PRIZE : Rs. 21 Lac Estd
  • START TIME2017-12-12
  • ENTRY FEEReal Cash

Card Chase - Cash your Card

Your favorite game is back on adda52! Get ready once again to be blown away by some amazing challenges and big cash rewards. The tables are ready and we are about to reveal the cards. Complete your daily challenges starting 12th Dec to win from 2.5K everyday from 12th to 27th Dec & also stand a chance to Ultimate Hit - 1 Lac &  Jackpot - 10 Lacs. .

Are you ready for the chase? The cards will be revealed at 8:00 PM daily starting 12th Dec.

Below are the codes for Card Chase valid on 18-19th Dec:

CodeAmountInstant BonusLocked Bonus

Take a look at the Card Chase schedule

8thCard Chase enrollment starts -
12th-27thDaily Challenge (Depositors)2500
12th-27th Daily Challenge (Non Depositors)500
20th – 27th8 days challenge - Depositors50000
12th – 27thUltimate Hit1 Lac
12th-27thJackpot 10 Lacs

Note: Payout for Daily Challenge is for Top 25 users (Depositors + Non Depositors) and for 8 Days Challenge is for top 10 users.

How to play Card Chase?

1. In the game lobby menu bar, look for the ‘Challenges’ section and click on ‘Card Chase’.

2. On the pop-up, click on ‘Enroll Now’ and register for the game.

3. You’ll be given 2 hole cards face down as part of the daily challenge from 12th-27th Dec. Reveal your cards for the day by clicking them at 8 PM daily.

4. Win a hand with either one or both the cards one at a time or same time during the day to complete your daily challenge. (Hole cards to be considered for wining hand)

5. First user who wins all the daily challenges will hit the Ultimate Hit of Rs. 1 Lac.

6. Check you rank, points scored and game progress from the Card Chase leaderboard. For example: Let’s say your challenge cards are Ac Kh on a given day. You need to win the hand during the day in any game with these hole cards. If you win the game with hole cards Ac Kh, you will get closer to winning the Ultimate Hit of Rs. 1 Lac.

7. The user who wins Ultimate Hit i.e completes all the challenges and also wins a straight flush from 2 & 6 on VIP Holdem table on 27th Dec will stand a chance to win 10 Lacs Jackpot. Hand should reach showdown. Minimum of 3 players are needed on the table. Valid from 27th Dec 12: 01 AM to 11: 59 PM.

8. Both hole cards to be used for winning Jackpot.

Terms & Conditions

1. Only 25/50 & above tables will be valid

2. Daily challenge will start from 12th Dec, 8 PM and last challenge will end on 27th Dec, 7:59 PM

3. Challenge for the day will only begin once the user clicks on the cards

4. Overall rankings will be assigned on the basis of maximum challenges completed.

5. Hand wins at showdown only to be considered & heads up play will not be considered.

6. In case of tie, the user who wins the last challenge first will be preferred

7. Leaderboard will be updated 7:00 am, next day.

8. Ultimate Hit & Jackpot winner will be updated on 28th Dec @ 7 AM.

9. reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

10. *6,000 instant bonus shall be auto-credited with the deposit using GO75. Players can claim an additional 4,000 instant bonus (through customer support) by earning 4 lac Loyalty points between 12th to 30th Dec’17.

11. **12,000 instant bonus shall be auto-credited with the deposit using GO90. Player can claim an additional 12,000 instant bonus (through customer support) by earning 8 lac Loyalty points on VIP table between 12th to 30th Dec’17.

12. GO35 can be used by first 200 users, GO45 can be used by first 185 users, GO60 can be used by first 75 users, GO75 can be used by first 40 users and GO90 can be used by first 95 users only.

13. For deposits made with GO codes, users can redeem the deposited amount only after 26th Dec’17.

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