The Ultimate Rakeback

The Ultimate Rakeback - your ticket to maximising your winnings!

From April 4th to May 1st, seize the opportunity to grab an incredible 40%* rakeback on all blinds. 

Just as every player strives for victory on the field, make every hand count at the tables and claim your share of the winnings. Don't let this limited-time offer slip away - make every hand count!

Please note: 10 Paisa of Rake = 1 PGP (Poker Game Point)

How to participate?

You just need to cross the 10 Lacs PGP mark in a weekly cycle to be eligible.

Weekly Cycles

WeeksStart Date/TimeEnd Date/Time
Week 14th Apr, 12:00 AM10th Apr, 11:59 PM
Week 211th Apr, 12:00 AM17th Apr, 11:59 PM
Week 318th Apr, 12:00 AM24th Apr, 11:59 PM
Week 425th Apr, 12:00 AM1st May, 11:59 PM


PGP Buckets and Rakeback

PGP BucketRakeback%

Where can I track my PGPs in this contest?

You can track your updated Poker Game Points (PGPs) for the active weekly cycle, under the leaderboard section in the game lobby.

Terms & Conditions

  • 1 PGP will be treated as 10 Paise of rake.

  • Applicable on all the blinds of Texas Hold’em & PLO variants.

  • The Rakeback% applies to the PGPs earned in the respective bucket only. For ex: If a user has made 1 Crore PGPs in a weekly cycle, the Rakeback calculation will be as below:

    -20% Rakeback on 40 Lac PGPs 

    -30% Rakeback on another 40 Lac PGPs

    -40% Rakeback on the remaining 20 Lac PGPs

  • The Rakeback payout will be made on the next day post completion of the weekly cycle.

  • All the payouts will be paid in Real.

  • GST benefits will not be deducted from the Ultimate Rakeback Payout.
  • All other standard gameplay terms and conditions apply.

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