SATTY-new-table4 REGULAR-SATTY-new-table5


We will also be providing players with Deposit codes by which they can get FREE Tickets worth Rs.16,500 to enter the WPT Main Event & Win from the humongous prize money of Rs.3 CR GTD.


Watch out for Contests on our Social Pages and win a FREE Ticket to the WPT Main Event. This can be a dream come true to win from the colossal prize money of 3 CR GTD on Adda52.

Adda52 introduces the first-ever tournament in India that starts with a buy-in of Rs. 499 & opens up to the prize pool of 1 Crore GTD & the grand WPT Trophy. Wake up! WPT Unreal is for REAL!! It’s time to play & take a CALL (pun intended) because this tournament is truly for ALL.

Let August be full of magic as you advance towards grabbing a gigantic share from 1 Crore GTD and a beautiful trophy worth bragging about

Here is the complete WPT Unreal schedule.


How to enter?

It’s about time you turn your buy-in of Rs. 499 into winning from a prize pool of 1 Crore GTD! Do you know that you will get, not one, but MULTIPLE chances to win from 1 Crore GTD? You can play multiple flights and your highest stack (or chips) will be taken to the finale. How amazing is that?

That’s not it! Here are some other ways to enter this unimaginable tournament.

  • Freeroll - Win daily tickets to WPT Unreal by playing freeroll tournaments this August. This is the best way to enter the 1 Cr tournament for FREE.

  • Signup - Now along with a bonus, you can also grab a free ticket to this tournament by signing up on Adda52.

  • Deposit - Gear up for multiple deposit offers running during the WPT tournament. Use the deposit codes and get a free entry to the WPT Unreal tournament.

  • Satellites -Playing to win from Rs. 1 Crore GTD just got easier & more exciting. Enter the tournament with buy-in as low as Rs. 49 by joining various sattys & step sattys.

  • Adda52 Store -You can visit Adda52 Store and redeem your crowns and convert them into a free ticket to WPT Unreal.


You’ve got so many options to enter this one-of-a-kind tournament at Adda52. Anyone can be a winner because WPT is for ALL so why not unleash your winning side?

Join WPT Unreal for FREE or with a buy-in of Rs. 499 & make way for a colossal share from 1 Crore GTD & the sensational WPT Trophy.

Lead on the WPT leaderboards and relish rewards by winning from 1 Crore GTD. This August, you have not one but 8 leaderboards to flaunt your skills on! Play in the tournament of your choice and grab incredible prizes by ranking high on multiple leaderboards.

What is a Leaderboard?

Leaderboards are used to compare yourself against other players who play on similar stakes during the specified period and provide rewards to the top finishers from each leaderboard.

How to rank high on Leaderboards?

Now that you have the option to play in different tournaments & rank high on multiple leaderboards, here is how you can win a massive prize from a pool of Rs. 1 Cr.

That’s not it! Here are some other ways to enter this unimaginable tournament.

  • The first step for winning from 1 Cr is to pick the tournament of your choice that suits your interest. According to the tournaments you choose, here are the leaderboards you can qualify for.

  • 55 Lac Series Leaderboard - This monthly leaderboard is divided into 4 segments depending on the buy-in for specific tournaments. This way, from someone who entered with Rs. 25 to the one who joined with 1 Lac, everyone gets to rank & win. Here are the segments you can play for.

  • 33 Lac Mega - You qualify for this leaderboard if you enter a tournament worth Rs. 2201 or more. Play as many mega tournaments as you can to rank high on the leaderboard. Top 50 players stand a chance to win from 33 Lac GTD.

  • 12.5 Lac Mini -If your buy-in is from Rs. 550 to Rs. 2200, you qualify to rank on this leaderboard and win from 12.5 Lac GTD. Play more to increase your chances of winning rewards.

  • 7.5 Lac Micro -Everyone can be a champion and the micro segment is proof that it’s true! In these tournaments, the buy-in starts from Rs. 25 and anyone who enters a tournament with Rs. 25 to Rs. 549 is eligible to win from 7.5 Lac on the micro leaderboard.If you want to rank high, it’s time to accelerate your game & play more.

  • 2 Lac Freeroll -Play poker for free & stand a chance to win from 2 Lac GTD. Let WPT Freeroll be your absolute source of happiness & wealth. Play freeroll tournaments & push your limits so you can rank among the top 50 players on the freeroll leaderboard to win great prizes.

55-Lac-SERIES-Leaderboard-2_01-new 55-Lac-SERIES-Leaderboard-2_02-new-t2 55-Lac-SERIES-Leaderboard-2_03-new-t3 55-Lac-SERIES-Leaderboard-2_04-new-t4

You can even choose to play on daily micro or mini leaderboards so you can win from 25K & 65K respectively every day! All you need to do is play more to rank high.

Daily-Leaderboard-new-2 Daily-Leaderboard-new-3

You can even play event-wise tournaments and enjoy your payout from a whopping prize pool of 8 Lac GTD. Here is the event-wise leaderboard payout.

