PRIZE : Rs. 20 Lac GTD
  • START TIME07th Jan, 2018
  • ENTRY FEEReal Cash
  • GAME TYPEHoldem MTT (RE)


Gear up for the signature tournament now, with Rs. 20 Lac in prize pool every Sunday at 8 PM. This time we bring you a 6-max format.

Adda52 is also offering up to 50% TDS Refund for all ITM players. With 25,000 starting stack at 50/100 blinds & each level lasting 10 minutes, you get to show your poker skill against a respected pool of players.


Adda52 Millions


  1. The bonus code ADDA52MIL is valid until Sunday, 9 PM.
  2. For deposits made using code ADDA52MIL, you need to earn 79,200 Release Units to withdraw.

Check out the main tournament schedule:

Tournament schedule
TournamentDay/TimeEntry FeeFormatPrize Pool
Adda52 MillionsSunday/ 8:00 PM11000RE20 Lac GTD

Satellite schedule is here:

Satellite schedule
TournamentDay/TimeEntry FeeFormatPrizePool
Adda52 Millions SatelliteMonday - Saturday/
11:30 PM
Rs.5504RETKT to Adda52 Millions
Adda52 Millions DeadlineSunday/
2:00, 3:00, 5:00, 6:00 PM
Rs.11004RETKT to Adda52 Millions
5 GTD Adda52 Millions
Sunday/ 7:00 PMRs.11004RETKT to Adda52 Millions


  1. reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.
  2. All players finishing in the money will receive up to 50% TDS Refund as Instant Bonus in their adda52 account within 2 working days. TDS Refund % are as follows:
    • Acers Adda & Kings Court players get 50%
    • Queens Haven players get 30%
    • Jacks Den & Rookie Club players get 10%
  3. All ticket holders will be auto-registered in the tournament.
  4. In case, a player has multiple tickets to the tournament and ends up with an unutilized ticket after the event, the player can use the same ticket in the subsequent tournament.
    • In case the player wants to refund the ticket, only the ticket earned via playing satellites will be reimbursed in the Adda52 account after the applicable tax deduction.
    • All other tickets are non-refundable.
  5. For deposits made using code MILSUITS, you need to earn 102,960 Release Units to withdraw.
Customer Care
1800 572 0611
Monday - Sunday
9 AM to 12 AM

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