Hit The Card

Hit the card of Victory, Fame, and Glory!

Join BB 0.25-5 tables and hit your designated card and win the hand to win ₹10 reward daily!

That’s not it - Continue the winning streak and on the third day, win the jackpot prize money of ₹250!*

And even that’s not it - the PGPs (Poker Game Points) you accumulate on the cash tables will give you a chance to win a seat at the World Poker Tour Prime India!

No need to wait more, join the cash tables and start playing now!

How To Play

You can complete up to 1 challenge daily & claim rewards.

As a part of the challenge, every enrolled player will be given two face-down cards every day. The cards can be revealed at 12 AM.

You are required to win hands at showdown using either both of these cards as hole cards together or separately in the ensuing 24 hours.

For Micro stake(BB 0.25,1,2 & 5)-you need 1 win from each card per challenge.

*The first player to complete all the challenges on all the days during the contest period wins  jackpot amount of 250 IB post-completion of the contest. Making a deposit using HTC code is a must to be eligible for the jackpot

How To Join

Login to your Adda52 account and enroll in the Hit The Card contest through the contest tab in the game lobby during the contest period, unveil your challenge cards and start playing on BB 0.25, 1, 2 or 5 tables. 

Daily Payout Breakup (Micro)


Terms & Conditions

  • Hit The Card contest will run starting 1st - 31st Mar.

  • The player can take up to 1 challenge daily.
  • Only Non-heads-up hands to be considered.

  • Prizes to be given as Instant Bonus.

  • The contest is applicable only on micro stake tables of Texas Hold’em variant.

  • To complete a challenge, the user needs to win the required number of hands at showdown with each challenge card as a hole card.

    For example: Let’s say your challenge cards on micro stake are Ace of Clubs and King of Hearts on a given day.

    You need to win either-

    One hands using Ace of Hearts and another 1 hand using King of Hearts as a hole card.


    Only 1 hand using both of them as hole cards.

  • Players completing all the challenges everyday throughout the contest will only be eligible for the jackpot amount.

  • Adda52.com reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

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