Event-wise-Leaderboard22-8-Lac-Updated Event-wise-Leaderboard23-8-Lac-Updated Event-wise-Leaderboard2-8-Lac-Updated Event-wise-Leaderboard3-8-Lac-Updated

What’s more? Well, if this was not enough for you - we’ve got satty & step satty leaderboards as well. Play and rank high to win from 10 Lac GTD


Play on the table of your choice and rank on the leaderboards accordingly. The best part is that now you can rank high & win from multiple leaderboards at one time by playing even a single WPT tournament.

Here’s another chance for you to walk a cheesy road to the WPT Events and Winnings up to 2.5 CR GTD Tickets through Satellites and Step-Satellites, starting from 10th July 2021. Start with a Buy-In as low as Rs.66 to enter and make your way to the major events. Play the Satellites and get qualified for the featured day-wise events directly.

Win your way to the event by participating in the satellites. The winners will be awarded tickets to the respective event of the Day. Below is the Daily Events Satellites Schedule.


Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and join a table NOW!

What’s a Satellite?

The Satellite tournaments are a direct and easy route to some other major event. You just have to qualify and win it to get to the Main Event by paying a lesser Buy-In amount as compared to the actual Buy-In of the Main Event. Satellite tournaments are the doorway to winning hefty when you have less bankroll to enter but you got the skills. Satellites are generally played to get an entry to the major event.

How to Enter?

Entering a satellite tournament is super easy. You can choose to enter as per your convenience and skills from any of the three ways mentioned below:

  • Participate directly through the Buy-In of the Satellite and get the Ticket to the respective Major Event of the Day.

  • Participate in the Step Satellites to get a ticket for a Satellite.

  • You can also win a ticket to the satellites and step satellites through the Freeroll Tournaments.

Here is all you need to know about the Satellites:


This August, it’s not just going to rain but it’s going to rain REWARDS and that too for FREE.

Play WPT Freerolls & win massive rewards worth Rs. 15 Lac GTD. The rewards also include free tickets to the grand WPT tournaments. So, play poker for free by joining WPT Freerolls and inch closer to this #KhelFameKa to grab from a mammoth prize pool of Rs. 25 Cr.

They say the best things in life are free and winning from 15 Lac GTD worth rewards by playing WPT Freerolls is a full proof of it!

What are freerolls?

Freeroll tournaments are those tournaments that you can enter without any entry fee. All you need to enter these tournaments are your freeroll poker chips that you get on a daily basis. Once you start playing freerolls using your chips, you stand a chance to win massive rewards and prizes.

This is one of the best ways to earn real cash & build your bankroll by playing for free.

  • reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

  • All ticket holders will be auto-registered before the start of the tournament. In case of multi-day Tournament ticket-holders will be auto-registered for the target fligh. (ex. ticket to WPT ME 1A; auto-registered to 1A)

  • Points Formula for leaderboard = SQRT {Unique Entries/ Your Rank x Sqrt (buy-in)}. In case of multi-day tournaments, Unique player count will be considered across all flights & Final Day rank will only be considered. Leaderboard payouts will be as follows:

    • Series 55Lac Leaderboard: 30% TB, 30% IB, 40% BB; expiry 31st October

    • Daily 25k Leaderboard: 100% TB; daily payout

    • Daily 65k Leaderboard: 100% TB; daily payout

    • Satellite + Step Satellite Leaderboard: 30% TB, 30% IB, 40% BB; expiry 31st October

    • Event wise 8 Lac Leaderboard: 30% TB, 30% IB, 40% BB; expiry 31st October

  • By participating in the tournament, players consent to providing their image, name, interview etc., to be used as promotional content by and it's media partners.

  • Satellite tickets can only be used for designated Tournaments and unused Satellite/Tournament tickets will not be refunded or exchanged with another tournament. Auto-Registeration will be done 15 mins prior the Tournament.

  • All Main Event Satellite ticket holders will be auto registered in the last satellite of the day for WPT Main Event Satellite daily.

  • All Tournament winners of buy-in greater than 549 qualify for Winners SNG, all players who bust on the bubble in tournaments of buy-in greater than 549 qualify for Bubble SNG.

  • All Final Table player names may be revealed and used for marketing purposes

  • For all Multi-day events, players are allowed to fire multiple entries, with the largest stack moving to Day 2.

  • Mega & Super satty winners will receive credit of entire package tickets before the start of the first targer tournament.

  • By registering for this event, you agree that WPT Enterprises, Inc. and its successors, assigns and licensees (“WPT”) may display, publish, print, broadcast and use, worldwide, in any media at any time, now or hereafter created, in any and all languages, your name, username, prize winnings, tournament records, picture, voice, likeness, and/or biographical information (“Recordings”) for any project developed, produced or owned by WPT and promotional purposes (“Project”) without additional compensation. You agree to execute such releases as WPT may require for this purpose. You hereby acknowledge that WPT shall have no obligation to utilize the Recordings in a Project, any other audio-visual work, or otherwise. You hereby release WPT from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with WPT’s use of the Recordings, including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, infringement of your right of publicity, defamation (including libel and slander) and any other personal and/or property rights. You hereby acknowledge and agree that in no event may you terminate this release or obtain injunctive relief or other equitable relief with respect to a Project, any streaming segments related to a Project and/or WPT’s use of the Recordings.

  • For any further queries please write to or call 1800-572-0611

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